Thursday, February 21, 2013

Losing Control

GS: Control is an issue of the mind. The desire of the mind to control life, to control and plan what can happen in your life is the attempt of your mind to create safety and certainty, neither of which is in the mind’s repertoire. So the mind exhausts herself throwing one idea after another onto the wall hoping something will stick, something will go according to plan, something will happen how it has been predicted to happen and all will be well. This never happens. Illusions of desired outcomes appear occasionally but never convince the mind to relax her vigilance. This attempt to control life leads to mind fatigue and insecurity and disappointment. But. We can choose another perspective on life. We can view life from the heart. From the place where life always unfolds in joy and delight. Where all energy serves us. Where peace and safety are always present. The mind is a great and powerful servant but is not designed to rule. The heart is our seat of authority, of authenticity. Use your mind but be your heart. It is from this perspective that miracles happen. 

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