Monday, July 15, 2013

Reaction, Truth and Knowing

I love it when a word or phrase triggers in me a further expansion. Such was the case last week when listening to Dee Wallace’s Conscious Creation internet show on Thursday, July 11th. What Dee said was:

“So it is up to us now to move out of reaction of the non-truth into the freedom of what is the truth.”

And a voice in my minds goes “OH!” If I am in reaction, I am perceiving a non-truth. We are so used to just going through our day, looking at everything we see and experience as real life, as fact, as truth. BUT, if I am having a reaction (and I can recognize a reaction if I am experiencing fear, anger, etc. – any response in me that I don’t like) then I can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I think I am seeing as real and true is not so. If I am in reaction, I am not seeing the truth. I am seeing through a filter of my own making that distorts what I am seeing with my beliefs about what something means. So I can acknowledge my reactions for serving me because they point to the places where I do not see the truth. Judging my reactions as “bad” or disregarding them misses the gift that reactions can give us. And when I am having a reaction, I can tell myself that what I am seeing – the perceived disaster or calamity or rude behavior – isn’t real but is a result of my thinking about the world and by changing my thought, by choosing a different, more conscious belief through which to view the event, I can open myself to new possibilities that turn any event into an opportunity for experience and joy. Ultimately, everything we see in this third dimensional plane is filtered through our beliefs so why not choose beliefs that allow joy and love to reflect back to us? If we truly understood death, then even the loss of a loved one doesn’t have the deep searing pain of loss attached because we know that no one is truly gone. This doesn’t mean we don’t miss them but a conscious perspective on death can open us up to maintaining the connection of love through the “veil.” There is no thing that cannot be perceived differently and it is my power and grace to do so consciously as the god of me that I Am.

Another phrase that resonated with me was when Jarrad Hewett said something beautiful on a call last week. “It’s knowing it in your heart not looking for it in your mind.” I think that many of us, myself included, define knowing as a function of the mind. Knowing is somewhere we arrive at after we gather information and figure things out, or so we think. However, knowing is nothing of the sort and is not arrived at through the collection of data. What if knowing is a feeling? What if my knowing is an unfolding sensation inside my heart that blooms whenever truth is seen? Or that truth is seen whenever my knowing unfolds in my heart? I do not have adequate words to describe my knowing except that I know what it feels like and I intend to promote and encourage my knowing to expand and blossom.