Monday, October 29, 2012

Wind and Water

I have just read the same thing from two different sources in less than half an hour. Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell me something. The issue seems to be about balancing masculine and feminine energies, and perhaps past (old ways) and future (new ways) energies as well. Maybe what we are balancing at this time is any polarity and that through the balancing of energies, we create a new vibration that will serve us in the coming times. Kind of like a bow string that holds the two ends of a bow together and from that tension, an arrow can be launched. I am certainly feeling the tension these days! Both sources talked about the importance of grounding and water and that if there is a perceived tension that feels uncomfortable, aid can be found through grounding, getting in touch with nature and with drinking plenty of water. Of course, nature is in the process of bringing a whole lot of water and wind down on the eastern United States including here in Ohio. So I am choosing to be mindful of the pouring rain and whipping wind as I seek to join my heart energy to the earth and there to ground and hold a firm stance for the energies that are entering from above. And in honor of the wind, I take a deep breath and become the calm center. Blessed be.

Friday, October 26, 2012


GS: Wrap yourself in the support and love of your greater self. You are on an expedition in third dimensional reality. But you are merely a forerunner of a great and advanced civilization that is your greater self. You see what is before you in your reality but you have access to all the resources of your greater self too. You have merely to ask for assistance to have your desires manifest into form. However, you also have the ability to limit the bounty that your assistance can bring you by your beliefs about what is possible. Believing that something is impossible will not allow it to be manifest. Believe that there is no help is a request that will always be fulfilled. Believe that there is no hope, believe that your life will end miserably and this wish will be granted. If you are unsure what you believe, look at your life. It is an exact reflection of the beliefs you hold. If you do not like your life, change your beliefs. Believe in joy, believe in grace, believe in love and light and all will be made manifest at your request.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

From the Stars

It has been brought to my attention that when asked what they want, many people, including myself, reply with what they don’t want. What do you want? Well, I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I don’t want to worry. I don’t want to be sad. When the Universe hears these requests, all that is heard is worry and sad, and then more of the same is delivered unto us. To fully claim and create our lives, we benefit most from giving clear directions to the Universe. And yes, the word want does imply lack. The word desire, however, comes from Latin roots that mean “from the stars.” How wonderful then, to create our lives from the stars, from our highest and brightest possibilities. And the stars, dear friends, are inside each and every one of us. I desire to create joy and abundance in my life now through Divine Love and I invite you to do so as well. And so it is.

GS: You are most blessed and fortunate to be in your reality at this time. From our perspective, the energy and events are most interesting. However, we recognize that from your perspective, things may feel a little different. We remind you of who you really are and how there is no way that will not be okay. Concentrate not on the nots. Instead of thinking about what you don’t want to happen, what you don’t want to manifest, focus instead on what you do truly desire. Absorb the energy of desire, become the energy of desire and from there with strong footing in your heart, blast the world with your love and allow all highest possibilities to open up to your experience. This is the most blessed of times, the time to turn the tide, the time to create a whole new way of being in your third dimensional reality. The excitement is building, the energy is swirling around you, waiting for you to command and commit. We bless you with our love and light and reassure you that you do indeed live in a safe universe. Better yet, the safe universe is inside you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


For today, I open myself to all possibilities of the highest knowledge and the most beneficial experiences through Divine Love. I allow Universal Energy to support me, to honor and bless me. I relax into the embrace of my guidance team, those intrepid souls who lend me their energy and love and nudge me onto righteous paths. I release all traces of doubt and fear for I know the Source of who I Am. I bless and thank my body for her steadfast service in my name. With great gratitude, I thank all those who pass my way for the lessons and gifts they bring me. May all that I see and hear and speak today be filtered by my loving Heart. May my mind be peaceful and free of worry. I claim and commit to my power to create my life with grace and divine love. I let go of all expectations of how things should be for I trust that my Greater Self has a greater perspective. May we all be blessed this day of days as we go about our lives and may we know how very much we are loved.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Notice

GS: What would you like me to notice today? We would love you to notice your own magnificence. We would delight that you notice your true power to create and to give and receive joy. We would most definitely love you to align with your own true nature that is connected to the Source of the Universe that lives inside your heart. This Source lives inside everyone’s heart and no one has greater access or lesser access than another. All choose to express themselves in different ways and it is only beneficial to judge them as it helps you to make clearer choices. The judgments themselves have no meaning, no ability to shape or create reality. Judgment is discernment that you try to manifest. Use your judgment to help yourself to make choices, not to condemn others, not to create a paper world of good and bad, right and wrong, a world of hierarchical structure where one person is better or worse than another. And yet you attempt this construct, this outward method of projecting judgment, so to better see the futility of creating such a world. Your purpose is best served by using your discernment to create your own life from the most unlimited possibilities. Third dimensional reality allows you to lay out your choices one by one and experience each fully. It does not limit your possibilities, it just defines the way you experience them. It does not limit you nor define who you are nor have any effect on who you are. It is your playpen and you are the child of the stars and you can bring to your playing field any toy you can imagine, to study, to enjoy, to delight in. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blessed Journey

GS: You do not truly yet realize the extent of your own true nature. Doubt and worry are whispering behind the scenes in your mind. This period in your life is about creating a new habit of thinking, of directing your energy in more conscious ways. You have been given this quiet time that you may explore and develop new pathways of being. You are in a hurry to grow, to change or so you think. Yet there is another part of you who is scared of change, who doesn’t know what is going to happen when she gives up her illusion of control. It is that part of you for whom this period of time is given. As you embrace and comfort her, she relaxes her grip and eases into your new self. Trust in the timing, in the great dance you are always participating in. There is more for you to learn, to notice in each day as it is given to you. At all times be aware of the love that you are, the joy that is available to you to feel, the gift of each moment, each tiny detail. You are on a blessed journey yet you are one with your destination already. Blessed be.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Safety First

GS: Your expectations color the possibilities that are available to you at any given time. Therefore, to move beyond into more, you must first imagine. Allow your imagination to expand your ideas and expectations. Imagination creates a space for more possibilities in your life. You have always been careful about what you allow yourself to dream of, to hope for, because of the fear of being disappointed. So in this way you let fear dictate your choices, not your true nature, not your love, not your joy. You have kept yourself very carefully contained in an effort to feel safe but you need not do this any longer. You are shifting your beliefs about safety and coming to realize that there is no way you can be unsafe because of who and what you are and where you are which is in the realization of the greater being of which you are a part. Safety lies in the heart and is an intrinsic part of you. There is nothing about you that can be harmed. There is merely a perspective that you can choose that feels harmful. But the perspective of safety is always a choice as well and you are now choosing safety through the divine love that you are.

Friday, October 19, 2012


GS: You often feel that you are waiting for life to happen. Perhaps instead you could view this as watching life unfold before you. Explore each day as if it was brand new because it is. You have not watched this TV show before. While you are comforted by routine, each day is wide open to new possibilities and experiences, as open as you allow.  Release your mind of expectations and take each day at face value—it is an exact reflection of your intentions and beliefs. Perceive each day as an opportunity for new experiences and notice old beliefs that no longer serve you as they crop up. Each day, life unfolds before you, waiting for you to engage. Engage in your life and discover the delights that each day brings you.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Body Talks

How can I better listen to my body? I have a multitude of habit patterns all designed to keep me out of the present moment and oblivious to the constant signs and signals bubbling up inside my physical body at any given moment. When did I learn that listening to my body wasn’t safe, wasn’t true? Was it being forced to eat liver as a child? Was it being told that the pleasure I felt was wrong, was sinful? How can I change? How can I regain the innocence that I had as a child that delighted in all the wonders that life has to offer? The only tool I know is to make a new choice in the present moment, to choose to be present, to choose to listen when my body speaks, to choose to notice the tiny joys in my everyday surroundings. Blessed be my body, all our bodies, for the loving and faithful vessels of consciousness that they are.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Light

GS: You are the way, the truth and the light. No one gets to Source except by going through themselves, past the personality that they have created for themselves, past the habitual belief systems taught to them and accepted by them as children, down into the deep core Self of themselves. Here is the light and love that we are. It is always there, no matter how it has been covered up to our awareness. To reach for it, to call it to our awareness is easy and simple and much like waking up after a short nap. There may be a moment of disorientation but then ah, we are home, we know who we are, we feel the love that we are inside us and surrounding us, we feel our creative energy spiral around us seeking expression. Everything else beyond this simple act is not necessary.  Being our true self is easy, being the creators that we are is simple. We must merely let the ideas that we held that obscured ourselves from ourselves to fall away. Focus on the truth of our being and all is always well. And the Universe responds to our truth with Truth manifesting in the world around us. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


How much of what I perceive in others is me and how much is them? If an idea is not a part of me and my knowledge, can I perceive it? And if I do perceive it, is the idea I am seeing a belief system I am feeding or is it a memory of a belief system that no longer serves me? If I choose to no longer feed energy to certain beliefs, does that mean everyone else in my life will make this same decision? What we see, how we define what we see and how we judge what we see are the keys. There is a reason certain events and certain people are in our lives. They are there to elicit emotions and perceptions. From these reactions, we can discover what is hidden inside ourselves. If a belief is hidden, it is because we have judged it. The judgment acts like glue, sticking the belief to our psyche in the mind’s attempt to convince us that we are the judged belief. However, remove the judgment and we can see the belief for what it is – another story told to us by the mind in the misguided attempt to keep us safe. Removing our judgments from the people and events around us is the outward manifestation of doing the same process within. Releasing judgment is freedom, is taking a leap toward actualizing our true natures. Judgments are not truth, they are opinion. They can be changed, released and unstuck from our psyche, from the knowledge of who we truly are. And then our magnificence can blaze forth and we can let the love that has been buried underneath years of judgments finally see the light of day. By seeing through eyes of love, our whole world changes to reflect this love back to us.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Live Your Life!

GS: Feel the magnificence that is your heart. Therein lies a most brilliant light that shines for the glory of yourself and everyone you meet. Let your light shine forth as you enter into your day and trust that your light will guide you to the most perfect experiences that exactly fit your requirements. Just enjoy the ride, notice where your passions lie and follow them.  Notice upsets or worries and become aware of the beliefs behind them and then redirect your energy elsewhere if you wish different results. You can have what you desire. There is no need to sneak behind someone’s back to reach them. You deserve pleasure. You deserve passion. You deserve to be the conscious creator of you. Jump into the universal flow of giving and receiving and participate fully, no holding back, no hesitation. This is why you are here. This is your purpose. Live your life. Love your life. And all manner of things shall be well and good. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


GS: Blessed are you who are ready and willing to receive all that the Universe has to offer. Blessed are you who are open and free of limiting ideas and beliefs so to better reflect the light that you are. Blessed are you who are joyful and happy and full of radiant love for self, for others, for the beauty in this world and beyond. Blessed are you who look for answers, who ask for help, who struggle and fuss and complain and worry, for you shall be answered and the answer will strip away your false ideas and leave you naked in the brilliant white light of Source for that is what you are and nothing and no one can separate you from this light. Blessed are you who know in your heart that the love you hold for others is the same as the love you hold for yourself and that to love one is to love the other because there is no difference between you. Blessed are you who are excitedly anticipating the next new adventure that each day brings that you may be open to all possibilities. Blessed are you who know you are the creators of your world and yourself for you know the real truth behind all things. Blessings upon you always for you are made of blessings and you give best what you receive in grace. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Body Speaks

GS: We are most pleased you have decided to take care of yourself this day. You push yourself continually to show up, to make an appearance, to not let your body dictate what you will do. However, your body is in constant communication and today it needs to rest and be pampered. Learning to listen to your body when it speaks to you will be of great value. You have felt the need to move. You have felt the signal that you are full. You have felt the desire for sweetness. This is your body talking to you. For the most part, you ignore what your body says and go about your mind’s plan for the day regardless. This does not serve you well. Listen more carefully and you will not only support and increase the health of your body, but you will find your life enriched through the subtle promptings of the body’s language. Be aware today and go about your day with conscious movement and your body will be most grateful and will partner with you with greater ease. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Song of Stars

GS: We sing to you of stars. We sing to you of places beyond your realm of existence. Most beautiful places where life is color and sound and shape. Yet with all this wonder that is ours, yours is equally wonderful and most awe inspiring to us. The shape of a maple leaf. The wing of a dragonfly. A drop of water. A grain of sand. Each a precious creation to inspire you with glory. Your wonderful animal companions. The feel of wind on your cheek. Your marvelous body that is so responsive to your every desire, that is so capable of pleasure and joy and laughter. Laughter is most unique and a great gift. Cherish your time on earth. Do not be in a hurry to move on to other dimensions, they will be waiting when your earth adventure is done. You are on earth to be on earth, you are in the third dimension to be in the third dimension. But you are also focused as an individual to bring the entirety of god's awareness down to the tiniest of grains of sand that is you. Your glory will sound like trumpets and will echo from the mountain tops. You have arrived, your god has arrived, you have pulled god into this focused space and yet god is still god is still you. The one among many, the many among one. Blessed be your adventure, your being-ness, your wonder. Much love may you hold in your heart from us who cherish you so much.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dive In

GS: Dive into the pool that is the unlimited potential for your life. Plunge headfirst into possibility. Your mind cannot see where you are going but your heart knows the way. Breathe deeply of the flowers of the gods. You are in the throes of your most passionate creation. All the materials you require are at hand. Make a bold move. Take a risk. Smile on the inside. Love your way from one moment to the next. Dance your way through each day. Carry little glowing balls of energy in your pockets to pass out to those you meet. Like a kiss on the cheek, bestow your golden energy balls to those you love, to everyone in your life as they are all perfect reflections of your own magnificence. Play, laugh, sing. Live your life. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait until you have “enough.” Don’t wait. Live.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Universal Abundance

GS: To pull down information you must first have a question. You keep questions far from your heart because you do not like to feel you do not know it all already. Asking questions, asking for help, asking for the Universe to serve you is all compressed with the fear of appearing stupid and needy. Wanting is needy to you. Stupid is a state to be avoided at all cost. These beliefs do not serve you. Pull your attention away from them and choose ideas that are in greater alignment with your true nature. Choose believing in a safe and supportive Universe that wants to bring you everything you ask for. Choose believing in a world that reflects the love that you are back to you. Choose believing in the Universal law of ask and it shall be given. You have asked to be disappointed, you have asked to be pushed against the wall to get what you need, what you want. No longer. Ask. Ask more. Ask for more. The Universe is ready and waiting for your next request. Ask for more now.  And then surround yourself with gratitude for the bounty that the Universe provides and allow Universal abundance to flow through you and bless all that you touch and pass on to those you meet. Universal abundance starts with you and the rest of the world is waiting for you to pass it on. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

The World of Suffering

I read something on Facebook this weekend about sending thoughts of peace and love out into the wounded and tragic places in this world in hope of healing those who are suffering the effects of war, famine and cruelty. Certainly this is a commendable idea. But does viewing something or someone as broken, that requires fixing to be whole or complete, serve us? Does this viewpoint, this belief in suffering, reflect back into us and into our own wounded parts? Can we love ourselves and our world enough to embrace that suffering, that wound, that pain and not attempt to stamp it out with “healing”? Certainly I do not wish to suffer nor wish this upon anyone else. But if suffering is one way we learn, is one way our hearts grab our attention that we may finally release our grip on the ideas and beliefs that cause this suffering, do I hold myself so righteous that I would try to deny someone this avenue of experience? And could I really do so even with the attempt? I am reminded of the Serenity Prayer and accepting what I cannot change and having the courage to change the things I can. From my present perspective, I do not believe I can change another person. But I have the choice to reflect back to them either their own pain or my compassion for their pain, my love for their true nature that always exists regardless of pain. I believe that we do not have to suffer to change. I believe I can change myself. I believe that I can see myself as whole and complete and filled with love, and that by doing so, I offer a light unto the world that will serve as reinforcement to all who make similar choices. As we all see and actualize our light, we have no need of suffering as an impetus for growth. We can then choose to join our lights together and create a whole new world, one that reflects the true beauty of who we are.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Heart Tugs

GS: Home is not a place. Going home is not a journey. Home is an opening inside you that connects your third dimensional consciousness with the greater being that you are that exists throughout all dimensions and universes. You are a part of a vast network that ultimately connects you to All That Is. You can follow your connection by feeling a tug on your heart-string, journeying to far reaches of the galaxy and beyond. You can live your life by following heart tugs as well. As you follow more frequently, the heart tugs will become more obvious and pronounced. Trust the impulses that come from deep inside your heart as they are your guidance system. When you come to a crossroad, or a feeling of being stuck, simply be still and expand the space inside your heart to allow the heart tug room to respond. You always know where you are going. You always know the path to take. 

Friday, October 5, 2012


GS: Other people in your life reflect back at you your own beliefs of doubt and fear. You do not need to convince anyone of anything except yourself. You are the one who doubts. You are the one who fears. To change what you see, you have only to choose differently and redirect your energy elsewhere. And like magic, your world will change. People will begin reflecting back to you signs that you have changed. The person in the mirror doesn’t smile until you move your lips. Choose joy, choose love, keep on choosing with every breath you take until the choice is second nature, until the choice is your only nature and you finally know you are whole and complete and ready to live the life you are here to live.

GS: You do not need to fix anyone. This is not your mission. To be of service, you reflect back to them love and support. They are more than capable of being their own luminous self without your wisdom. Neither do you need to fix yourself. However, feel free to dispense your wisdom upon yourself as often as needed. You have asked for a clear channel for accessing your greater self. This channel, which has always been there, is becoming more solid and real to you as you use it in these everyday writings. We are here to serve you and answer you whenever you call. Our greatest answer today is be the love you are. This is your mission for today. Simply be the love. The rest of life will adjust itself around this energetic direction and reflect the love that you are back to you.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just Be

GS: The chase for purpose, for meaning, for a reason for living is futile. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to go where you can find these things. Purpose and meaning are encoded in your DNA, they are in each and every cell of your physical body, they are in the air you breathe, the images in your head, the feelings in your heart. You ARE your own purpose, your own meaning. There is nothing to find, nothing to seek. You create your life from this deep sense of purpose and it unfolds before you in clear paths of experience and adventure. Your purpose is to be you. You cannot ever fail in this endeavor. You can judge yourself but even that has no effect on your mission to be you. You can tell yourself you aren’t being yourself in the right way, or you are not being yourself effectively but these mind opinions do not change who you are. Be the person you are. Simply. Elegantly. The doubts and worries and judgments are but smoke and mirrors and have no substance. Just be. And in the innocent knowledge of your own true essence, you can create anything. Love and joy and abundance and delight are yours.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Now Again?

GS: The impulse to stay in the present moment is always with you. Your mind attempts to distract with stories about your past and future which do not exist. Your present is made up of tiny impulses to focus Now. With each impulse, you have an opportunity to notice your environment, to cherish the beloved reflection of who you are in this precious moment. You have the opportunity to direct your energy wherever you choose. You can do this through conscious choice or unconscious habitual patterns. You can choose through love or fear. You can choose through muddled mind chatter or open heart. But choose you do, whether you are aware or not of this process. And then your life reflects the choices you have made and gives you feedback. Do you like your life? If not, make different choices. Unsure what choices you make, look at your life. This is a constantly updating system of creation and reflection that serves you well.  Use it.  And if doubts creep in, choose love. In that precise moment that the thought of fear flickers, turn away and choose love. Choose to love yourself in the grand manner that you so deserve.  And by loving yourself, you serve the world, you serve the Universe, you serve your purpose most magnificently. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I was pondering what to write today and the idea of diligence popped to mind. I am committed for my spiritual path to be easy but it does seem like some diligence is required. I wake up in the morning and choose to direct my energy to my given intentions for the day and by mid-morning my mind is sneaking around behind my back muttering misgivings. So I looked up the word diligent in the dictionary and it comes from two Latin words: “di” meaning twice and “ligere” which means to choose. So to be diligent is to choose twice, or choose again, whenever our energy begins to angle back toward habitual pathways. I think the connotation of diligent is hard working but according to the dictionary it means applying constant effort to accomplish something, to be persistent. The key is not the effort, it is the constancy. In creating my own reality, I choose to direct my energy in each and every moment, persistently, choosing anew in each new moment that which I choose to create in joy and love with the power of the creator that I am. And so it is.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Present Presents

GS: If you know what is going to happen, would you pay attention to what is around you NOW? There is a reason why you do not know the future. You do not really know the past either, just what you choose to select as memories. But "now" you can know and now is what you seem to want to do anything with but know. Mental  gymnastics, all designed to keep you from your current moment, leap and bound in front of you, vying for your attention. Imaginary disasters, cherished moments from your past that you cling to, all distract you from now. Stay present where your power is.  Stay present and open the gifts that are right in front of you. There is no will be, there is no was. All is right in front of you within your reach. The one service your wayward mind can perform for you in this present moment is to imagine possibilities. Picture the life you want, picture the opportunities you wish to explore and thereby bring them into manifestation. Direct your imaginings instead of allowing them to drive your life with awfulizing. Choose joy.