Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dream Big

GS: You are indeed born anew with each and every moment. Possibilities radiate from your center focal point into all times and dimensions. From you center, you can choose any and all possibilities. Your choices are assisted by your feelings and desires. Believing that you deserve and are entitled to your desires helps as well. When you do not believe this, your choices are severely limited. It is like being presented with a glorious bowl of fruit and being told you can only have two brownish grapes but the really pretty and exotic fruits are not for you. You can eat any fruit. You can choose any possibility. You can choose any choice that your imagination can conjure. Dream big. Expand your definitions of what is possible. Making yourself happy is a noble pursuit.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Breathe your Light

Greater Self: You are afraid to show your light. Yet it is only by letting your light shine forth that you can consciously create your life. Let go of your expectations of how people will react. Let go of your need for approval. Let go of your desire to be accepted by others. Instead, accept yourself, approve of yourself, and act in alignment with your heart instead of in reaction to automatic responses that come from subconscious beliefs that do not serve you anymore. Be yourself now, fully, in the present moment. Feel the wonder that you are. Let the power and the knowing of who you are radiate out from you into the world. In this way you serve both yourself and the world. Breathe in the world, breath out your light, breathe in the world that is a bit lighter, breathe out your light that is a little bit lighter still. Through this exchange, energy is enlivened and the frequency of your vibratory level is raised, and so is the environment that surrounds you. Breathe your light for the world to see.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mind Puzzles

GS: Release your mind’s need to understand and figure out the perceived puzzles before you. Understanding is not necessary for conscious creation. Beingness is necessary. Free flowing energy is necessary. Being a part of the flow of the creative universe is necessary. All else is sound and fury, albeit sometimes entertaining. Your mind loves to perceive puzzles and patterns but this perceiving is not necessary. True being does not perceive. True being just is. So just be. From the core of who you are, just be. Let the mind perceive her busy patterns but do not be distracted by this. There is joy to be found in the beauty of patterns and puzzles but they need not be analyzed or solved. Knowing is not perceiving and it is through true knowing that you direct your energy. Know who you are and what you intend and choose for your life. All the rest is decoration.

Friday, January 25, 2013

This is the Day

GS: This is the day. The time has come. The time is now as it always it. Today is the most miraculous of days because it is your day and you have the privilege to live and laugh and express your joy for all to see today.  This is the day of days. This is the day that is your present day, that is your present to the Universe, that is your present from the Universe as well. Live your day. Let your light radiate out for all to see and know that this light will brighten up the frequencies of everyone you meet. Know that the light and radiance that you are will come back to you tenfold. Know the true wonder of your existence as you, as you are right now in this today. Feel the blessing that is your life fill you up to overflowing. Know this is why you are here,  to live this day, to live this day in radiance and wonder, to live this life as the greatest capacity for love and joy that you can be. Know that this is the day, this is always the day, and feel the blessing that is your life unfold before you in a magnificent dance of benediction.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Time is Now

GS: The time to create your life is now. The time to imagine the great bounty that you would fill your life up with is now. Yet it is not so much filling up your life but more a matter of letting life bloom outward from inside you. Letting more and more of who you truly are to be expressed and reflected back to you as a true mirror of the divine grace that you are. And to do that, simply be that, feel that, know that you are truly divine love. You are truly wealth and health and divine relationships. Be you. This is such a simple task that you often choose to make so complicated. Be you, and see everyone else being themselves. Witness their efforts to express themselves with as much ease and grace that you allow yourself. Feel love surround you, infuse you, penetrate you, and flow outward into the Universe and back again. Be still and Know you are God, the divine light of God and the conscious creator of your own life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


GS: Rejoice. Find your joy. Find that which brings a smile to your being and do it. This is your greatest guide to living a happy and fulfilled life. You need not analyze or plan. You need not figure things out or do what should be done. Just find the joy. The joy is there, even in the darkest of rooms, even during the blackest of nights, the light of joy, the thread to follow is there for those who choose to see it. Open your eyes to your joy. The joy that you see is a small reflection of the vastness of joy buried inside your being. Let the joy out.  Be delight. Be radiant in your love of life.  All things flow from this position.  You are most blessed with gifts and abilities but the greatest of these is your ability to be and feel joy. Do not hold back. Be the joy that you are and your life will be resoundingly blessed.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ordering the Universe

GS: Knowing who you are is indeed a key ingredient in taking conscious control of your third dimensional life. Imbedded deep inside this knowing is an absolute trust that knows you are safe, that you are creating exactly the circumstances you need for your intentions to become manifest. If you do not see what you want, you see what you believe that is keeping what you want from your reality. You need not understand. You need not fix or figure out. Just release the old thoughts that do not serve your current purpose and choose the new thought instead. Choose consistently. Choose in every current moment of now. Choose and trust in your own greater self and in the Universe of which you are a part that all is delivered unto you as you order. Order love. Order more love. Realize that you are ordering more of that which you already are. So you are not bringing to you that which you lack but are expanding what and who you are outward into the world more deeply, more fully. You are ordering the Universe to reflect back to you the opening you are creating inside yourself that allows more and more love and joy to flow outward from you into your environment in the third dimension. You are not ordering something that exists outside of yourself to come in and complete you. You are already complete and whole as you are. Feel this wholeness. Trust that she who is whole has all that she could ever desire, is all that she could ever desire already. This process of ever expanding flow is why you are here. Open, trust and open some more. Let your love sparkle and bless your world.

Friday, January 18, 2013


GS: Abundance in your life has been a trickle and you are asking for a flood. However, a flood can seem a terrifying thing to one not accustomed to handling this quantity of energy at once. This is indeed a belief system. Trust in self is the basis of all change. If you trust the Self, and the Source of Self, all works together for good in your life. Your mind can relax in the knowledge that the Self is in charge and that the Self will keep you safe. Allow the Self to handle the timing of your flow of abundance. Allow the Self to expand your capacity to utilize more energy in a comfortable way. All is indeed well, always has been, always will be, because the Self is in charge and the Self is You. And you are One with all energy and all energy exists to serve you. Feel the Oneness, feel the trust, feel the knowing of who you are and abundance will flow and increase naturally as a result of your expanded awareness.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Choice Bits

GS: When choice becomes a matter of either/or, you are indeed in your mind. All choice is very overwhelming for the mind. It cannot imagine a reality where all choice is possible to experience. One of the main functions of the mind is to allow linear time to lay out your choices in a consecutive sequence. You perceive each choice as coming one after the other. From the soul’s viewpoint they all occur at once, as do the choices you might have chosen in this life’s experience. Being in fear over choosing is also of the mind, placing right and wrong onto the choices in order to assist in the choosing. However, you instill in this right and wrong judgment an absolute value that was not intended. From your heart and soul perspective, it is easy to see the flow of your life’s choices, it is simple to feel the joy and attraction that some experiences beckon you with. Follow the heart’s trail to your desires and your life will indeed flow like notes in the symphony that is your life. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


GS: Consistency can seem elusive to many and valued by few. Consistency is not a requirement for living in your 3D reality. However, in creating new habits, in creating new neural pathways in the brain, consistency is most helpful. There is nothing like consistency to ingrain something into our awareness. Think about driving to work. You drive the same route every day. It becomes a habit, a pattern, that your conscious mind barely pays attention to after a while. Then decide one day to go a different way. The first day, you leave your drive and promptly go the habitual way instead of the newly chosen route. You pull back in the driveway and turn around and start off again. It takes conscious awareness of each step of the route to choose differently.  Eventually, the newly chosen path becomes familiar and turns into habit and no longer requires vigilance to be followed. Thus you create a new habit. In your life at this time you are creating a new habit of thinking, one in which you choose thoughts of love and possibility over  the familiar thoughts of doubt and worry. You will slip back into old thought patterns upon occasion. However, you need merely to remind yourself that you are choosing a different outlook on life now to get back on the new path. This path will become habit.  This path will lead you to expansion and room for more love to be expressed.  Persevere. The new path is most rewarding. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Neil Gaiman's Dog

I don’t know Neil Gaiman although I am an admirer of his writings. In addition to marvelous books, stories and comics, he is also the author of a brilliant blog. ( Through the past years, I have become familiar with this blog, especially those posts devoted to his dog Cabal. Such a beautiful dog, his spirit was shown through pictures and stories of his escapades. Cabal passed away this week after some struggles with aging. There is a heartfelt post detailing this on Neil’s blog and I haven’t ever cried so much for a creature I never knew owned by a person I haven’t met. We are all so blessed with these animal companions that somehow find their special person to bond with in us. I have been privileged to be the special person to Bailey and Samm and Glory and Skoshi and George. All passed but never forgotten. And I am still the special person to Kirby and India and Buffy. Each the dearest of friends, they have been great gifts in my life and I hope to know many more before I too pass into other realms of existence, realms that no doubt are vastly populated by kindred animal spirits. So Neil, I am truly sorry for your loss and I am sorry for all our losses yet I wouldn’t give any of them up for all the world because they are what makes the world worth living. The love lives on forever.

Monday, January 14, 2013


GS: Aligning your body, mind and heart allows you to move smoothly into your intended future. To align, you need to focus on what you want, not on your fears and worries. There is a subtle difference between focusing on what you want and denying what you do not want. Focusing is actively choosing a direction and every time your mind attempts to stray from the path, firmly choosing again that which you desire. Denial is constantly telling yourself what you don’t want, thereby focusing on the worry and doubts and creating what you don't want in the process. So it is a matter of choice, not denying, that will  create your heart’s desires. Your body, meanwhile, is used to taking orders from the mind and readily responds to what you are thinking. But the body has desires and needs as much as the heart does, so it can be quite beneficial to take the body’s wants into consideration. Listen quietly and ask the body what it needs. A walk? Some fuel? What would make your body happy? Remember that frequently the mind is hungry and urges you to eat to help you in your denial process and that is not the same thing as the body being hungry. Your body does not require you to eat constantly and to the point of feeling stuffed. But your body may require something outside the traditional three meals a day as well. Listen and understand and acknowledge your body and your alignment will become second nature.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Thoughts

GS: Your relationship with what you desire, in the past, has been a tentative one. You have never been willing to give up that which you wanted but also didn’t believe in any direct way of getting them. You have depended upon circumstances and sleight of hand to deliver them to you instead of merely asking and receiving. To change this way of operating is as simple as changing your mind. Changing you mind can require repeated reminders. Every time you go down the familiar thought road, remind yourself that you are not using that thought pattern anymore and choose differently. The new thought becomes imbedded into your brain and a new thought road is created with a new habit of saying yes to life and your desires instead of I don't know how and wait a minute. Experience each day as the gift it is. Watch for the treasures that each day holds. Believe that your life is a grand adventure and thus it becomes one. Release your expectations that others need to agree with you for you to have a connection to them. See each person as the radiant being of light that they, and you, are and know that their ability to create their life is equal to your own.

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Energy

GS: There are energy shifts alive in your body and mind. You have not quite settled into the new paradigm. This will ease as you claim the new energy and become used to working with this energy. This energy will open up  new horizons for you and it is coming to you at this time because of new portals that you have opened and now have access to. Your entire planet is being flooded with new energy. Or a new vibrational wave, if you prefer, that ramps your current energy up  to a different frequency from where is was. You are feeling the effects of these vibrations and need to claim ease and grace and the assimilation of the new wave will smooth. This is a most auspicious time in your reality and is quite exciting. Feel the excitement, enjoy the ride and the new possibilities that are opening up for you to partake in.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Divine Flow

It is from the purity of your peaceful heart that divine energy accesses your world. Maintaining a calm mind, an open and centered heart and a fluid body allow divine energy to flow smoothly and fully, surrounding and infusing your being and your environment. Thoughts of worry and discord clutter up the flow but do not prevent access to this divine flow. You are always part of the flow. Your control lies in how much you are willing to allow the flow to move freely and unlimited by restricting belief systems of thought. Changing your thoughts to freedom, joy and love allow fast and immediate access to divine energy and your ability to create your life is directly correlated to this access. Just be present. Just feel open and allow divine energy to flow freely. Joy and passionate creation are yours and will immediately reflect back to you in your world. You teach through example not through critiquing. You teach yourself by your own example most of all. Be the example and you will see that you do indeed create your own life, and so will the others in your life.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Heart Choice

You have two choices. You can view life as difficult, full of unsurmountable odds and nasty surprises, where you are lucky to keep your head above water. OR. You can view life as easy, full of love and grace, flowing with simplicity and unlimited potential. How much of our struggles are self-created? How can we look at the events in our life differently to lighten our load? From the ever active mind, life is a series of coincidences and beyond our control. From the heart, there is no need for control because all energy serves us and unfolds before us in the precise manner called for at any given time. The only difference between the outlook of heart and mind is your choice. Heart centeredness brings light, love and hope. Mind centeredness brings worry, struggle and confusion. Looking at this choice, it seems obvious which is the more fruitful path. Yet immersed in day to day drama, we frequently get sidetracked. This is the best time to get back to heart energy, back to the still point at the center of you being and then look again at that which sidetracked you. It could be that the sidetracking event was merely a reminded to get back in your heart. Reassure your tired mind that all is well and rest in the confidence that heart centeredness brings.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Still Point

GS: Feel the calm inside your heart. From this still point, radiate this calm outward into your reality. This is the peace of God and is your offering to the world. From this peace, no worry or fear is possible. From this peace, love is the only solution, the only currency. All manner of possibilities flow from this still point. This is the place where you know that you and God are one. That you and all you see are one. Feel the stillness, the calm, the radiant love and place all importance into this feeling. All things are well and good in life, in self, in the Universe. Through Divine Love, all things work together for your benefit.  Have a blessed day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


GS: Community need not be in person. Your being is much larger than your physical body and you are most capable of extending your awareness beyond your physical senses. You have many relationships that your conscious mind is not aware of. Many connections that exchange energy, joy and love with you. There is some symbolic value to the idea of meeting people on the internet. It is much like meeting kindred in other dimensions. These connections are very real, as real as your physical connections. However, do not give up on physical connections. They have much value as well and through your connections to others on the web, your ability to connect to others in person with grow. Look for opportunities as they come and take advantage of them. Your mind barely realizes the potential in that which it has not thought of. Do not let the unknown dissuade you. Take a leap. Take a risk. Let yourself be surprised.  Let yourself be loved. 

Friday, January 4, 2013


GS: You are on the precipice. Or perhaps you have taken the risk and jumped and found yourself flying instead of falling. Picture your life before you and you flying into it and meeting it with joy and love in your heart. Picture sharing with like-minded and hearted persons of your choosing. Picture a soft wind, a running river, a blazing sun. Picture happiness and joy in all you do. Picture ease. Picture the solutions to dilemmas appearing at the exact and proper moments when they are needed. Picture and feel the flow of life and know that this is always operating in you and through you. You cannot stop this flow. Your choice is one of attitude toward the flow. An attitude of allowance or limitation. An attitude of empowerment or fear. Remember to feel the love in your heart when you feel your energy sink. Choose the things that feel lighter. Choose the things that feel happier. And through the choosing, your life is made full of light and happiness. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trust the Process

GS: The information comes to you on a need to know basis. That which you seek is right in front of you as you take your next step. It is not necessary to anticipate steps. You have been conditioned to think you must be prepared. Yet your mind cannot prepare you for the dance of life. Freely flowing energy provides the music and your body knowledge coupled with your heart intention leads the dance. Trust this process and know you are leading yourself into great and wondrous experiences that will fill your heart with joy. This is a most auspicious time. Breathe the excitement, the anticipation of all possibilities at your service. There is no place for fear in your life anymore. Trust the process.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I have been off in the wilds of North Carolina with my beloved family and have been focusing my energy on life and not on blogging. However, now the new year has arrived, I am back home and shall endeavor to proceed forward with my writing adventures. I have been eating too much of the wrong things, my body is protesting mightily and my mind is full of sleep but short on worry. I am anticipating a wondrous year ahead for us all in 2013. I am training my brain to see the gifts in every experience. I am focusing my intentions on finding what makes me happy and brings me joy. I am creating more and more love in my heart to share with everyone I meet, even if I do not understand in my mind where they are coming from. I do not have to agree with someone to hear what they have to say and to bear witness to their passion. No matter the trappings on the outside, we are all still the same magnificent being on the inside with the same Source of Divine Love. May we all be truly blessed and loved this year and all the years of our lives and beyond.