Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Time is Now

GS: The time to create your life is now. The time to imagine the great bounty that you would fill your life up with is now. Yet it is not so much filling up your life but more a matter of letting life bloom outward from inside you. Letting more and more of who you truly are to be expressed and reflected back to you as a true mirror of the divine grace that you are. And to do that, simply be that, feel that, know that you are truly divine love. You are truly wealth and health and divine relationships. Be you. This is such a simple task that you often choose to make so complicated. Be you, and see everyone else being themselves. Witness their efforts to express themselves with as much ease and grace that you allow yourself. Feel love surround you, infuse you, penetrate you, and flow outward into the Universe and back again. Be still and Know you are God, the divine light of God and the conscious creator of your own life.

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