Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So I have been considering the symbolism behind the tragedy at the elementary school in Connecticut. A crazy, irrational and out of control mind strikes out at the innocent and they are unable to defend themselves. This reinforces the feelings of being out of control and helplessness over becoming a victim. The world is not safe, it is unpredictable and uncontrollable and we never know when something or someone could come and destroy us. These are rampant ideologies in our culture. And we have the choice to let these events drive us more deeply into fear and victimhood. Or. We can use this event as an opportunity to realize where our true power lies. Our power, and with it our sense of safety, does not lie in the mind, that seat of rational and irrational thought. Our mind cannot make sense of events such as these because it is our minds that create them. Our minds are blessed tools that when used by our greater self to serve us can reap us great benefit. But our minds are servants, not masters. Our Being, our Divine essence of the god that we all are, is the true source of our lives. Reliance on the mind alone leaves us in fear, worry and victimhood. Trust in the true nature of who we are, however, brings all the blessings of the divine to our door. Open hearts allow Universal energy to flow through us and connect us to All That Is. Tragedies are one way to awaken us to what is important – the people in our lives who we love. But tragedies are not the only way to open our hearts and to know the love that we are – we can make that choice at any time. How about now?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Smooth and Easy

GS: You are in the process of shifting into a new mode of operating in physical reality. All of you are. However, some are taking the fast track and others are choosing to ease their way into a new way of being. This is purely a matter of preference and does not affect the outcome. The shift is occurring. You are all releasing your minds' hold on your decision-making processes and choosing the heart instead. Choosing your own connection to Source instead. Horrific events stir up much fear and feelings of helplessness. The only solution to fear and helplessness is claiming your own power over your life. Your power is mighty and invincible but is only effective if you recognize it and use it. You are always creating your life. It is your choice to do so by conscious choice or by default, letting whatever passed down family or cultural belief system emerge victorious amidst the chaos of your unexamined mind. The greatest service your mind can perform is to question its own authority. Heart does not need to question because it is the connection to your greater self, your source and true identity. So question what you are thinking as you think and ask yourself “Is this my head or my heart?” and you will find your way into the new shift of being easy and smooth.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Endless Love

GS: The depth of love in your life is endless. It is the fabric of your being. All that unfolds before you are variations on how love can be made manifest in your life. However, your perception can turn the love that is before you into other shapes and patterns. Lack of knowing, perceived knowledge of lack both contribute to the bending of love into what appears to be pain, sorrow, terror or grief. Group tragedies can serve to awaken people up to the importance of love and to the total unimportance of what most minds think about on a daily basis. But instead of awakening love, sometimes these public tragedies also serve as an excuse to ramp up fear and a sense of helplessness. The Course in Miracles states that in my defenselessness, my safety lies. If we know that we live in a safe universe, we have no need to defend ourselves. We know that all that exists is love, even in what appears to be horrific and senseless acts. If we believe in an unsafe universe, we feel helpless, out of control, and wait in frozen fear for the next shoe to drop. Yet that is all of the mind, this terror, this fear. When we trust in the power of our own beings, when we trust in the source of our beings which is love, we know that all we experience and all we create are variations of the love that we are. If we cannot see the love, we are falling into the mind’s traps of fear and worry. Stay in the heart and see the love. See the love in the hard places in the world, in your experience. And from this viewpoint, all things are possible.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Feel the Moment

GS: Much of your concerns can be answered by staying in the present moment. How can you best serve yourself at this moment? What activities can you participate in that would bring ease and grace into your now? How can you express your love to that which appears in front of you? Worries about the future, grief and regret over the past do not serve you and only take your focus from the present. When you truly understand that nothing real ever dies, that you cannot make mistakes and you are never alone, your being is freed to expand into the present and able to create your heart’s desires. Feel the moment. Be aware of what surrounds you. Appreciate the body that serves you most faithfully with every breath. The desire for comfort and joy is a blessing the Universe bestows upon you in this present moment. All that is required of you is to pay attention and notice.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Present

Once again I find myself being reminded to stay present. All our power, all our divinity, all our capacity to create is focused and actualized in the present moment. All that we need to manifest, all that we require to create is present in the here and now. What is presented to us on the plate before us is the meal for us to experience, digest and appreciate. The more we focus on what is not present, what is not in front of us on our plate, the more we diffuse our power and lessen our ability to create the life we consciously choose. Let me truly see all that is around me now without judgement. Let me appreciate each and every cherished participant in my present experience. Let me love myself as I am at this precise exact moment in time and space and know that I am enough just as I am right now. Let us all choose peace this day, this moment, and receive the present that the now has to give to us.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Safe Universe

GS: The value of knowing who you truly are and the extent of your own power is priceless. From this point of awareness, all things are possible. Your mind is not always comfortable with the multitude of choices that the Universe can manifest. Thus it attempts to limit your choices so as to make your life seem easier. However, what these limits do is cause you to doubt life and your own ability to keep yourself safe. If you live in a Universe that can harm you, how can you ever be safe? If you have no power to defend yourself from this unsafe Universe, how can harm be kept from you? By embracing an unsafe Universe, you guarantee that the mind’s guardians of worry and fear have a fixed place in your life. BUT, you have the choice to see the world differently. You have the choice to see your power differently. You can view the Universe as Safe. You can see that your power has no limits. From this perspective, all possibilities are available to you from which to choose. By centering in your heart, by aligning your will with your Divine Source, the most beneficial and delightful choices can be made. Blessed are you who are fearless, who embrace your life with joy and enthusiasm, who trust that the Universe is safe, who knows that the Source of All is inside the centers of all. We who have chosen to have eyes to see and ears to hear can accomplish whatever we choose. Blessed be.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Love Generator

I ran across a line in the I Am Discourses yesterday that really struck me. It was about consciously generating Divine Love. I have been concentrating on receiving Divine Love and letting Divine Love flow through me but it never occurred to me that I can be a source of Divine Love, that I can consciously choose to generate Divine Love and give it to the world. Let us all be great big Love Generators today and all days. Let Love and Joy radiate out from us and be reflected back to us a thousand fold. The Source of all power and energy is in us. Let us light up the world! Blessed be.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The B's Knees

Some of the information I read talks about how we are all one and that God is inside us. Others talk of spirit guides and angels that surround us and offer support. So is guidance separate from me or is it a spiritual extension of my Being? I look down at my body and ask: Is my knee a part of my greater body or an individualized presence that helps me walk? My knee certainly has a voice of its own, sometimes creaking when I walk, offering opinions on which direction is comfortable to move. I can talk to my knee and direct my energy to my knee. I can listen to my knee and receive information that can benefit both my knee and my body as a whole. But the knee is not the body anymore than any other part by itself is the body. Yet the knee contains the DNA of the whole within each cell. The body can live without some parts, like a knee, yet cannot survive long without others, such as heart and lungs. But none of the parts can be the whole body by itself. The parts are not the whole but the whole is in the parts. But I think the key is realizing that I am my knee and I am my body depending on where I focus my attention. And, of course, knowing that I am more than my physical body. So, to bring it back to spirit guides, I believe that my guides and  angels are parts of me, like my knee, and that they are a part of a greater me, like my knee is a part of my body. So we are all one yet we can support ourselves using greater parts of ourselves in service through divine love. And as I give attention to something, so do I direct my energy.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I have had issues in the past with inadvertently saying something that caused upset in someone else. I usually felt blindsided by these incidents because I was not intending upset.  At the time of one of the more dramatic incidents, I realized that I was not responsible for other people's feelings and that became my mantra when others chose to become upset over what I viewed as an innocent expression of me. However, I became aware of a new level of thinking this morning about this issue - speaking my truth.

GS: Your truth is the essence of who you are. When you are open to expressing the being that you are, your truth is your voice. Your truth is your action. Nothing and no one can assail your truth, the truth of who you are. There is no need to defend, no need to protect, no need to censor. Be the truth of who you are. Speak the words that come from the divine center of love that you are.  Fear not the power of your words but embrace this power, trust this power that each word you speak from your truth blesses the world and allows the energy that flows through you to be made manifest. Speak the words. Let them flow forth as a gentle rain upon a thirsty world. Let the words fall as they may, trusting that they will find their way to ears that choose to hear. Your words do not depend upon others’ need to hear. They are in themselves reason to speak. Trust the words and your voice that would speak them. Bless the world with your words.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Falling

GS: You are indeed on a precipice. Your world is on a precipice. The energy you feel at this time is excitement mixed with a little fear of the unknown. Anticipation, as it were. Stay in the present moment with this energy. Now is not the time to run off into dark hallways of imagined pasts or futures. Feel the energy as a gateway into your access to your greater self. Feel the potentiality of this energy. Feel all possibilities open up before you. Picture yourself on your cliff about to jump off or perhaps even imagine that you have already jumped off and are now free falling. Now falling through space and time is a very pleasant experience if you can remove from your mind any beliefs or fears around hard landings. This energy is not about landing. This energy is about releasing yourself from limitations and embracing your own power. The seat of your power is in the core of your being and is not affected by falling or landing or your own perceived monsters. Sink into your center and know your true being and all the outside world will fall into line – as you speed through your space and time in free fall.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Heart's Desires

Conscious creation contains several steps. Two of the key steps for me at this point are determining what I want and believing it is possible to have what I want. Somewhere along the line, I got the idea that what I wanted was in danger of being snatched from me or denied completely by malevolent forces. What I wanted was a treasure to be hidden and protected from the bad meanies out to get me. And it sometimes seemed simpler to not want anything and just cope with whatever trickled down the Universal pipeline to me. I have done such a great job of protecting myself that now I am not always aware of what I want. And when I do happen to ask for something and actually get it, I feel oddly uncomfortable, like the Desire Police are going to come up to me at any minute and say “Hey, you, what do you have in your hands? Where did you get that? Who told you that you could have it?” Add to that mix an unhealthy dose of parental and societal expectations of what one is supposed to want and do in her life and you end up with one confused human being. And I do not believe I am alone in my confusion. Who could possibly be an authority greater that our own selves in determining what we want? We know what feels good, what delights us, what brings us joy. But do we believe we can have these things? Do we feel someone else has to suffer or do without if we obtain what we want? Does this make us selfish or a more empowered and joyful person? What if all things are possible, especially including actualizing our heart’s desires? What if we live in a safe and beneficent Universe? What if the Universe wants to serve us and bring to us whatever we ask for? What if by serving ourselves by bringing ourselves joy, we serve others by showing them what is possible for them too? What if we are the determiners of what is real? Conscious creation requires stepping out of the box of beliefs in limitation and scarcity and stepping into a world where anything can happen if we but make it so.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Present in the Past

GS: The past is always open to interpretation as the only part of the past that actually exists is the part you hold onto in memory in the present moment. These parts of your past are chosen by you and are fed energy by you here in the now. Being fed energy, these pieces of your past can grow, morph or change as your viewpoint on your past changes.  This can be used as a learning tool for the evolving soul or as a method of browbeating yourself for perceived failures or inadequacies. This is always your choice. Thus you can experience a trauma and in your memory of this trauma learn to release the feelings that were generated and held onto and move your viewpoint from hurt and anger into one of love and acceptance through forgiveness. Or you can continue to focus on the trauma, feeding the trauma more energy as you remember, continuing the trauma’s effect in your present life and perpetuating the sorrow, rage and violation into your daily life. The willingness to consider different perspectives, different choices, different ways to direct your thoughts is always the first step to a happier present. Allowing the gift that all experiences can give to come forth even over a traumatic event is a sure way to heal. There is always a gift, something to be learned or realized that the trauma played out for you in graphic detail. Choosing the extent of the past’s influence upon you is determined by you in the here and now. Choose wisely for a happier life. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

One and Many

GS: Your destiny is of your own making. There is no grand plan in which you are an integral part. Rather it is more a design that comes from the heart of your own Being that spreads out into all directions with the urging to experience as much as possible. From this creative impulse, your lives travel outward into many dimensions. You, the you that you live with every day, are in the center of your dimension and your you-ness also radiates outward from your position in time and space. You are the still point within your self and your self is the still point within a greater self and that greater self is a still point within an ever greater self and so on. You are the one and the many. There is no paradox here, this is not a polarity of thinking. The same thing can be two things at once, depending upon your perspective. Feeling One and Many at once can open yourself up to the knowledge of your own divinity.