Saturday, December 1, 2012

One and Many

GS: Your destiny is of your own making. There is no grand plan in which you are an integral part. Rather it is more a design that comes from the heart of your own Being that spreads out into all directions with the urging to experience as much as possible. From this creative impulse, your lives travel outward into many dimensions. You, the you that you live with every day, are in the center of your dimension and your you-ness also radiates outward from your position in time and space. You are the still point within your self and your self is the still point within a greater self and that greater self is a still point within an ever greater self and so on. You are the one and the many. There is no paradox here, this is not a polarity of thinking. The same thing can be two things at once, depending upon your perspective. Feeling One and Many at once can open yourself up to the knowledge of your own divinity.

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