Thursday, November 29, 2012

Creative Thinking

GS: Planning your life has never been high on your list of interests. You have always been more focused on handling whatever life throws at you, coping with the random ups and downs that you saw as life. Now you are changing your course, your mode of operation. You are asking the universe for experiences. You need not demand or be specific. The universe is used to responding to you. However, the part of you that has always directed your course comes from a part of you that you have been much less conscious of than you are of your thinking mind. So, the question is, are you shifting the part of you that directs your energy OR are you becoming more conscious of the part of you that has been running things all along. Perhaps it is one and the same. But this is not some magic thinking program. This is not about thinking the magic words and the door opens. Think instead about aligning yourself with your creator self, the part of you that already knows how to create, how to manifest. You are one, you are part of the same energetic being. Focusing on your creator self allows you to bring into consciousness all the powers and abilities that a creator has. These are yours and always have been. You just have not until now been aware of them. It truly is about shifting awareness, not becoming someone different. 

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