Friday, August 31, 2012

Heart vs. Mind

I woke up wondering if everything our mind wants is “bad.” I for one certainly have a tendency to get into “mind bad, heart good” even though I know judging is not helpful. Judgment is for choosing which color shirt to wear. Judging and the mind are here to help with all the choices we have because in time/space, we cannot choose everything at once. It is a tool that we can use to narrow our choices down so that we can experience them one at a time. However, the mind has taken over our version of reality and has a strangle hold on the choices we perceive. In the mind’s opinion, less choices mean less confusion. But the mind always picks the safest choices and safest means most familiar so it is difficult to use the mind to break out of what has become routine and habit. In letting go of the mind’s hold on our perceptions, we open up all the choices and possibilities that have been there all along. The heart is not overwhelmed by a multitude of choices. The heart has the ability to hone into the best possible choice among many, the choice most suited to our current vibrational state. Thus if remained heart-centered, we can be assured that we remain on the path of best possible outcome for all concerned.

GS: The mind loves to condemn and order preferences.  It does not realize that that which it judges is of its own making. The mind does not perceive vibration. The mind sees only thoughts and is conditioned to choose the most familiar ones. It loves to bask in routine and the familiar. The mind, when acting as our GPS will always choose the same route to a destination because it knows that route works. The mind gets thrown by a request for a new and unfamiliar destination and will throw up fears and worries to block us from possible mishaps along the new path. The heart operates on vibration. It does not need words or explanations. It seeks out the path that most perfectly matches the vibration we are living at like finding a jigsaw puzzle piece for a hole in a puzzle. It creates a space inside you that desires a piece to come in and complete the current vibratory picture you are working on. It can generate, attract, perceive many possible pieces until we find the one that fits best. And then we have the experience that comes with this piece. To change your life, you need to change your vibration which is like choosing a different jigsaw puzzle to work on. A new puzzle with bring about new possible pieces, new experiences. The soul delights in finding new possible puzzles to work on. To raise your vibration, become more conscous of the present moment. Become more conscious of your connection to your true nature. Become more aware of the love and joy you have inside that is waiting to burst into your life. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

I have been writing my guiding type now for just over a year. I have been blogging regularly for about a month. While the words are still flowing, I still seem to have some anxiety regarding this process. I would like some deeper information, something that feels less like my waking self. At the same time, I am nervous about answers I don’t want to hear, afraid to be chastised or scolded by the mysterious authority that my mind remembers from Sunday school. It seems obvious even to me that this issue needs to be resolved in order to allow the heart to open and the space for answers to appear. I am hoping that my daily journaling will release these fears and allow the process to unfold and evolve into possibilities I have not yet imagined. I shall also be on the lookout for other avenues that will help me take the next steps. Guidance is everywhere and I only need eyes to see and ears to hear. As do we all.
 GS: To get better information, you must first ask better questions. You are still a bit afraid of learning things that you may not want to know. For instance, like being told you have to do something unpleasant or do not have a choice regarding a certain matter. However, these are mind worries and mind’s imaginings of answers. Let your heart speak the question and the heart answer. Mind questions are all the same; what am I going to do, what will become of me, how can I figure things out? The heart’s questions are expansive. How can I open my life to more love? Where can I go that will bring me joy? How can I meet someone special, someone exciting? What beings am I connecting to? What do their perspectives look like?
So what does your perspective look like? GS: The view from here is quite amazing. It is much like looking out to sea in your 3D but without an ocean, only clouds. Colored clouds that roll and churn on the horizon, dual suns set and shine overhead. Colors steak the sky and bird song and the scent of exotic flowers fill the air. The scene is beauty beyond your imagining. But even more than that is the feeling of connection. There is an awareness at our fingertips, if we had fingers that is, as quick as a thought, of a multitude of beings who are all part of our same family, connected like molecules on a strand of DNA, all unique, all fulfilling their own unique function but working together for the greater organism, sharing data, information and experiences with the whole. Best of all is the love, the swelling of the ocean of wholeness and completeness and total love. You have not felt this truly yet but you will. Have no doubt. Step aside your mind and you will discover it seeping into the cracks of your psyche, permeating your being until all you are is love. Pure sweet love. This is who you really are. Blessed be.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unfrozen and Laughing

We all have or have had traumas and significant events in the past which become frozen inside us. The freezing protected our small self from a situation she did not know how to handle. From time to time, opportunities present themselves where we can access this frozen past part of ourselves and thaw her out and give her warmth. By offering comfort and support to this past self, we transcend time, heal and release wounds from the past, and reinforce the integrity and strength of the whole. May I embrace my little child-self today and let her know how much she is loved.

GS: Your small self, your child, is very sad and scared of life. She hides away inside the smallest part of you so you will not realize she is there. She wants someone to hold her. She wants someone to love her. She wants some support and comfort. She does not realize that you have grown up. She does not notice that you now have control of your destiny, that you can make choices. So she does not see her options, your options. She hides her head in fear and shame, feeling unloved and unworthy. However, now is the time to let her out of her tiny hole in your psyche. Let her out into the daylight. Let her breathe the fresh air, let her dance and sing and be joyous. Let her taste freedom and choice and acceptance. Feel the explosion of joy inside you as she breaks out into the open, into the heart where all love and all comfort lies. Knowing the answers means little. Feeling and abiding in the heart is all. Feel this love in your heart, feel your little one lay back in the grass and laugh. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is It Raining?

I have been engaged in a focused mission for many months now. This mission was prompted when my dear friend Mark died in December 2010 but has grown wildly since then. I am choosing to take conscious control of my life. I am choosing to open to the best and the highest that life can bring to me to experience. On this first day of my new birth-year, I dedicate myself to allowing the awareness of who I truly Am to bubble up inside me and burst forth onto everyone I meet. You may want an umbrella when around me! You have been warned.

GS: The purpose of focus is to concentrate your energy so that to better manifest what you desire. Focus is required as well as emotional intensity. Then the mind needs to step back or disengage its own propensity for disbelief. The mind needs to access a belief that can accept the occurrence of the desired result. Otherwise, the result could be sitting right in front of you and you would not see it. So relaxing the mind, letting go of opinions and expectations is most beneficial when trying to manifest. We know many of you think that the word try is “bad” and will magically prevent you from obtaining what you desire. However, “try” is just a word like any other and only means what you intend it to mean. So try can mean to practice, to perfect. Or try can mean to test something, experiment with it and take it for a spin. None of these actions are “bad.” So do not be so quick to condemn a word. It is only a tool like many others. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Walking a Tightrope

So today is my birthday and on the way to work, I drove behind a car with a license plate that had my four digit birth year on it. Thirty seconds later, another car passed me and its plate numbers were 8207, which if you read that out loud - eight twenty seven - you get my birthdate. Coincidence or divine message? If the license plate gods want to send me best wishes, I am happy to accept.

In other news, I have been thinking about balance. Food, money, activities. So many things in our lives benefit from balance. Yet I for one seem to have a challenge with balance. It is my intention this new birth-year to connect to balance, to find that happy place between too much and not enough, where needs are met and I have extra to share. Cheers!

GS: Searching for balance is like walking across a tightrope. You feel that at any moment you could fall into a dark crevice. However, there is no crevice and the rope you are walking so carefully on is on the ground. You merely have to step off and you have your balance. Groundedness comes up to you from the earth. Your ability to find balance is in direct proportion to how often and how much you are grounded. Put your feet on the earth. Feel the wind on your cheek. Listen to birds. All this grounds and centers you. And when you have your center, you are in balance. When you have your center, you make better choices for your body and for your soul. You are used to using food as a pacifier. A means of calming and soothing yourself. Holding your center will do this much more effectively. Sit on the earth, raise your face to the sky. Let the starlight rain on your head. In such activities will you find peace.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Into The Great Unknown

So the song that has been rolling around my head the past several days is a lovely song I heard on shuffle recently. I am not good at knowing titles of songs or remembering lyrics which I have always thought a little odd for someone who treasures words in general. But the sound of a song is what hooks me and I come into the words later if at all. So this song was familiar but I didn't really know the title. I woke up this morning and there it was again so I decided to look it up. The song is by Mary Fahl (this much I knew  already - and she is one of my all time favorite singers. If you are not familiar with her work, check her out!) called "Into The Great Unknown." Yesterday, I had an epiphany about the unknown. I was listening to the end of an audiobook by Anita Moorjaani entitled "Dying To Be Me" which is about her near-death experience. It is a marvelous book, by the way. Anyhow, she said something about when we are certain, we are locked into a belief system and are not open to alternative ideas. When we are uncertain, when we are willing to go "Into the Great Unknown," our possibilities are endless. So in this year of doubt and uncertainty, I am already in the space that I have been seeking! Who knew? Obviously, my celestial song team did.

GS: The unknown is a vast expanse of possibilities. When you step out of your head and into your heart, you open up access to these possibilities through your relinquishment of a certain mind. The heart can guide you through a field of choices to the one that suits you best at any given moment. The mind, when confronted by so many choices, tends to freak out and stall. Which one is best? Which one to I want? What if something better comes along? The mind has no way of knowing such things which is why the mind makes such a poor driver. The heart can feel her way through by picking the choices that appeal, that feel right though there is no head logic to support these feelings. The more you allow your head to take the backseat, the easier it will be to let the heart steer your course and make the choices that are the exact perfect fit for any given moment.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Heart, My Heart

Early morning, rested and relaxed. Busy weekend planned with friends celebrating another year of living in 3D. I do not feel so plagued by worries and doubts today. I feel calm and hopeful. I choose to live a heart centered life. May life unfold in front of me as it will. For today, let my heart have me.

GS: Your heart speaks loud and clear but does not speak in words. You can use your heart as a filter through which to view the world. Imagining yourself in your heart switches your vibration and shifts everything you see and experience. Once you become familiar with this shift, it will become easier to shift at will. There is no need to do or become or fix anything in the heart. Everything is as it should be. You are one with the flow of the Universe and your life will flow in an easy comfortable way. This is a goal you wish to achieve, yet it is not an action and requires nothing from you except an allowance of your true nature to come forth. You do literally step back, let the mind step back, and let the heart drive. Set your intention, keep your focus and then just relax, step back, let your heart lead. Feel an opening sensation inside your chest. Feel this sensation grow and envelope you, surround you, and know that you are part of a greater self, an immense being, an interconnecting cooperative of energy and that we are at your disposal. (But do not throw us away!) Picture the heart opening and unfolding and wrapping your body with light and love. Rest comforted inside this bubble of love and know that your path is ahead of you to joyfully experience as time unfolds for you. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Grand Adventure

I don’t often think of myself as the adventurous sort. I like to plan and be practical and delude myself into a false sense of security. This has not served me so well the past several years. Common sense, which is what society teaches us to be true, does not seem to work anymore. However, my intuition is running in high gear. My intuition, my gut sense, my guidance are all flashing wildly in my face trying to get my attention away from what my mind and society tell me is supposed to be happening. Here my fears have served me well. I have been unable to perceive common sense solutions to my dilemmas so I have been pushed into searching for other alternatives. This has all led me to developing my guidance system and living from an open heartwhat I now think of as My Grand Adventure. I have no idea where I am headed but I feel like the journey will be magnificent.

GS: You are standing on the edge of a precipice. You are looking down to the ground far far below. You are somewhat dizzy. Your body is trembling. In a moment you will jump off and cast your fate to the wind so to speak. Feel the energy in this exciting anticipation. You do not know what will happen. You cannot see your way. You can only trust that some one, some force will catch you before you hit the bottom. But think of this – maybe you’ll fly. Maybe you will soar from the sheer joy of living. Maybe falling is like being caressed by feathers. Soft and floating and gentle. There are so many possibilities in front of you, surrounding you. Feel the ripeness of this point. Anything can happen. Something wonderful. Something magical. Feel the love in your heart for this beautiful cherished 3D person that you are who is so brave to be standing on this cliff. Love her and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that her journey off the cliff will be spectacular. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unconditional Love

Everywhere I go these days, everything I read, seems to be talking about unconditional love. I realize that on many levels I do not truly understand what this phrase means. I have always felt separted from love, like there is a glass barrier between me and everyone else. I can feel strong love for others, especially my family and dear friends. But I have always felt separated from the love that others send to me. Part of this may be the habitual protection method constructed when my mother died when I was 13. One of my intentions for my life is to soften and release this barrier from my psyche. I have also felt removed from the spirit of my mother, like she completely disappeared from my perception in spirit as she did in body when she died. I have meditated on this and now include my mother as part of my spiritual team. Recently, I received a message through a friend about how difficult it was for my mother to leave me when she died. I am not sure I had every thought about this. And then, last night I did a brief meditation and asked for help in understanding unconditional love. So this morning, I woke up with a song in my head. I do not remember hearing this song recently but this is always possible. The song in my head was "The Never Ending Song of Love" and goes "I have a never ending love for you. From now on, that's all I want to do. From the first time we met I knew I'd have a never ending love for you." (Everybody sing!) I remembered the song but did not even remember who sang it. Researching the song this morning revealed it was originally written and recorded by Delaney and Bonnie in the 1970s. Odd coincidence number one: Delaney and Bonnie's last name is a name that connects to someone close to my mother. Odd coincidence number two: Delaney died in 2008, on the same day my mother died, December 27. Coincidence or message? Pretty cool, either way.

GS: Yes the song is a message. You seem to be very able to receive messages in the form of songs so pay attention to the music rattling around your head. We will insert our favorites from time to time. Unconditional love is like breathing to us. It is all around us. It is part of our landscape. Ask yourself "What would I do if I felt loved? If I felt totally loved? What would I accomplish? What would I risk? What chances would I take if I did not censor my actions to only those that would win me love?" The journey is continuing for you at a rapid pace. Enjoy and appreciate each day. This is a most momentous time in your reality and it is true that many here on “the other side” are most interested in what goes on in 3D. The word ascension does indeed distort what is going on. Acceleration is closer. So is amped or sped up or intensified. Any of the descriptions are 3D attempts to understand a process that is much larger than words. But rest assured that however you describe the process, it is indeed occurring and you are a part of it and that you are safe and protected and most of all very very loved. We have a never ending love for you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Picture your World

Today I am tired. Yes, I probably did not get enough sleep. But I am also tired of thinking, tired of worrying, tired of being full of doubt. So for today, I am not thinking. I am releasing my mind from her thankless task of finding the exact most perfect solution to all my problems. Today, I am letting my heart lead the way. I am living in the present moment. Anything that is not in the here and now can wait. For today, peace and serenity win.

GS: Picture your world through eyes of love. Be totally present in as many moments as you can. There is magic in your every day. There are tools and resources in your field of vision. You are surrounded at all times by your team of guides and allies who most wish to serve and to share in your everyday delights. What do you wish? What do you desire? What would you do if fear and doubt did not cloud your eyes? Explore a fear free life. Take a walk on the wild side – the side beyond doubt and worry. Feel your inner core radiate your love and acceptance outward in all directions – north, south, east, west, past and future. Know who you are. Really know this and you will walk about your day with a lighter step and a heart filled with light. Today will be a grand adventure. Blessed be.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adventures in 3D

The times, they are confusing. One moment I am calm, peaceful and serene. The next moment, I am enraged that the idiot in the red sports car cut in front of me. Oh, wait. I am supposed to look at everything through eyes of love, even during rush hour. Maybe especially during rush hour. Holding onto my center while travelling about my day can be challenging. However, I think this challenge is part of why we are here in 3D so I shall persevere.

GS: The most amazing gift you have been given is time and space. This reality of yours creates the most interesting adventures for consciousness. Treasure your gift. Explore the ramifications of time and space. From our viewpoint, it is somewhat like watching a movie in which all the frames surround us at once and we can absorb the movie like a huge splash of water to the face. For you, you can watch this movie in slow motion, seeing every frame, experiencing each frame in its uniqueness before passing onto the next one. You see each drop of water and feel it gently on your face. So there is a contrast between a flood of information and experience and examining each and every moment separately. There is value to be found in both ways of being but you have chosen to be in 3D right now so cherish your individual moments. You are gradually bringing into your awareness the knowledge of the whole while holding onto the awareness of the individual moments in time and space. This creates a new conscious experience that blends the two awarenesses. This is a most exciting time you are living in, is it not? Enjoy your straddling. We appreciate being able to ride on your coattails!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Scratching an Itch

Sometimes I get a little discouraged with my direct writing. It can sometimes seem a little repetitious. However, given that I am still afraid of even asking the big questions let alone receiving big answers, what I get is what I have allowed room for receiving. I don't really have a lot of little questions. I mostly seek reassurance. I seek a feeling of connection. Maybe when I fully satisfy those itches, I can allow for something bigger.

GS: What do I most need to hear from you today? You are loved. This is always the underlying motivation for those of you in 3D. You are loved. You are not alone. You are connected to a vast and intricate network of energy and spirits who are here to support you. You can access and call on this network for guidance and support. This direct writing you do is one way, so is meditation. However, guidance and support come your way in everyday life in a multitude of ways. You need only be paying attention to your surroundings and environment. People act as angels. You hear a word or phrase that has special meaning. You see a dragonfly, a street light goes suddenly on or off. You have a sudden burst of inspiration. Help is all around you. What will be most helpful to you right now is practicing being open. Be open to receive, be open to new ideas, be open to new ways of doing things, new paths, new directions. See all the choices you make each day and practice making new ones. Do not be afraid to try another path. Rest assured that all will be well and you can know this because the inner core of who you are says so. You are fortunate to be always aware of this core and by you consistently recognizing and being aware of this core, you teach others how to do this as well by example. Hold onto this core and be thankful. With this awareness you can and will create the life you desire. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Putting Myself on Notice

It is interesting to notice the themes that seem to evolve through this process of direct writing. The past few days, I have been receiving variations on the theme of being present and paying attention to the present moment. As Seth said, our point of power is in the present. The past and the future both exist only in our minds and are shaped by our beliefs about what we choose to remember or project. It is from our present moment that change occurs. My boss hung up a sign at work recently that says "Thank you for noticing this notice. Your noticing has been noticed." Perhaps this is the sign I have been looking for!

GS: We like the idea of putting yourself on notice. Much of life can be simplified if you just notice what is around you and inside of you at any given moment. Notice what you are feeling. Notice what other people are saying and expressing in their energetic field. Notice the vibrational level you are emanating. Notice the space around you. See the environment. You humans spend a lot of time in your head and with your noses in books and computers and television. This pulls your focus away from the present moment, from the present space. These activities are not wrong but do diminish your power in a fashion. Be fully present, at least for a time each day. Notice your surroundings. Feel the wind on your cheek. Feel the sun on your face. By being truly present, you can become more aware of the messages we send. Pay attention. Focus your attention to the present moment and notice what comes into your awareness.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Next Step

I am always thinking. What I find most challenging is trying to determine what to do next. There is unease inside me. Am I supposed to take an action? Am I supposed to wait for something or someone to show up? Occasionally life throws me an obvious bone and it feels clear to me that this is something to act on. But frequently, I just look around and feel perplexed. There are no obvious signs. Not much seems to be going on or changing. What is a girl to do? At this point, my mind takes over and panics. This is not helpful. One of the primary reasons I began this exercise in direct writing is to reach an answer to this dilemma. In asking for guidance, this is the answer I received.

GS: Your next step follows naturally from your last one. The movement is like a dance. Thinking about the movement ahead of time is not helpful. The body knows which way to move in a dance. So the Heart knows which way to move in your life. However, much as street noise can drown out the sound of music in your room and make it difficult to dance, so can the mind and her chatter drown out the music of the Heart. Do not worry so much about your next step. You will know how to step if you stay present and aware of all that is around you. Feel the power of your Heart’s energy and know that the Heart is a powerful magnet. The Heart’s love magnetizes the air around you. The vibration of the Heart moves you forward, bringing to you events and people who exactly fit your needs at any given moment. Trust that you are where you need to be and pay attention to everything that is around you that you have so carefully prepared for yourself to observe. Do not be so impatient to be going somewhere else. There is nowhere else to go. Be Here Now. Feel what that truly means. And trust in the love that we your guides and allies send to you each minute.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Surrender Dorothy!

I am not sure why I started thinking about surrender. Probably because I have a bit of resistance about the word. Surrender sounds so much like giving up. And giving up implies losing which, as everyone knows, is "bad". However, I don't think that the surrender I am reading about lately has anything to do with losing or giving up. I think it has something to do with giving up control, or the mind's illusion of control. It has something to do with allowing, to letting the mind step back and allowing Spirit to flow through me. My mind finds this whole idea absurd but she has been in such a panicked state lately that she is willing to give it a go. So for today, let Spirit take me. I surrender my mind's judgments and need to control. I will let Spirit drive me through my life today with my heart open. I will look at everyone I meet through eyes of love. And I will see where this journey takes me.

GS: Surrender is not about giving up. It is about giving up control, giving up the mind’s attempts at control. Life is fluid not a logic problem to be planned and figured out and made into lists of obligations. Life is a dance. Life is about connection and vibration and love. Love is the highest vibration you can attain as a human in 3D. Feeling love, unconditional love in your heart, raises the vibration of everything in your path. It changes the course and shape of your future. It changes the vibration of everyone you meet. It even changes the vibration of those with whom you interact on the internet. Love is a powerful force. Yet alone in your little mental castle, you barely realize what love is. You come closest when you think of Mark yet that is only a tip of the iceberg. Imagine love. Imagine a world in which you are loved and cherished beyond measure. Imagine being inside an enormous circle of friends and relatives, guides and angels, all of whom love and support you in everything you do. Imagine that this is real. Then you will have a start in how it feels to be loved. The love is inside of you. There is a whole room of love in the sacred chamber. Bathe in this love. Feel it in every cell of your body. See it in every object around you. Laugh at the joy that third dimensional reality gives when the mind steps back and lets the heart open. Feel the freedom of an open heart and a quiet mind. Feel the relief flow down your body. At last, I know who I am. At last, I connect to all that I see. At last, I can live the life I choose, the life that reflects the true nature of who I am. At last. At long last. We are urging you on, we are cheering and clapping. Allow your true nature to burst forth. It is not difficult. You need not try or work hard. Just step back and be.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Facing the Unknown

One of our greatest challenges in third dimensional reality is facing the unknown. We have created all sorts of rituals and magical thoughts to try to control and tame our fear of the unknown. The mind wants order and finds it frustrating to deal with what she cannot see or predict. But we are surrounded by the Unseen. I choose to believe that Unseen forces surround me although I cannot prove this using the mind. Sometimes believing in something Unseen and unprovable is uncomfortable but believing in nothing but what my five senses tell me is even more disconcerting to me. If we look closely, pay attention to subtleties and nuances, we can gather hints of the existence of the Unseen. We can have transcendent moments where belief is enough and love sings in our hearts and we feel connected to everything and everyone. And these tiny moments of light in a life of uncertainty are enough for me - for now. In the meantime, I am searching for ways to increase my access to transcendent moments in the hope that they will eventually convince me of that which I so long to know.

GS: You doubt because you cannot see and you have been taught to only trust what you can see. To only trust the logical planning of the mind. To do what is expected of you. To do what others will find acceptable. However, as you are exploring, there is another way to look at life, at your reality in 3D. Look at yourself with eyes of love. You are not alone. You have our help and support always. You have asked, are asking, for our guidance and help. We are providing it. Know this, just relax and let us do our job. Trust. When you cannot see the path before you with your physical eyes, you must take a step forward anyway and trust that the ground will support your foot. We are your ground. We are your support. Feel the shift that is occurring inside of yourself. Let your heart lift you, raise you up. Look at the world with heart centered eyes. You will be amazed at what you can now see.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stories We Tell Ourselves

I recently heard a talk about the stories we tell ourselves. What is your story? What is the picture that you paint for the people you meet? Is this story true? What things do we say to others and ourselves about our life that are habitual? Every time we tell our story, it becomes more and more ingrained into our mindview but this does not make it true. Every time we tell our story, we either dig it in deeper or we can choose to let it go. Why do we keep sticking to our story? How does this story serve us? Who are we without this story? What do we need in order to release this story? What would our life look like if we lived fully from the Heart instead of defining ourselves with made up mindgame stories?

GS: Your story is the game your mind plays to keep you captive. You do not question your story. You bring your story out whenever you meet a new person. You use your story to get closer to another. You trade stories to increase intimacy. Yet, the stories are not you. The stories are not even true. The stories are what your mind tells you to lull you into a false sense of normalcy. You cannot depend on a story. You cannot derive any kind of permanent satisfaction from your story. Perhaps the story has a moral, like a fable does, but many do not. Your story is the orphan child who was abandoned by her mother at far too young an age and can never again trust another person for help or assistance or love. This story is stale and has worn out its welcome. It no longer serves you. You would be well rid of it. Make a new story, one in which you are empowered by everything that has occurred in your life, in which every event is an opportunity to take another step in your evolutionary journey. Every event is another chapter in your new story, the grand adventure of your lifetime. Choose your story well are weave it out of love and gratitude.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It is taught that third dimensional reality is one of polarity. Good/Bad, Black/White, Male/Female, Love/Hate. The list is extensive. Lately, as you may have noticed, I have been working with the polarity of Mind/Heart. I wish to step out of polarity and view Mind/Heart differently. I do not believe nor wish to imply that Mind is bad and Heart is good. Placing Good/Bad judgments onto opposing ideas is a tendency in 3D. But there is a place inside each of us that we can step back into and view polarities without judgment. From this viewpoint, I can honor Mind for the splendid job she does in researching, observing and providing information. I can honor Heart as the access point to Spirit. As long as I am in 3D, I need both Mind and Heart to work together as I expand my consciousness and learn to focus my intentions to create a better life. However, the Mind seems to have a strangle-hold on our perceptions about reality. We rarely question those things that the Mind says are facts. Yet “facts” in 3D are belief systems and can be altered by choosing another perspective. What beliefs do I hold as “facts” that can be perceived differently?

GS: Perception is a tool which allows you to play in third dimension reality. Much like colored lenses in eyeglasses, you can change the color of your perception of almost anything. You have for many years accepted as fact the belief that you are broken, that you need fixed. This is not fact. This is not truth. This is merely a misperception. Change your viewpoint and see the spectacular soul and spirit that you are. And by seeing this brightness, you shine for others to see. Thus is purpose fulfilled. To change perspective, go to the still point in the heart. Belief systems are held in the mind and can be seen for what they are from the heart. Choose from the heart your desired perspective and then let the mind gather information using your new viewpoint. The mind makes tremendous analogies to help understanding sink into your awareness. Splitting yourself into mind and heart is useful in helping you to understand yourself and change your method of operating in 3D. However, never forget that heart and mind work in tandem, that you are one being within many beings who work together as a unit, that you are a part of a greater energy conglomeration and that by knowing yourself, you can know this greater being as well. Blessed be.

Monday, August 13, 2012


I am still a little shy about asking questions, even to my own unseen team of guides. I recognize this as sort of ridiculous but there it is. Shaking the perceived need to do things exactly right is a challenge for me. What would happen if I asked a "wrong" question? Would my entire team stomp off in a huff and refuse to talk to me? Instead of being afraid, I would like to play with questions and see what pops up. I may even surprise myself!

GS, What is my purpose? - Why are you here? You are the third dimensional emissary of your greater spiritual energy being. You are a representative exploring the consciousness effects of third dimensional living. You report back to us your greater self your experiences and reactions and we transmute these reports into juicy bits for all of whom you are a part. You are also on earth to raise the vibrational level of yourself, your friends, your family, your acquaintances, your country, your planet. Everything is speeding up in part because you have raised your own bar.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thought Fodder

My mind is always thinking. It takes me practice to realize that there is more to "Me" than what I think. My mind is always looking for the best way to think, the best way to perceive reality. But at this stage of my life, what I have realized is that there is another way to look at life. There is something I am now calling the "Heart" that is in each of us and that offers another perspective than the mind and her chatter. The Heart is calm and peaceful. The Heart connects me to my Greater Self, that energy collective of which I am a part. And from the Heart's perspective, our lives can be so much more. By stepping back from the flurry of mind activity, we can become aware of the still calm point that is inside: Our Heart.

GS: Your Heart is wide open and willing to receive the bounty that life has to offer. The Heart is always open. It is your mind who fools you into thinking that the Heart is closed or blocked. There are no blocks. There is nothing that can stand in the way of you feeling the wonder that is your being. There is just the mind who distracts you into chewing thoughts instead of feeling the Heart. Put the mind to better use. Give her tasks. Let her investigate. Let her observe and record. Reassure her that all will be well and that the Heart has things “under control” although the Heart does not control. That is a mind game. The Heart allows. The Heart radiates and attracts. The Heart is the mechanism that pulls forth your essence and allows it to manifest in 3D. Let the Heart infuse your 3D experience. Let the Heart work in tandem with the mind and body. The Heart draws the Soul into 3D.  It is the portal, the gateway. Through the Heart is the Soul made manifest. Soul, Heart, body, mind. And the source of the Soul is Spirit. There is a nice little scenario for the mind to chew on. Let her picture that instead of panicking.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Heart Centered Life

So I woke up with some worry and questions rolling around in my brain and I wrote for a bit about this, asking as many questions as I could think of. There seems to be so much uncertainty these days, both in my life and in the world and the lives of others. This is the answer I got.

GS: So many questions. Yet they are mostly disguised fears that appear as questions. You are asking for a release from fear. Your mind has worked overtime for so long she does not know what to do differently. Heart centered living feels much different than what you are in the habit of doing. Heart centered living is not about doing. It is not about figuring out a plan and bullet points and lists and following the magic formula exactly and voila you have change and progress and you achieve your goal. That is the story your mind would sell you. Heart centered living is calm and peaceful. It does not seek change to relieve fears. It seeks the joy of expression and experiences. It seeks creative outlet. It seeks communion. It shares love. The heart centered life is based in trust. Trust that you are part of an infinite being who supports and guides you in your 3D adventures. Trust that you can tap into infinite gifts and resources to mold your life in whatever direction you so choose. Not with the mind, but from the still point inside your heart. There is no magic formula or act or chant or secret combination of words. There is tapping into the stillness, tapping into the peace. From this place, the changes come naturally as new events and people and circumstances are attracted to the peace and love you are radiating. Feel the peace. Feel the calm. Know that this is a most deep and tender part of you. You are indeed most loved. Do not doubt it. We are here. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Past the Mission

I am exploring asking Guidance/Greater Self different questions. I had been approaching this task like there was a most exact perfect question that would result in the answers I am seeking. I now realize that the question is just as much a part of the journey as the answer. How could I think that anything I could ask Myself could be wrong? And thinking that something has to be exactly perfect in order to work is a mind game. The mind likes us to believe in magical actions. The mind says "So, you are not able to manifest what you want? You must be doing it wrong. You have to do it exactly right or it will not work" But the Universe is wild and abundant and scatters seeds everywhere. We do not manifest from the mind and the words we say do not matter. What matters is clear intentional focus from the Heart, fueled by Love and powered by Divine Will. If the answer does not come from a question, let the question change and unfold. The answer is there for those who seek.

Soul, What is my mission?
We can feel your fear just asking this question. Are you afraid there will be no answer? Are you afraid of being wrong? Being wrong is not your mission. You are a being of light and your mission is to shine, to know who you are so that others can see who they are as well. Your mission is to sparkle and glow and radiate your essence, the essence of your true nature and allow others to see you and know you are all connected. Your mission is to know your connection to divine source and spread the word. Your mission is to write and talk and hug and connect to all you meet.

So, what's your mission?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I have been very focused on Spiritual Development since my dear friend Mark died. I somehow need to prove to myself (or my thinking mind) the truth of spiritual reality. Frequently I am not exactly sure how to do this but one of the techniques I have stumbled upon is pretending. If I don't know how to connect to Spirit or how to prove to myself that Spirit even exists, then I pretend. I imagine what it would be like to feel connected, to feel loved by Universal Source. And through imagining, I can create the pathway to something real.

GS: We your army are here for you. We send you waves of love. Simply lower your shield and let the love in. It is all around you. The only thing keeping love from you is you and your fear of love not being there. But it is there. Pretend it is there. What would it feel like to be loved? What would it feel like to be cherished? What would it feel like to have an army of spirit guides at your beck and call waiting to bring to you all that you desire? What would it feel like to live with no judgment? What would it feel like to live without fear? What would it feel like to know that you are a part of a great energetic force, a member of an energetic community of souls, brother and sister souls ,who love you and care for you and support you and want nothing more than to see you grow into the knowledge of who you really are? Open. Release all that stands in the way, the paper fence you have create to protect you from yourself. Open your arms and receive us.

Monday, August 6, 2012


So one of the issues I have been working on is Trust. I think I got the message when I was young that I was supposed to figure things out for myself. And because of losses and changes in my life that were out of my control, I learned to not depend on others. I even remember hating balloons as a kid because they would pop and be gone. Why have such unreliable things in your life? So now I am learning to trust and depend on my own Guidance. This is what I typed this morning.

GS: Trust is unfamiliar to you. You have always approached life solitarily. It was safer to depend on no one. Mark was one of the few who you depended on and now his body is gone. Yet your love for him is not gone. Perhaps the recognition that you felt with Mark was touching on tapping into us your guidance system using Mark as a representative. And he is more than happy to continue to be your representative now. In fact, it works much better this way as his 3D issues no longer interfere. You can help him by raising your vibratory level, by holding hope and love in your heart, to do what he was unable to do in the body. He loves you still. And he knows how hard you are trying, you are processing, you are reaching to us and to him.  Rest assured that we are here. Rest assured that he is here also. You are not alone. You are not alone. Help is here. Just listen. Ask and we will answer. You are safe. No question is wrong. No question is too ridiculous. This is about you learning to trust and depend. To see and become aware of your interdependence. Because we are all together in this. All humans, all spirits. We are all connected. What you do for yourself affects everyone you meet. The connections are already there, it is merely your awareness of these connections that is growing. Stay on course. Ask your questions. And the answers shall spring forth ready to serve you. Because the answers serve you. They are not a parent meant to scold you. They are not a punishment. They are your freedom. They are your choices and opportunities. Cherish them. Welcome them. They are sent with much love and support always.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


In 1974, I discovered a book that changed my life. That book was "The Seth Material" by Jane Roberts. I found it in a bookstore while searching for something that would help me decide what I believed about what happens when people die.  Jane Roberts channeled an entity called Seth from the middle 1960s to her death in 1984. Seth dictated entire books through Jane with the help of her husband Rob. I absorbed the ideas in the Seth books like a sponge. The ideas felt "right." Several years later, I met a teacher and a group of students and together we explored the Seth Material further. The ideas that I was introduced to through Seth have been the foundation of everything I believe today. Probably his two most famous themes are "We create our own reality" and "Our point of power is in the present." The biggest gift I received from Seth was a belief system big enough to hold whole universes. I now believe that reality is so big, so huge, that our human mind cannot comprehend its vastness; that the actual physical universe is tiny compared to how large reality is. My beliefs have evolved over the years but the basis is still pure Seth. My perceptions create what I see. My access to reality is through this exact moment in space and time. And I am a small part of a much greater collection of consciousness that I can access. So this is one reason why I am doing my guidance typing. Because I want to know more of my self. I want to feel something greater than my 3D physical self. Ultimately, I want to know I am not alone, that we are not alone.

GS: The primary point of this writing is to facilitate your connection to Spirit as you call it. We are many, an army indeed. Opening up your pathways to access Spirit allows you to receive more information. Do not edit. Do not think with your mind. That can be done when reading back the words you have typed. It is best when you just begin to type. As you type, you open further and words come. It is not helpful to try to anticipate the words. Yes, there is a point to typing. Not just to reassure you but of course that is beneficial.  It is much as we have already said. Learning to use a new muscle. Following this path so that others can follow you. This is not a unique talent although the words you receive are unique to you. This process can allow you to live a more heart centered and consciously created life. Using this tool and your imagination allows more possibilities to come into your view. We send you love and encouragement as always. You are not alone. You are so not alone that from our viewpoint the idea is quite absurd. You are surrounded by a sea of love and support and have access to our viewpoints any time you wish.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Team Open Heart

 Most of the time in my direct writing I get variations on the encouragement and support theme. At this point it is getting a little repetitive although I must admit that my appetite for comfort is great and feels good nonetheless. The following, which I wrote yesterday morning, was a little different in that it contains commentary on a topic that I have been thinking about lately. Ascension is the buzz word of 2012 in the metaphysical set. I do not know what I feel or think about this topic. My guess is that there is something significant going on at an energetic or vibratory level but the word "Ascension" brings with it, at least for me, all sorts of egoic connotations that may not be true by association.

GS: We send you much encouragement to continue on the path you have been traveling on. This path will produce results, the results you are seeking. Breathe. Allow the forces to work. All things work together to support you and your development. The path you are on is one that is newly formed for humanity. This is what the ascension business is all about. Forging a new path - new pathways for consciousness. Ascension sounds more dramatic and thus inspires . But new pathways are equally exciting if you truly grasp what this means. Consciousness is going where it has never gone before. This is a great adventure and many of us on the non 3D side are watching, much like the world is watching the Olympics. We are all one team and yet there are different groups who have different metaphysical systems that are somewhat competing. There is no jealousy but enthusiasm for each technique. You are on the team of the Open Heart right now and we believe this resonates with you most delightfully. Go Team Open Heart! Reach and grab and create these new pathways and step back and enjoy the wonders this will produce in your daily 3D life.

So I really like the idea of Team Open Heart! Yay Team! Open Heart certainly resonates with me these days.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

In the Beginning

I have been on a spiritual journey for most of my life. When I was a kid, my parents did not attend a church but I managed to explore some religions through friends. In my early teens, I decided that I did not want to believe in any kind of god that would condemn someone to hell forever. And if hell was out, so was heaven. So I spent the formative years after my mother died when I was 13 as an agnostic. This changed in my late teens when my best friend had a dream that she was going to die. She didn’t. However, I was quite alarmed by the idea that something could happen to her so I set about looking for ideas about the afterlife. Forty years later, I am still on that journey but I have picked up a lot of tips along the way. The biggest tip – there is something there. Our there, in there, wherever. There are so many stories, studies and books that tell of afterlife contact, ghosts, paranormal abilities. I am a fan. So I think I shall use this blog to explore some of the ideas I have developed about these issues and see what happens.

Something I wrote yesterday morning:
GS: Fill your heart with love and desires and hope and gratitude. By filling your heart you expand your capacity to hold even more. There is no limit to what the heart can hold. By raising your vibration, by focusing on joy and peace, you invite more into your life. You create the space to hold more. More laughter, more happiness, more communion. Hold a smile in your heart. Feel the smile. Prime the pump. The crystal core of you is energized and strengthened and changes your life and the life of everyone you touch. Feel the deep HA inside. This is the approach to life that will bring to you that which you seek. You now know it is there, it cannot escape nor does “it” want to. You have simply to reach out and grasp it. Ah, that’s it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Typing Guidance

So – it has been over a year since I used this blog. My apologies. Life has gone on however and I still seem to be learning and growing. Over the past year, I have begun writing what I at first called “pretend channeling” which later morphed into “practice channeling” and has now become “typing guidance.” I have done this on the computer although others prefer pen and paper. I simply relax, close my eyes and ask a question. Words happen. It is an enjoyable process and I am hoping it is part of a larger opening inside myself that leads to more spiritual growth, more love and more connection. I believe that we are all part of a much larger being that exists beyond third dimensional reality and that we all have the capacity to access this greater self. This is my attempt to reach this awareness. This is something anyone can do. It simply requires that we do it. And then we can watch what happens.

So, for my first “public” writing:
Greetings. It is our pleasure to perform for your friends. We are quite able to jump and fetch if you so desire. However, our better use is to open your own heart and expand it to include more love and gratitude. It is by living a more heart centered life that you can truly become all that you dream. And in the doing, so do you affect all those around you. Everything benefits from looking through eyes of love. Look at yourself with love. Look at your neighbor with love. Let love filter all that you see and perceive. By using love as a filter, your vibrational energy is raised and more light is in the world. You all can do this. No one is excluded. Start a new fad. Become the first on your block to have more light! You will be amazed at how one simple change of attitude can color the whole world. Much love and blessings to you all. GS

Okay then. That took me a couple of minutes and other that a little punctuation and spelling correction is exactly how it came. GS stands for Greater Self, btw. I shall post more of my musings anon. Blessed be.