Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is It Raining?

I have been engaged in a focused mission for many months now. This mission was prompted when my dear friend Mark died in December 2010 but has grown wildly since then. I am choosing to take conscious control of my life. I am choosing to open to the best and the highest that life can bring to me to experience. On this first day of my new birth-year, I dedicate myself to allowing the awareness of who I truly Am to bubble up inside me and burst forth onto everyone I meet. You may want an umbrella when around me! You have been warned.

GS: The purpose of focus is to concentrate your energy so that to better manifest what you desire. Focus is required as well as emotional intensity. Then the mind needs to step back or disengage its own propensity for disbelief. The mind needs to access a belief that can accept the occurrence of the desired result. Otherwise, the result could be sitting right in front of you and you would not see it. So relaxing the mind, letting go of opinions and expectations is most beneficial when trying to manifest. We know many of you think that the word try is “bad” and will magically prevent you from obtaining what you desire. However, “try” is just a word like any other and only means what you intend it to mean. So try can mean to practice, to perfect. Or try can mean to test something, experiment with it and take it for a spin. None of these actions are “bad.” So do not be so quick to condemn a word. It is only a tool like many others. 

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