Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unfrozen and Laughing

We all have or have had traumas and significant events in the past which become frozen inside us. The freezing protected our small self from a situation she did not know how to handle. From time to time, opportunities present themselves where we can access this frozen past part of ourselves and thaw her out and give her warmth. By offering comfort and support to this past self, we transcend time, heal and release wounds from the past, and reinforce the integrity and strength of the whole. May I embrace my little child-self today and let her know how much she is loved.

GS: Your small self, your child, is very sad and scared of life. She hides away inside the smallest part of you so you will not realize she is there. She wants someone to hold her. She wants someone to love her. She wants some support and comfort. She does not realize that you have grown up. She does not notice that you now have control of your destiny, that you can make choices. So she does not see her options, your options. She hides her head in fear and shame, feeling unloved and unworthy. However, now is the time to let her out of her tiny hole in your psyche. Let her out into the daylight. Let her breathe the fresh air, let her dance and sing and be joyous. Let her taste freedom and choice and acceptance. Feel the explosion of joy inside you as she breaks out into the open, into the heart where all love and all comfort lies. Knowing the answers means little. Feeling and abiding in the heart is all. Feel this love in your heart, feel your little one lay back in the grass and laugh. 

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