Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Drop of Water

We are individualized expressions of Source/God/All That Is that were gifted with this new experimental experience in which we were given/are being given a blank canvas on which to express ourselves through third dimensional experiences. This experiment has resulted/is giving birth to a new form of consciousness that is individualized focus. Having created this, the next step in this experiment is to merge back into Source/God/All That Is while retaining our individualization. We are the I AM in the WE ARE. This is the hero’s journey on a much grander scale, where the hero goes out into the world, has his/her adventures and then returns home changed and baring gifts from the journey. The I AM is our gift to Source. The power of the I Am is choice. After identifying with the individualized experience, we think that going “back” to Source is giving up who we are – thus To Be God, I have to die. We have never not been Source or one with All That Is. We identify with being a drop of water in the ocean of God yet we are aware of ourselves as a drop and as we open to expanding awareness, we become aware of the other drops of water near us, those with whom we have chosen to connect, and then we expand even further, becoming aware of even more drops until we see clearly the view of Source/Ocean in all its entirety from the viewpoint of a drop of water. We are the One in the All. The last step is the first step. This is breaking free from something we were never bound to. This is seeing everything we have created around us and seeing/feeling/being the Source that makes it all up – both literally and figuratively. This is the new thought: merging separate from and a part of together. The electrical charge of this new thought is massive – it has taken both millions of years and an instant to get to this miraculous point in time and space where this new thought is ready and charged. We are the new thought. Our very existence is the new thought. We have simply to truly see who we are to ride this new thought wherever we choose to go. By being the new thought, we dissolve our “previous” constructs and start anew, choosing with conscious intention what had been constructed by the “old” thought – that we are separate from Source. The new thought is both together and separate – holding that bridge between who we are and who I am. I am the love that I have for my child and my parent and my lover together with I am/we are the love that is everything that makes up the Universe.  I Am that We Are – We Are that I Am. And so it is. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Power of Love

GS: The power of love is a magnificent ability that you have perfected in your third dimensional environment. Whereas in other dimensions love is all pervasive, in yours love appears to be a choice. You can feel love or you can choose another, more reactionary expression of emotion. Yet love is the foundation of the fabric of your being, whether you are consciously aware of this or not. Becoming aware of the love that you are strengthens the power of love in your universe and allows you to amplify the thoughts that create your reality. By claiming love, by infusing your thoughts with the love that you are consciously, you charge your thoughts with power and expand their effect in the creation of your reality, Embrace the love that you are and know it to be your finest tool with which to paint your life.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Breathe the Love!

GS: The joy in your heart is radiating outward for all to see. You no longer need to hide this joy for fear of losing it or having it taken away. Joy and love are as pervasive as the air you breathe and they are just as necessary as this air. Why limit your access to love and joy? Why try to store and hold onto it? This is as futile as holding your breath to try to hold onto the air your need to exist in physical reality. Let energy flow into you and out from you just as your breath does. Know that your energy is changed just as the air you breathe is changed inside your lungs. You take in the oxygen and let go of the carbon dioxide, giving plants fuel to grow. So is the love and joy you bring into you changed and flavored by the being of who you are and then it goes forth into the world with your personal blessing back into the Is-ness of All That Is. This exquisite dance is the basis for life as you know it, The All into the One back into the All. With each breath, breathe in love and joy and energy and exhale love and joy and energy and feel the flow in all its glorious freedom.