Friday, August 16, 2013


GS: You are powerful beyond your wildest imagination. You are just beginning to be consciously aware of the innate god given abilities you have to manifest your life as you so choose. You can indeed be particular or general. You create the vibration you want to live in and the events will unfold to match the love that you are generating. Be at peace. Know you are safe and secure because you ARE your safety and security. Know you are loved because you are LOVE. You are the essence of all that you have searched for. There is nowhere to look because it is all already here. You are doing a much better job of trusting and allowing. Now open your heart wide and let the universe serve you in the best way you allow. The higher the love vibration, the greater the return. The greater the return, the higher the love vibration. It is all connected in a great big happy circle of life.