Sunday, April 28, 2013

Capacity for Joy

GS: Your capacity to maintain high levels of energetic vibration is dependent upon your beliefs about your own capacity. You do not believe you can hold the highs for too long. You believe this is tempting fate to punish you for daring to reach too high, to ask for too much. This is not law or fact. You can change your perception of your capacity for energy at any time and the time you choose will always be in the now moment. Open your heart to the One Energy that you are and expand the capacity that you allow yourself to feel. This will increase the flow of the One Energy from, to and through you and thus also increase your ability for conscious manifestation. Hold the focus of being an individual expression of the One Energy while simultaneously being one with the One Energy and your flow will be smooth and consistent and expansive. You are Whole within yourself and Whole within the Whole. Feel the joy that you are and your vibration automatically raises. Discard the belief that joy needs to be paid for and instead know that it is your divine right destiny to feel and give and receive joy and love and exuberant passion. And so it is.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Red or Blue?

What I woke up this morning thinking about is how we decide what we want and claim this goal as an intention. For example: Let's pretend I want a blue car. Now, I believe that what I decide to want is my decision and responsibility. It is not someone else’s job to validate or approve of what I want unless I believe it is and thereby throw wrench number one into the conscious creation process. (I believe I am the god of me but I believe you are the god of me too – I have the power but you have the power—and thus a paradox is formed and conscious creation is stalled.) So I claim my intention, feel the joy of having a blue car in my life and know I am creating a blue car in my life – and then I go about looking through craigslist and asking friends and going to car dealerships for my blue car, otherwise known as taking action. So the next day, someone calls me and starts talking about this great red car that someone is selling cheap. So then I say to myself – but I wanted a blue car! This sounds like a great deal. Do I go with what the Universe is putting in my path? Is this compromising my intention? Do I really need a blue car when a red car will work just as well? Why do I want a blue car? Am I doing this creation process right? Doubt and confusion set in but I stop my thinking mind and go back into my heart and ask myself as the god of me – why do I want a blue car? Is it because my beloved dad always drove a blue car and by driving a blue car I believe that my dad is still around, loving me? So from this place in my open heart, I make a new choice between the blue car of my dreams, the red car of my current reality, or whatever the Universe can create for me next.
Now this is a hypothetical case (I really want an orange car!) but I have noticed this in my life and the lives of my friends. How specific do we choose to be in our intentions? I don’t believe there is any law dictating an answer here beyond my own beliefs in the matter. I have asked the Universe for a specific color of cat and gotten exactly what I have asked for – twice. So we can all have a blue car if we want one. However, if what we really want is to know our dad still loves us or to prove to ourselves we are the gods of us, that is a different story. We can choose clarity and awareness of our true desires. I believe that the Universe brings to us the best opportunities based on all that we currently believe so if we don’t like the choices we seem to be given then we need to examine our beliefs more thoroughly, change beliefs where needed and make clearer choices. Our hearts always know what we want.
We have all heard the phrase “Let go and let God.” So if we are at the Conscious Creation Restaurant and we are looking over the menu, do we go into our heart and choose the menu choice that most appeals to us or do we smile at the waiter (he’s cute!) and say “I’ll have the Universal Chef’s Special” knowing that it will be made with the freshest ingredients and comes from the inspiration of universal flow? I am not even sure there is a “right” answer to this question other than the one we choose. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


GS: The feeling you are experiencing at this time is a reaction to your beliefs. You are uncertain what is coming up for you in your life. However, certainty is not to be found outside of yourself. Certainty is who you are not what happens to you. When you are fully engaged with the certainty of who you are, the Universe reflects back that certainty to you. When you are love, love Is reflected back as well. Radiate your light even when it seems to be dark outside, especially when it is dark outside. Find comfort in who you are, in what you give and receive from those beloveds in your life. Seek out joy and joy will find you.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hopes and Dreams

After writing yesterday’s blog on Magical Thinking, I had it pointed out to me that I equate Magical Thinking with hoping and dreaming and that I have a huge judgment that this is bad and doing it wrong. I now see a whole belief system that I have held telling me not to hope and dream because I will only be disappointed and hurt. This belief system was designed by me to protect myself but it now keeps me from knowing what I want and accessing the emotion of what I truly desire which is an integral part of conscious creation. Hoping and playing with dreams is fun and helps generate enthusiasm and joy for what we want in our lives. This is a good thing. Staying in hope and dreamland and never taking actions to actualize our dreams can leave us feeling stuck but that is because of not taking action, not because of the hopes and dreams. I had thrown out the baby with the bathwater!! So I am now embracing my hopes and dreams with love and joy and promising to nurture them into action and manifestation in my life. I am so in awe of how life works – how the perfect realization comes along to me like a gift at the exact perfect moment. Ain’t life grand?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Magical Thinking

I have been thinking today about the difference between conscious creation and magical thinking Magical thinking is thinking that specific words and specific thoughts you think or rituals you perform will create your life. Conscious creation is a state of being where we participate within the One Energy by directing it to what we choose and through this, direct our lives. These two things feel different but our mind frequently tells us that magical thinking is the same as conscious creation, thereby keeping us in the need to be perfect in our thoughts and practices. Magical thinking has an underlying feeling of disbelief, like I really don’t feel this will work but I will keep doing it anyway in order to keep myself safe. There is an underlying feeling of fear and panic to magical thinking. Conscious creation feels like serenity and knowing and peace and love for self and love for life. It is an entirely different animal. Magical thinking can serve us as it allows the idea that we can affect our reality into our belief system. Magical thinking can morph into conscious creation once the necessary feelings are generated. Open your heart, allow yourself to feel the One Energy that is part of you, that you are a part of, feel this One Energy and know it is there to serve you. Claim your power and shift your magical thinking into the state of conscious creation and then you will be in the flow. And so it is!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


When we commit to a choice and take action, the state of conscious being in our open heart asks for our trust so that we allow the One Energy to respond to our requests. Taking action in fear stems the flow of the One Energy and slows down the speed of creation. This time can be used to become comfortable with the changes in our energetic makeup and as our comfort increases, we allow the One Energy to flow more smoothly. So in one respect, fear serves us by regulating our creation into what we believe to be more manageable bites. Too much fear and allowing fear to stop our actions however, also stops our conscious creation and the One Energy is not engaged. Letting go, or the final step in the creation process, is a commitment to trust that the Universe and the One Energy will respond to our chosen course of action. Without releasing fear, either immediately or gradually, we cannot remain in the state of conscious creation. Furthermore, our beliefs about the ease or hardness of creation either facilitate or hamper the flow of One Energy available to us. Embracing trust in Self, in Source that is the One Energy, in Easy and Simple, and in our own Knowing are key components to the state of conscious being. We are always our own highest answer and trusting this knowledge is an integral part of conscious creation.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Here are some of the things rolling around in my brain this morning. I am writing this all out to help myself focus and offering this to you to open my heart.

1.       We are all creating ourselves and our lives in each and every moment either through conscious choice, through reactions stemming from subconscious belief systems, or a combination of both.  We do not need to “learn” to create. What we are learning is how to hold conscious focus and intent while creating what we choose.

2.       At least for me, I subconsciously think that “conscious” means thinking. Conscious is not a thought. Conscious is a state of being. Thoughts are the byproducts of beliefs that live in our minds. Creating from the mind is creating from these subconscious belief systems and these beliefs systems reign over our lives like an autopilot when we are not in a state of being conscious. The perspective we want to create from is an open heart where we can allow conscious intent and focus to give ourselves access to the One Energy. Learning to consciously create is learning what it feels like to be in our open hearts and perceiving our life and our choices from this perspective.

3.       All things work together for good to them that love God, and as we are the god of us, if we love ourselves, all things work together for good. All of life serves us. All the events, all the people, all our choices serve and support us. Everything either reflects back to us the glory that we are or shows us where we are not allowing our glory to shine through.

4.       Dividing ourselves, dividing our energy, leads to a feeling of being stuck. I want it but I don’t want it. Do I want A or B? Getting unstuck is simple. Make a choice, commit to this choice and take an action. Any choice, any action, as all choices and actions serve us. Believing that there is one right choice over all the possibilities keeps us in the place of feeling stuck. However, “being stuck” can serve us and allow us time to integrate new concepts and perspectives before taking action. Timing and speed of creation is a matter of preference and perception. Ultimately, all creation occurs in the now.

5.       Perceiving ourselves as a mind and a heart is still separation. From an open heart, we can embrace and integrate our heart with our mind and feel the one happy whole that we are. To be fully conscious and fully in our open hearts, we must accept with love the totality of who we are.

6.       Cherish and nurture those activities and feelings that foster an open heart. Gratitude, dance, music, loved ones, pets, expressing yourself, chocolate!! So many happy choices!!

7.       There are no bad choices. There are no good choices either. There is simply a Universe of experience to explore and create in. Some choices make us happy, some do not. Learn from this. When we fly in the fullness of our magnificent being-ness, we create from bursts of joy and love and this is reflected back to us with all possibilities.  Our lives are like a chorus of angels singing and each voice is a choice and we can sing any part and love the part we sing and participate in the beauty that all voices joined together create.

8.       Giving and receiving are the same. You give to receive and receive to give. The Universe operates from the equal exchange of energy.

I ask all of me to come forward together to claim and know myself as one happy healthy prosperous whole, easily and simply, through the divine love that I AM. And so it is.

Thanks for listening.