Saturday, April 13, 2013

Magical Thinking

I have been thinking today about the difference between conscious creation and magical thinking Magical thinking is thinking that specific words and specific thoughts you think or rituals you perform will create your life. Conscious creation is a state of being where we participate within the One Energy by directing it to what we choose and through this, direct our lives. These two things feel different but our mind frequently tells us that magical thinking is the same as conscious creation, thereby keeping us in the need to be perfect in our thoughts and practices. Magical thinking has an underlying feeling of disbelief, like I really don’t feel this will work but I will keep doing it anyway in order to keep myself safe. There is an underlying feeling of fear and panic to magical thinking. Conscious creation feels like serenity and knowing and peace and love for self and love for life. It is an entirely different animal. Magical thinking can serve us as it allows the idea that we can affect our reality into our belief system. Magical thinking can morph into conscious creation once the necessary feelings are generated. Open your heart, allow yourself to feel the One Energy that is part of you, that you are a part of, feel this One Energy and know it is there to serve you. Claim your power and shift your magical thinking into the state of conscious creation and then you will be in the flow. And so it is!

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