Sunday, September 30, 2012

There's a Light

GS: There is still a small thread of doubt within your mind. It winds its way within the shadows and tries to remain inconspicuous. But it sprays its poison where you least expect it. Please direct your attention away. Pay no attention to that snaky voice in the corner. It does not serve you or your highest interests. Focus instead on the core of you which is a brilliant light which banishes dark corners that harbor remnants of beliefs in fear. Focus on who you are and the knowledge and remembering of this core will do more for you in the third dimension than any self help book. Feel the majesty of your glory. There is a fanfare of sound and blazing light and a choir of angels as well. This is who you truly are not some weak scared little mouse. There is no false pride, no false sense of modesty. Just the glory of the god of you. Let your light shine. Let your essence infuse everything you do, everything you think. See yourself through eyes of love as well as everyone else. Caress yourself gently throughout your day, throughout your week. Wrap yourself in angelic arms of love and know that you are the emissary of the Universe.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's Make a Deal

So here it is. The first day and the last. I awaken to unlimited possibility. But in front of me is a wall of doors labeled “What do you want?” and “What do you choose?” I am on Let’s Make a Deal and the Monty Hall of the Universe is asking me which door do I want. “But I don’t know what is behind the doors!” I cry. Monty smiles enigmatically and waits for my answer.

GS: You want choices yet balk when offered them. How will you know what to choose? Which choice is right, which choice is best, which one will bring disappointment and heartbreak? How can you doubt the Universe to provide what you need? How can you doubt your own Greater Self in its capacity to understand and deliver precisely what is required? The sea is calm, the wind at your back. Your sail in unfurled and you are moving ahead regardless of your choices. Trust. We say this to you with all love and light. Trust. Every moment of your life is full of a multitude of details brought into your line of sight purely to delight you. Sink into your life. Smell each flower, taste each fruit. Caress the hand of the person beside you. Life is good, it is grand, it is the biggest gift you will ever be given. Take a deep breath and choose your blessing.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Trigger is not just Roy Rogers' Horse

Throughout my journey this summer, I have been given certain words which seem to trigger me. They represent deeply held belief systems that I was unaware of so that I could choose to redirect my energy to beliefs of my own conscious choosing. These words are charged for me, like they are magic codes that unlock secret doors. Some of these words have been: boxed-in, helpless and powerless. This morning I got a new one in the writing below. Disappointment. I have believed in the power of disappointment - that no matter what I ask for, I will be disappointed. How can good things come to me with this belief? It is no wonder that I numbed out to what I truly want. Why want if I have doomed myself to disappointment? Well, ha! I am on to you now. Here is one belief in disappointment being chucked into the violet flame. I now choose to believe that the Universe brings to me exactly what I desire and I am delighted with the Universe!

GS: You tell yourself that you do not know what to do. Yet that is not true.  You are making different choices every day. You are choosing to wait for the opportunities to find you. You have placed your order out into the Universe and are waiting for the Universe to answer. This is a tenuous place that you feel you are in. Yet the Universe always answers so why do you doubt? But the Universe can only respond in a language that you understand. And this language is determined by what you believe, by what you allow yourself to receive. So you are in the process of adjusting your ears to hear and your eyes to see. You are allowing yourself to want but still carry the belief of disappointment. Drop this belief for it most certainly doesn’t serve you. In the past, when you asked for something you were invariably disappointed. See how your life reflects your beliefs? Trust the process, trust that all will be provided and let go of the need to be disappointed. Let go of the belief in disappointment and know that the Universe will deliver unto you all the orders that you have placed.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Patience Grasshopper

Isn't it ironic how sometimes your life flows by so fast you can hardly keep up while othertimes it drags like a slow motion movie? I bounce back and forth between these viewpoints but most frequently notice how things do not seem to be happening fast enough for my expectations. Trust Diving Timing. Trust the Universe. My little self moans and shuffles her feet in restless anticipation.

GS: You are shifting away from one method of operating into another. This process is as fast as you choose it to be. There may be a belief that instant is good and slow is bad but both are valid choices as a means of experience. Swallowing a bite of delicious food whole may not be as enjoyable as relishing the sensation of the food in your mouth, So part of you is impatient for events to roll and things to happen when perhaps your focus could be more on the present moment, at the wondrous sights and sounds that surround you at any given time. The phrase Be Here Now comes to mind. You do not need to constantly watch the pot in order to assure that the water will boil. Just make sure you have put water in a pot, put the pot on the stove and turned on the burner and you can rest assured that the water will boil at the perfect time. Thus can you rest assured that your life’s creations shall manifest with divine timing. Relax your mind, dear one, and let her enjoy the moment. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It is Time

There is surrender at work here. Surrendering up those parts of myself who thought she knew it all, had all the answers, must always be perfect and never make mistakes. These are all parts constructed by my mind. They are cardboard cutouts, not real and not made of flesh. Knocking them down, crushing them and recycling them into the pulp they came from is simple. The clear fresh wind of true being blows away these mental constructs. I know the truth of me. I know the truth of me like no one else does. My expression of me into the world and the universe allows that truth of me to materialize into form, allows others to share and experience my essence. Blessed be all of us, the Lightworkers, who have chosen this moment in space and time to be the vanguard of the new paradigm. We are the front runners and we light a candle for the world to see a new way of being, of expressing, of integrating love into physical form. Now I hold the candle for myself that I may see and know my own light, my own power and stake a claim to be the true creator that I am, that I have always been. I release the old paradigm, the doubts and fears and worries that have been the mainstay for creation for far too long. It is time, past time, for love to be born on this Earth, in each and every heart in each and every being on this Earth. The seed has been planted. Now is the time to bloom.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Turning on the Light

It seems, at least lately, that everything I think about, everything that my mind focuses and obsesses about, leads me back to this issue--trusting the Universe. I think this is what it means to surrender, to be willing to fall backwards off a cliff and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will be caught. It is a very disconcerting feeling and our minds label it as helpless, powerless. Yet this is the true meaning of the Course in Miracles statement "In my defenselessness my safety lies." In my ability and willingness to release all my mind constructs, to lay my soul bare, comes the space for the Universe/Source/My Greater Self to step in and fill me with the awareness of my true power, my true essence. And from this space, all things are possible. Blessed be.

GS: Feeling peace and love inside your heart when everything is calm and rosy is one thing. Being able to sustain these feelings when the weather is stormy is another. This is excellent practice for you. Contrast holding your light on in a brilliantly lit room versus a dark one. In the bright room, you can’t see your light because it blends so seamlessly with the rest of the light. However, in a dark room, your light shines out and blazes and its effects are very evident. So here you are, sitting in a dark room, practicing your light shining exercise. There is always the option to turn on the light in the room. The light switch is just under your hand. Turning on the room light allows you to see the corners, allow the highest information possible for you to perceive. So tapping into guidance, listening to your greater self, your guides and allies, is like turning on the room light. By turning on this switch, you light up a whole room. Yet the room is a part of a bigger structure and there are even ways to light the other rooms and hallways in this house. But that is another lesson so for today, just remember you have the ability to expand your awareness farther than you normally do in your day to day activity. You can see the whole room. You must merely turn on the ability to do so.  Seeing the whole room will give you finer information with which to base your decisions upon. Trust the Universe. It all ends up here and this is the greatest lesson for you now. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Losing My Mind

This morning I was thinking about money and wondering what beliefs I hold that keep me in a space that struggles and worries about having enough. This is what came through. This may be one of the first instances where I have actually had a question and feel that it was answered. Cool.

GS: Your relationship with money is a tangled one. You want it to be there without you having to think about it. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this idea yet you believe there is. You inherited the idea that money and possessions are something you must work hard for so money coming easily seems counter to that. You like nice things yet you feel guilty for having them. You feel excess is being greedy. You hold onto things for fear they will be gone. This is perhaps the most dense of your beliefs. Holding onto things stops the flow of universal abundance. The more your income reduces, the tighter you hold onto what is left. This fear of running out of things, money, love, parents, people, is at the core. The fear of losing. Imbalances occur when you overcompensate by over-consuming those things, food, books, that you allow yourself while obsessing over the lack in other areas of your life. This ties into the fear of not having creative power over your own life neatly. However, you have the creative power to release these beliefs in an instant as does everyone else. Do you fear to let go of a belief for fear of losing this as well? Your belief is familiar and while it may not have served you well, it has at least served you. What would happen to your life if you did not steer it with these old beliefs? Perhaps a space for new things would open. Perhaps you can choose new beliefs based in love, in a safe universe, based in wholeness and completeness. You need not search for completeness outside of yourself. If you are whole within, then there is nothing you can lose that will have any effect. You can never be less than the magnificence that you are. Feel the wholeness. From a knowledge of the wholeness that is your divine essence, you can allow the flow of abundance to flow through you, soaking in what you love and passing it on to all who you meet and transact with. This participation in the flow of abundance comes from and stems from your innate being that is wholeness and love. Choose wholeness. Choose to know the wholeness that you already are. Feel this shift now. As so it is.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ready Set

To act or not to act, that is the question. Actually, I usually know when to act. What frustrates me is not knowing what to act upon, or feeling like I want to act if only I knew where or how. Yet when an opportunity enters my life, I recognize it as such and pounce. But what if I hunger for something to pounce on but there is no mouse in sight? Am I not seeing clearly or is this an instance of divine timing? It is a puzzlement.

GS:The tension of the polarity in your dimension creates a fascinating energy dynamic. You feel the pressure from both sides of an issue and this frequently feels uncomfortable. This tension increases as the two polarities at seeming odds increase their battle for your attention. This is where divine timing comes into play. There is a point in time/space where the friction, the tension reaches a peak and from this peak you can use the energy generated to spring off into the unknown. Breathe through the tension. Do not mistake this tension for worry. Allow the energy to build. It is much like being on the starting line of a race. You are crouched, you are in position. You are waiting for Divine Timing to shoot the pistol and begin the race. Your heart races, your mind is focused on beginning. This is a ripe and juicy time. Soak up the potentiality of this moment. Feel the possibilities line up before you. And listen for the sound, the signal that will let you know the race has begun and it is time to act. Ready…set…

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have always shied away from “No!” I have taken refusals and rejections personally as a sign that I have erred, that I am unworthy, that I deserve to have the good things in life withheld because of my mistakes. This belief system no longer serves me. I have allowed this belief system to let me hide my light and to protect me from engaging with the world, with life. I do not choose to do so any longer. I choose to believe that a door closing is another door opening, a door which opens up into a choice that is a better fit for my current position. A door which is shaped by my open heart. And there are many doors, many choices, but only one heart, one love, one being. I live my life in the fullness of my being and thank both the closed doors and the open doors for enriching my earthly experience. My path is assured.

GS: These lessons you are learning these past days are opening many possibilities for you. You heart is open, you can feel the love that has been there all along. You are viewing others through your open heart. You are seeing the wonder in your everyday. This is a most blessed time. This is a most blessed day. This is a most blessed moment . You are giving birth to a new sense of power and intention that will allow you to go forth and conquer your fears, spread your light and your love, engage with the Universe and play and laugh and soak in the wonder that is physical existence. Feel the joy. Feel the love. Today is the best day. Live it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Or Less

I woke up this morning wondering what else I need to realize about my relationship with money. I have uncovered and explored issues of trust, asking for help, fear of rejection. But today I was wondering if there was something I was overlooking. This led me to the issue of more. Perhaps the issue is in allowing myself to dream bigger, to visualize bigger. To allow into my consciousness the possibility of fabulous, wonderful, spectacular. To let myself create something bigger than I have ever dared think of. Can I have some more, please?

GS: You have lived a very tightly controlled life. You allow little bits of life to come in at a time. You have been curled up in a ball energetically for many years.  Hiding the light that you are, fearful of rejection, that life would slap you down, punish you for actions you didn’t know were wrong. However, you are now beginning to see the lie that this way of thinking is. You also fear being greedy, taking more than your share. As if what you create for yourself has any effect on what is available for anyone else. So let yourself make room in your heart for more. Feel what more would feel like. Would it mean giving up your quiet safe little life? Perhaps. But any change would do so. So why not consciously choose more when the changes that less brings would be far less desirable. Choose more desire. Choose more light. Choose more energy. Choose more love. Let your life amaze you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This came through last night. I keep asking to reach higher knowledge. Perhaps I have taken a step toward this. My mind loves to throw doubts in my face in a misguided attempt to protect me. I am opening to heart energy regardless. It is only through experience that we change beliefs into knowns. There are no words, no magic tricks to get there. There is just allowing the experience to unfold inside you to reveal what has been there all along.

GS: Knowing is beyond words. You have many words but little knowing. To know you must listen underneath words, underneath thinking and little emotions. There is a deep dark core of you who knows. She is a constant vibratory presence within you. There are no words, no gestures. Just a deep throbbing undercurrent, a tone or thread that runs through everything you do, everything you say. Become aware of this current of energy that you can ride on throughout your day. This is your connection to Source. This is your connection to everyone else. It is an energy vibration that is a thread that is a song that is a heartbeat that is a tone that is a drum that is a chime that is a still voice within. Open up your heart. Push aside the petty thoughts that your mind is continually regurgitating. Make space, more space, even more space inside your heart and then this still small voice will whisper and you will hear her tiny voice from across the cavernous space inside your open heart and the sound will echo like thunder and awaken your spirit and awaken the angels and awaken the heart in the hearts of everyone you meet. Let this voice be heard. Let this voice speak out. Let this voice be the god that you are in action. Let It Be. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

No Day But Today

Woke up with "No Day But Today" in my head thanks to the Idina Menzel special on PBS last night. However, as a theme for a Monday, it works. I am always appreciative of reminders to stay present. It is in the present moment and only in the present moment that we can claim our power to consciously create our lives. Let me claim the Now as my own and create wonders!

GS: Today is a new day. Feel your intention to live a consciously creating life glow in your heart. Feel the power of your true nature vibrate in your being. Know that all that you do and see and experience is of your own making, of your own calling. See with eyes of love everyone you meet, each of whom is creating their own life as well. Marvel in the truth that allows you to intersect trajectories. Life is a most splendid device. Each day is full of possibilities. Can you feel excitement over what this day holds in store for you? Can you feel the joy of living? Walk this day with gratitude and wonder and allow all that would unfold in front of you to delight you. Nothing is wrong. You do not need to think differently or behave like a holy man to go about your day. Just feel the magic. It is all around you just waiting for you to notice.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I got it! I have the gift of this moment, this week of ups and downs. I finally realize the lie that I have been telling myself for many many years. I have waited and watched while a number of people and animals died. I have been full of feelings of helplessness and powerlessness during these occasions. The lie came when I collapsed these feelings of helplessness and powerlessness over changing someone else's life with the power I have to create my own life and the help I have available to me to do so. These are two different things but I have had them linked in a death grip in my mind for decades. O.M.G. I cannot express how big this feels inside of me right now. This is EPIC!! Thank you guides, angels, beings of light, friends, family and greater self for bringing light into this dark corner of my psyche. I am most blessed.

(Written before the above revelation.) GS: Listen. Be still. Do you believe there is anyone there? Do you believe that answers are possible? Or more importantly, do you believe that answers are helpful? Or do you believe that answers bring doom and judgment and no way out? Do you look at answers as a trap that boxes you into inevitable disaster? You can hear the answers to these questions in your heart. Perhaps the most important question is—Do you want to believe differently? Do you want to release your fears and expectations and trust the Universe to provide the highest answers on this your highest path? We can hear your resounding yes. So. How do you change your beliefs? Exactly what your journey is about right now! Why did you have this roller coaster week? To help you change your beliefs about what is possible. To help you trust in the many resources of support you have available. To help you make different choices. Different choices in perspectives. To further nurture your growing heart center. Do not despair or worry. They do not serve you. Trust serves you. Love serves you. Surround yourself with these things and enjoy the view. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Up, down, back, forth. I don't know what direction I am going in these days. However, I am growing. The love I feel for myself and for others has deepened. Sometimes when we are in the middle of a journey, we can't tell how far we've gone or how far we have to go. Sometimes I feel like a little kid in the back seat of a car asking my dad "Are we there yet?" Perhaps I could remember to enjoy the scenery outside the window instead of worrying about the destination. 

GS: You see the path in front of you. Your mind questions the validity of this sight constantly. This frantic thinking has no effect on the path. Your journey is your journey. It is not wrong, it is not a punishment. It is an experience. It is an adventure. It can be approached with an open heart or a busy mind. You can use your feelings as a compass to guide you forward. But fear and panic and worry are not feelings.  They are the product of a busy mind that is refusing to stay present and aware of her current surroundings. Trust in your path, trust in your greater self who designed this path. Each step you take is a choice made. Each choice is one of a thousand possibilities presented and any one is the right choice. Do not judge. Simply notice and go with your preferences. Trust your choices. Trust that you live in a safe and supportive Universe. This universe is of your own making. You have learned to feel your open heart. Trust in this sensation and encourage your awareness of it. Center in the love. Feel the love surrounding you. Let go of anything that is not of love. Blessed be.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Stumbling Blocks

My kitty is sick. She has the same symptoms that my last cat had before he died. I took her to the vet yesterday but they did not find anything simple or conclusive. It may very well be either an intestinal block or a tumor, both of which would require thousands of dollars of surgery. So I have issues of blocks, mortality, indecision and scarcity coming up today. Oh, and trust. Any one of these is usually enough to spin my mind into panic mode. I am choosing to look at these events through the heart. I will trust in my heart to guide me into right choice and right action. My plan is to stay centered, stay present and not run to food as a pacifier. If this is a letting go time, then I shall let go. Not everything is about me.

GS: This is a lesson in gratitude. Live in the day and look around you. All that you see, every energy signature, has traveled far over many times and distances to be in your exact space and time right now.  You have pulled these energies together in this unique pattern. This is how all your days are. Yet you doubt your ability to pull life to you while doing it every day. What is confusing is that what you create is not what your mind tells you should be so. There are no blockages. You are not stuck. You are not supposed to be somewhere else. This point, this place is where you are.  Look at everything with this in mind and heart. Release the needs to know why and how. Instead, try to notice the messages, the gifts in your day. Every event, every energy has a gift for you. Open your heart, clear your mind, and receive.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roller Coaster Life

Recently, I feel like I have been leading a roller coaster life. One minute I am all confident and strong, writing manly blogs about creating my own reality and the next, life throws me a curve ball and my mind goes off on worrying adventures. Eventually, I bring my wayward mind back into stillness and remember to center myself into my heart energy. Perhaps this is part of the plan. Each time I get thrown off center, it gets easier to remember what to do to get back to center. My heart has opened and expanded. I have a new feeling inside of me that feels loved. Now is the time to cultivate trust in Source, in myself, in the Universe. I await each day, trusting that my path is before me. Trusting that I have knocked and the door is open.

GS: Feel the gentle comfort we are sending your way. Feel it wrap around you like a hug, feel it fill you up and wash away the remnants of fear and worry. No day will give you anything you cannot handle. Stay present and deal with what is in front of you. Train the mind to look at what is here in your space right now and not go off into side journeys into futures that do not exist. You are creating your life, not your worries, not your fears. The only power your fears have is that which you give them. Your worries have no power at all. It is Trust the Universe time. It always has been but now you are starting to realize this. You are in partnership with Source, joining together to create your life from the love that gathers in your heart and spreads outward into your present moment. Rejoice in this miraculous process. Feel the joy, the laughter, the excitement of having so much potential gathering right in front of you, each one jumping up and saying “Choose me! Choose me!”  Choose the ones that most appeal, that pull your heart, that inspire and impassion. You cannot choose wrongly. You have us as support and guides but you have all that you need inside you. Your connection to Source, to your Greater Self is without question and cannot be severed. Simply remind yourself of this connection as frequently as you can and you will be rewiring your brain to follow a new way of reacting, a new way to respond, a new way to think. Know you are loved, most precious one. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Nature of Personal Reality

I have believed for many years, since I read The Seth Material in 1974, that we all create our own reality. This concept has gone in and out of favor, through many costumes and cosmetic changes, since I became aware of it. I find this belief system attractive because it allows me to include everything and everyone inside of it. So many of society’s institutions include some while excluding those who do not agree or follow a specified dogma. Believing in creating our own reality means everything everybody believes is a belief, not hard fact. My belief may not agree with yours but they are both valid viewpoints. There are no “right” or “wrong” beliefs. And yes, even my belief in creating our own reality is a belief, not a “fact”. It is my truth, not THE TRUTH. But it is the biggest truth that I have been able to come up with in almost forty years of searching. The freedom that lies in this system is that anything can be changed. The key to this systems lies in a person’s ability to question those cherished beliefs that are thought to be true, thought to be cold, hard realities. If you don’t think you know what your beliefs are, look around yourself and your life. The evidence of your beliefs is surrounding you. You cannot perceive something unless you believe it exists. But you can change anything by shifting your belief about it. What is absolute truth? Is there an absolute truth? I believe that Truth is the being that we are, and the Being that we are connected to throughout time and space and dimensions. We are the truth, an immortal spark of Source within, but everything we see in our third dimensional reality is a belief. If we do not like what we see, we have the power of the Truth of Who We Are in the present moment of time/space that can create something new, something different. This process may unfold differently for each individual with their own collections of beliefs on what is possible, but one thing I know. We cannot begin the process unless we question the concreteness of what we believe.

GS: Your third dimensional playground is so fluid and malleable and yet most of you are so unaware of this that you would be quite shocked at how easily you can change your reality. Pick something easy, something that has your emotional attention. What is this little thorn in my foot? Your mind wants to analyze the thorn. What is this? Where did it come from? Is it here to teach me something? Indeed, there can be an adventure in tracing back your path through the past and discovering hidden memories and conclusions that you still carry with you today. But you can also simply pull the thorn out of the foot, clean the wound up a bit, and apply a bandage and trust in the body’s wisdom to heal herself. Neither path is better than the other, it is simply a matter of preference. So many choices are just a matter of preference. Do you prefer the hard road or the easy one? Do you prefer scenic routes or would you just like to get to your destination? All that surrounds you is a subtle mix of beliefs, treasured memories and stored up emotions. If you bring your attention to the present moment, you can focus in on the beauty of a bird, the soft kiss of the wind, the gentle heat of the sun. Here there are no memories, there is no past. There is no future looming ahead. Just the moment, the self and your beliefs in what is possible.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Present Power

So the message has been received. When I am worried about the future, I am not being present. If I am not present, I cannot create the future I choose. Let us put the conscious in conscious creating today!

GS: You have little suspicion of the great power that is at your disposal. You distract yourself from this power with TV and games and mindless activities. But see the glory that is your true nature, your heart center that shines brilliantly from within no matter the day or time, no matter the circumstances you appear to find yourself in. Your present moment is right now. Here. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, no part of yourself to fix in order to create a heart centered conscious life. All the tools that you need are inside you. Fears and worries dissolve like dust before your magnificence. Feel the true power of who you really are—god’s emissary into this dimension. And go out into the world and let your power unfurl into your daily life and work wonders.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Morning Fears

Is there no end to my fears? I have a great weekend feeling at peace and full of love and then I wake up Monday morning full of worries. What will become of me? How will this all work out? This feels like skimming fat off a soup stock. I carefully spoon off loads of fat thinking I have gotten it all and come back five minutes later to find a whole new layer of fat on the top of my stock. Will this skimming off of fear never end? I get up with frustration and decide to write. This is what came forward. 

GS: You are a small light in the center of a great dark space. You jump at shadows of your own making. You feel your light is weak and has little effect of the dark around you. Yet in the center of this light is a brilliant room and the whole universe expands from within its glow. Do not look outside yourself into the dark. The answers are not there. The light is within. Pull your consciousness inside, feel the glow surround you. You are not in a dark space. You are in a blazing light which is most definitely of your own making. Feel the light surround you. Know that you are in a safe space. Let this light of your own making surround you as you go about your day and know, know that this light protects you and creates for you the best and most perfect experiences that suit your position at this exact moment. No thinking, worrying mind can do this. The light of you does this. Your heart light. Your connection to Source light. Soak this light in, radiate this light outward. Let the light bring your mind peace.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shall We Dance?

A quiet morning. Soft rain, cool temperature. A fine morning to curl up with a good book. Even my mind is quiet this morning and I soak up the peace. I trust in the Universal Dance of Life.

GS: Be still. The motion of the Universe is all around you. You are the epicenter of activity. The eye of the hurricane. Chaos and confusion seem to swirl. In reality, it is not chaos but carefully orchestrated events designed to bring to each individual exactly what they require at any given moment. This is choreography at a grand scale. The logistics of this would fry your mind’s circuits. Yet here it is, evidence all around you of this ballet that you call life. Watch it in all its splendor. Feel each wave of calling as it sweeps into you, asking you to dance. Trust in your own ability to know the right next move. And we, your dance partners if you will, are more than eager to lead you in this dance of life. There is no need to feel the wallflower. You cannot help but dance as you cannot help but breathe. It is a part of the process of living. The only thing that causes you to appear to stumble is your own beliefs in fear and judgment. Tell the fears and judgments “No, thank you. This dance is already taken,” and come dance with us. We will have, are having, a most splendid time. Blessed be.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Simple But Profound

Sometimes the simple things are the most profound. For much of my life, I have always felt separated from love. I could feel great love for dear friends and family but never really felt the love coming back to me. One of my goals this year has been to open to receive love and to live my days from the impulses of my open heart. Yesterday, I had a revelation. I still think about my dear friend Mark who passed in December 2010. He is in my thoughts every day and I wear his most treasured ring every day in remembrance. Mark and I had a unique relationship and he always inspired in me deep feelings of love and devotion. Thinking of him now brings those feelings up in me even now and the love I held for him has not diminished. I like to think he is my angel and around me in spirit and supporting my life’s endeavors So I was thinking about him yesterday, how much I loved him and knowing he loved me too even if I didn’t feel that as clearly. And it occurred to me that this feeling I felt for him is true love, unconditional love, and while I have always directed it to Mark, I could turn its direction inward and fill myself up with this love as well. Then I felt a warm glow inside my heart and knew that my message was received. I can love myself. I can send myself this deep profound love that I feel and fill myself with it. It feels like someone (that would be me) turned on a switch and there is a light on inside me now. It feels really good. Try it, you might like it as well.

GS: This is a most miraculous occurrence. You finally realize what has been in your power all along. Kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. You have had the power to return home with you at all times but just didn’t realize it. Bask in this feeling of awakened love inside of you. This will allow you to look at everything around you with a new perspective. This will allow you to no longer be afraid and needing to fill a misperceived hole inside. You have no need to operate out of lack. You are whole and complete as you are. It simply takes a shift in awareness, a change in perspective, to bloom into the true nature of who you are. Let love fill and bubble up and spill out into the world. The world, and you, will both be the better for it. Blessed be.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Easy vs. Hard

So is the path to enlightenment hard or easy? Is it whichever way we choose? Can we really believe we can accomplish something without plenty of sweat and hard work? Could life be easy, or at least easier? How much of "hard" is my beliefs kicking and screaming about "It isn't supposed to be this way!"? Is there a way of looking at life that makes it easy? If everything in my life is a result of my beliefs, wouldn't changing my belief change my reality? Of course, many would tell me that my life is not a result of my beliefs but a series of either random chances or part of a divine plan by someone's idea of a god. What is truth? What is a lie or misperception? Free will vs. Fate. Too many choices vs. no choice at all. Ah, duality, you spin my head.

GS: Easy and hard are indeed belief systems. They represent choices of operation. They represent choice. One road is not better that the other. Easy can be more fun, hard perhaps more motivating. The attachment of your society to hard is strong. You must work through things, you must apply effort to achieve, you must work hard for a living. Anything outside of hard is merely luck, chance and seems totally out of your control. Yet the dance of life is fluid, it is joyful. Life is here to be experienced in all its multitudinous glory. You can send out a laugh of joy and receive it back ten times. Or you can send out a call of work and effort and sweat and receive in kind as well. The time has come for you, my dear, to choose. To claim your right and power to consciously create your life in the manner you see fit. Anything you create will get you to where you are going. What changes with different methods is just the scenery. So choose your path and enjoy the ride! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Many Paths, One Destination

We are all faced with the unknown. Every day, thousands of variables come into play and no one, at least no one in 3D, knows for certain what will transpire. We make our plans, we do our figuring and then we hope that we can handle whatever comes at us. We have developed many different coping mechanisms—belief systems, ideologies, religions—all intended to take some of the unknown out of the unknowable. And we frequently latch onto one system that we determine to be right and then proceed to reinforce our beliefs by only seeing that which confirms our rightness and finding fault and errors in everybody else’s systems. We tend to be proprietary – my system is Right! True! You who do not see this rightness have totally failed! What many of us fail to realize is there is no one system, no one belief that is completely true for all and also negates all the other systems. Even when we realize this, it is often difficult to detach from our most cherished ideas about reality. What I am learning these days is how many different paths there are to truth. And that each person has a unique perspective of reality so it only stands to reason that their path would be different than mine. Sometimes we share paths for a time with this friend or that one, but then something catches our attention and off we go in a different direction, meeting up with other friends with whom we never realized we had so much in common. Our minds cannot always perceive the best direction but our hearts can. Our hearts can choose between as many choices as our beliefs allow us to perceive. Our heart knows yes and no, light or heavy, desired or not. And what my heart tells me is right and true and best for me at this time may not be right for you at all. You have your own heart. 3D is designed to always give us choices, multitudes of possibilities. We only need allow ourselves the eyes to see them. If you are feeling stuck, if you are unhappy with your life situation, question what you hold as true. There may be another truth waiting to be discovered.

GS: These past months, we have told you many things. We have reassured you and told you of our love and abiding delight in you. We have talked to you about trust and allowing your inner light to shine. You are not missing something. The whole point is that you already have that which you need. The answers are everywhere around you. You create an answer by simply reaching out your hand. This is not difficult. This is not hard. This is a dance and you are dancing beautifully around your time and space. You can make things difficult or hard for yourself but you are the only one who requires that you do so. Falling back and trusting the Universe to catch you is easy. Relax into allowing your Source to lead. Relax the chains and barriers you have wrapped around your heart that were to protect you from hurt. There is nothing here to hurt you but your own beliefs. Do you believe that things must be complicated? Do you fear things being too easy? Are you willing to accept what life has in store for you? Get ready, the ball is about to be in your court.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We are all Infinite Beings

Woke up with the words “If we are all infinite beings...” in my head. I also have been thinking lately how I feel like I missed out on having a lot of things. I don’t blame anyone for this, even myself. But I never had a grand house or got to travel the world or had a great car. I have my little house which is more than adequate although it needs a lot of work these days.  I feel like I missed out and could have maybe made different choices and how come others get these things and I didn’t? Obviously, I never made them a goal or priority but still, I feel kind of disappointed, left out. These are all head centered thoughts and feelings. Instead I choose to look at all the blessings in my life - wonderfully loving family and friends, a great job, adorable pets, good health. I look forward to the further blessings that the Universe will send my way. Because if we are all infinite beings, then lack and scarcity and unworthiness do not exist. I also am beginning to realize that my expectations in life have been small because I have never let myself dream, to truly want without limits, to play in the abundance that the Universe offers. Let me play today.

GS: You look outside yourself to complete yourself. That will never work. It can seem like it works for a time, a new bauble, a new toy. But the feeling of emptiness continues until you realize that outside does not hold the answers for you. There is nothing, no thing, no relationship, no treasure that can fill up the misperceived hole inside of you. Because the hole is not there. It is something the mind created so that you would have a motivation in life to proceed forward. However, this motivation is not necessary now and never was. Your mind is not your chief motivator. Your heart is. By releasing the idea that you are lacking, are deficient and embracing the wholeness that you are, you can finally participate in a conscious life, in a life that is consciously created out of joy and desire for experience, not out of a perception that you are not complete. Feel now this light inside you and see how it fills you and reflects your own completeness. You need nothing to fill yourself up. You are filled to the brim already with life force and love and vibrant energy. Feel this energy now and play within.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Simple Things

I look at the world sometimes and everything seems so complicated. There are so many things that appear to need changing. So many people whose lives are filled with chaos and confusion and unfortunate circumstances. I count myself to be relatively lucky yet I still find reasons to despair. Today I wish to look at the world simply, at my life simply. Like I am in a dance and everything has been choreographed especially for me. Each detail in my life has a purpose and at every moment I have the opportunity to either embrace an aspect of my life or release an aspect that no longer resonates with my heart. Holding onto old thoughts and patterns that do not resonate can weigh me down. Today I want to fly. I want to feel love bubble up from deep inside my heart. I want to appreciate all the wonderful friends and family I am so fortunate to know and love. I want to love me, all of me, the present self full of all these feelings, the past selves that did their best, the future selves that have yet to be born. Today is just one day but it is all the time I need. Let it begin.

GS: We offer you simple words in the hope of encouraging you and supporting your process of leading a heart centered life. Life is indeed good: 3D offers many opportunities to experience joy and express love. The thoughts in your head that discourage, that create depression and darkness were put into place to protect you but now they no longer serve you. They are here for you to release, to transform, to push off from into new and more conscious thoughts. They serve a purpose. You can examine a thought, such as “I am not worthy of love” and say to this thought ”No, this is not my truth” and poof, this thought is dispersed. Create a new thought : “I am worthy and deserving of love” and feel your whole being lighten and respond to this thought. Thus do you serve the evolutionary process. Thus do you complete a requirement for ascension. Thus do you gain entry into wondrous realms of joy and light. Simply by giving up one thought for another. Simply by choosing. Simply by saying no, then yes. Simply by replacing a lie with the truth. The time is now to know your true nature, to see the true nature of everyone you meet. See how the love inside your heart recognizes the love inside the heart of everyone in your life, everyone you will ever know or have known. You are all connected and as one lightens her load, the burden of the whole is lightened. Soon there will be no load at all but only joyous reality. Simply by changing your mind and making room for your heart to open and lead.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Voice

This morning I woke up with worries in my head. As I shift from a head centered life to a heart centered life, the little voice in the back of my mind still pops up, stirring up anxiety. I release, I meditate, I reassure myself but she is still there. So I decided to talk to her, be present for her and her concerns.

So little voice, I am here. I am listening. What do you have to say? I am afraid that things are not going to work out, that we are going to run out of money and that all this spiritual stuff is just our way of hiding from the truth. There are so many things that could go wrong, so many things that need repaired and maintained and fixed and I am overwhelmed and tired of doing this alone and I don’t see help anywhere because of course I am supposed to do it alone because there is something wrong or deficient with someone who needs help and I hate asking and being turned down or rejected. Having someone tell me no is the worst. I hate that. 

Thank you little voice. Now I will speak to you.

GS: What would you like to share with me and my little voice today? We are here to tell your little voice that she is not alone. That she has a support team of immense proportions to help you both, to guide and facilitate opportunities into your life. We help. But it is you, your heart, who truly creates your reality. From your heart now decree that all these worries and concerns that you have voiced are like smoke and we come into your room and blow the smoke away like it never existed. Because the worries do not exist. Worries do not create anything but more fear. Their only power is that which you bestow upon them. Feel the fresh wind blow through your self, refreshing and clearing all the old stuck ideas that do not serve you, not one little bit. Take in a fresh breath of your new energized air, feel you vibration expand and quicken. You are giving birth to new consciousness, a new way to operate in the third dimension. Be not afraid for fear does not serve you in this endeavor. Trust your heart, trust us your guides and angels, trust your Spirit and your Source and know truly that all will be well. Blessed be.