Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roller Coaster Life

Recently, I feel like I have been leading a roller coaster life. One minute I am all confident and strong, writing manly blogs about creating my own reality and the next, life throws me a curve ball and my mind goes off on worrying adventures. Eventually, I bring my wayward mind back into stillness and remember to center myself into my heart energy. Perhaps this is part of the plan. Each time I get thrown off center, it gets easier to remember what to do to get back to center. My heart has opened and expanded. I have a new feeling inside of me that feels loved. Now is the time to cultivate trust in Source, in myself, in the Universe. I await each day, trusting that my path is before me. Trusting that I have knocked and the door is open.

GS: Feel the gentle comfort we are sending your way. Feel it wrap around you like a hug, feel it fill you up and wash away the remnants of fear and worry. No day will give you anything you cannot handle. Stay present and deal with what is in front of you. Train the mind to look at what is here in your space right now and not go off into side journeys into futures that do not exist. You are creating your life, not your worries, not your fears. The only power your fears have is that which you give them. Your worries have no power at all. It is Trust the Universe time. It always has been but now you are starting to realize this. You are in partnership with Source, joining together to create your life from the love that gathers in your heart and spreads outward into your present moment. Rejoice in this miraculous process. Feel the joy, the laughter, the excitement of having so much potential gathering right in front of you, each one jumping up and saying “Choose me! Choose me!”  Choose the ones that most appeal, that pull your heart, that inspire and impassion. You cannot choose wrongly. You have us as support and guides but you have all that you need inside you. Your connection to Source, to your Greater Self is without question and cannot be severed. Simply remind yourself of this connection as frequently as you can and you will be rewiring your brain to follow a new way of reacting, a new way to respond, a new way to think. Know you are loved, most precious one. 

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