Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Nature of Personal Reality

I have believed for many years, since I read The Seth Material in 1974, that we all create our own reality. This concept has gone in and out of favor, through many costumes and cosmetic changes, since I became aware of it. I find this belief system attractive because it allows me to include everything and everyone inside of it. So many of society’s institutions include some while excluding those who do not agree or follow a specified dogma. Believing in creating our own reality means everything everybody believes is a belief, not hard fact. My belief may not agree with yours but they are both valid viewpoints. There are no “right” or “wrong” beliefs. And yes, even my belief in creating our own reality is a belief, not a “fact”. It is my truth, not THE TRUTH. But it is the biggest truth that I have been able to come up with in almost forty years of searching. The freedom that lies in this system is that anything can be changed. The key to this systems lies in a person’s ability to question those cherished beliefs that are thought to be true, thought to be cold, hard realities. If you don’t think you know what your beliefs are, look around yourself and your life. The evidence of your beliefs is surrounding you. You cannot perceive something unless you believe it exists. But you can change anything by shifting your belief about it. What is absolute truth? Is there an absolute truth? I believe that Truth is the being that we are, and the Being that we are connected to throughout time and space and dimensions. We are the truth, an immortal spark of Source within, but everything we see in our third dimensional reality is a belief. If we do not like what we see, we have the power of the Truth of Who We Are in the present moment of time/space that can create something new, something different. This process may unfold differently for each individual with their own collections of beliefs on what is possible, but one thing I know. We cannot begin the process unless we question the concreteness of what we believe.

GS: Your third dimensional playground is so fluid and malleable and yet most of you are so unaware of this that you would be quite shocked at how easily you can change your reality. Pick something easy, something that has your emotional attention. What is this little thorn in my foot? Your mind wants to analyze the thorn. What is this? Where did it come from? Is it here to teach me something? Indeed, there can be an adventure in tracing back your path through the past and discovering hidden memories and conclusions that you still carry with you today. But you can also simply pull the thorn out of the foot, clean the wound up a bit, and apply a bandage and trust in the body’s wisdom to heal herself. Neither path is better than the other, it is simply a matter of preference. So many choices are just a matter of preference. Do you prefer the hard road or the easy one? Do you prefer scenic routes or would you just like to get to your destination? All that surrounds you is a subtle mix of beliefs, treasured memories and stored up emotions. If you bring your attention to the present moment, you can focus in on the beauty of a bird, the soft kiss of the wind, the gentle heat of the sun. Here there are no memories, there is no past. There is no future looming ahead. Just the moment, the self and your beliefs in what is possible.

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