Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Highest Judge of All

GS: Judging slows down the flow of universal energy that is at your disposal. This can be beneficial when making a decision in third dimensional space and linear time. It narrows your focus. So instead of choosing from an unlimited set of outfits to wear to work today, you only perceive two. You can thereby feel your feelings about each outfit in turn and choose the one that feels more appealing. But know that in a higher vibration, you have unlimited possibilities and you have unlimited perspectives with which to view them. You can use your feelings as a guide in making choices and by making your choice, you allow the highest possible outcome to manifest because of your choice. There are no wrong choices only differences in perception. You are your highest answer. Trust in your own inner knowing that you will create your life in grace and love.  All is indeed well and good.

Monday, February 25, 2013


GS: To seek validation outside of Self is a lost cause. It is like tapping on every door your see, seeking entrance, never realizing that you are already inside the house. Do you see how futile such an activity can be? You desire the approval and acceptance from others to prove to yourself your worth but it is your own belief about this worth that establishes value. It is your own sense of knowing that affirms your connection to Source. With this knowledge, all things are made possible for you.  With this knowledge, your sense of validation is given to the world and is proof to everyone you meet that they too have the power to validate themselves. You are the knowledge you seek. Validation is merely the knowledge that you are who you are which is divinely sourced. Relax into this knowledge and let your fears and worries disperse.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Losing Control

GS: Control is an issue of the mind. The desire of the mind to control life, to control and plan what can happen in your life is the attempt of your mind to create safety and certainty, neither of which is in the mind’s repertoire. So the mind exhausts herself throwing one idea after another onto the wall hoping something will stick, something will go according to plan, something will happen how it has been predicted to happen and all will be well. This never happens. Illusions of desired outcomes appear occasionally but never convince the mind to relax her vigilance. This attempt to control life leads to mind fatigue and insecurity and disappointment. But. We can choose another perspective on life. We can view life from the heart. From the place where life always unfolds in joy and delight. Where all energy serves us. Where peace and safety are always present. The mind is a great and powerful servant but is not designed to rule. The heart is our seat of authority, of authenticity. Use your mind but be your heart. It is from this perspective that miracles happen. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Road to Perfection

Seeking perfection has long been a goal both for the spiritually minded and the emotionally motivated. However, there are implications within the concept of perfection that may not serve us. Perfection implies that there is one choice amidst the thousands of choices we come across during our lives that is the correct choice and to miss that mark (the original definition of sin, by the way) causes us to miss our greatest good and leaves a stain of failure upon our being. But what if perfection is merely a concept of the mind designed to keep us moving but causing us to ignore that which we already are? What if it is not possible to choose wrongly? What if any choice we choose is made holy and “perfect” by our act of choosing? Let us open our minds to a new way of thinking, of seeing our world as a myriad of miraculous choices that seek to allow us to express our joy and love of life. Let us leave aside the belief that we can choose wrongly, that we can miss out, that we can forever condemn our souls to live in lack and aloneness. Let us know our own Being who is Source who is Love who is Connection to All That Is. Let us choose that which delights us, which makes laughter and joy bubble up and flow outward to make the world a happier place. Let us choose this now.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mirror Mirror

GS: We are always connected to Source. However, our third dimensional mind with its home in the physical brain oftentimes seeks reassurance beyond the usual channels. We look outside ourselves for confirmation. We look outside ourselves for validation. All the while ignoring the solid core connection we are to the One Energy. We let our emotions color what we see. We think that what we perceive is reality. Yet what we see is a reflection of who we are not the other way around.  The outside world does not validate us. It reflects us. We are our own validation and certainty. When feeling lost or afraid, seek Source. Seek the light of love inside. And from that light, the world is lit up around  us.  Do not look to the world to be the source of your light. But rejoice in the beauty around as a mirror of the beauty that resides inside us all. We are our own certainty, our own safety. Know this.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Love Love

GS: The great capacity that you have for love is beyond measure. You do not often tap into the depth of this capacity during your day to day life. However, you can choose to do so at any time. Your ability to feel love and to use this feeling of love to create and manifest is one of your primary duties as human expressions of the divine in the third dimension. You are made of love, your primary currency is love and your art and work product are expressions of this love. Your love is the energy through which you experience your life. Recognizing this fact aligns you to your purpose and allows the universal flow of energy to move with grace and ease. Feel the love. Feel the love that you have for your most precious person or thing, and then feel that love expand to include other persons or things until you encompass all you see. Feel the love that you are and know most certainly that the love that you are is the love you feel for your magnificent self, for the third dimensional representative that you are, for the greater being of whom you are a part, for the great expanse that is All That Is that is you as well. You are a most loving and beloved creation. Feel the power this bestows upon you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Heart's Desires

It is interesting to note that what we seem to desire most is what we also work hardest to avoid. If we truly and fiercely want something, wouldn’t we do out mightiest to obtain it? Instead, we find excuses, people to blame and activities to distract us from that which we claim to seek. Perhaps for some of us, getting is not as much fun as pursuing. For others, there are issues of feeling selfish and too aggressive if we actively chase what we want. And there is always the fear of being wrong to throw into the mix. I frequently let the belief that someone has the power to take away something I want from me to interfere with my own conscious creation. I also have the learned habit pattern of hiding my desires from others so they don’t know how important something is to me so that they cannot judge me for wanting it. I have learned this pattern so well that I can hide my desires from myself equally successfully. So for today, I am shifting my focus from all these tired and worn out thought patterns and instead am focusing on what I truly desire from my heart and filling myself up with the knowledge of my own power to manifest these desires in my life. I allow the energy of the One Universe to flow through me in support of this newly chosen focus. And so it is!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heart Opening

GS: The opening you feel in your heart is a result of the new thoughts you have been allowing into your mind these past months, are allowing into your mind in the present moment.  Thoughts of hope, thoughts of freedom, thoughts of love of self, thoughts of being loved back by the Universe. This is how you allow the One Energy to flow more freely and fully into and through your life. And actually opening your heart feels great, feels different than just the thinking about opening your heart feels. Ride this feeling, let it move you throughout your day. It is from this feeling that you consciously create your life. Know that this feeling is You, is the Universe playing with you, is your gift and your purpose and your response to being a third dimensional creature who is glorious and glad to be alive. Ride the wave of the open heart you have created. Surf the energy and trust that the ride will be true and easy and satisfying.

Monday, February 4, 2013


GS: All these worries, all these thoughts, are of the mind as you well “know.” However, these worries and thoughts spin around like a stuck wheel, spinning and spinning but not going anywhere. To unstick, simply remove your attention from them. Go to your heart. Feel the certainty of knowing who you are that resides at all times in your heart. There are no spinning wheels here. There are no needs or suppose tos or guilts. There is freedom and a Universe full of love here in your heart. Just choose to be in this knowing, in this expansion. You can feel the tiny worried thoughts disperse as you drop into your heart. You can feel your beingness stretch and fill your space with love and support. This is your answer to all questions, to all doubts. This core of you, this seat of your Self, knows who you are and that there is nowhere you need go, nothing you need do. Looking at the world through your heart, through your heart’s knowing, you can see unlimited possibilities before you and you can choose the ones that delight you and are the perfect manifestation of the joy that lives inside you. This is the shift. This is the shift in perspective from which all change comes, from which the world and yourself are evolving into something greater. Embrace this greatness inside yourself and know that each person you meet has this greatness inside them as well, although they may choose another path toward recognizing this greatness. See in them their greatness, their potential for even more greatness, and know that potential rises up within you and is exploding outward for all to see. See that which you wish to create, wish to know, wish to connect to and the creating, the knowing, the connection will form in answer. All is love and all is well and good.