Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Road to Perfection

Seeking perfection has long been a goal both for the spiritually minded and the emotionally motivated. However, there are implications within the concept of perfection that may not serve us. Perfection implies that there is one choice amidst the thousands of choices we come across during our lives that is the correct choice and to miss that mark (the original definition of sin, by the way) causes us to miss our greatest good and leaves a stain of failure upon our being. But what if perfection is merely a concept of the mind designed to keep us moving but causing us to ignore that which we already are? What if it is not possible to choose wrongly? What if any choice we choose is made holy and “perfect” by our act of choosing? Let us open our minds to a new way of thinking, of seeing our world as a myriad of miraculous choices that seek to allow us to express our joy and love of life. Let us leave aside the belief that we can choose wrongly, that we can miss out, that we can forever condemn our souls to live in lack and aloneness. Let us know our own Being who is Source who is Love who is Connection to All That Is. Let us choose that which delights us, which makes laughter and joy bubble up and flow outward to make the world a happier place. Let us choose this now.

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  1. "What if any choice we choose is made holy and “perfect” by our act of choosing?"

    Like, like very much. I can hear my brain arguing about this but I'm choosing to ignore it. I'm choosing to drink another cup of coffee now. It feels almost sacred. Thank you.