Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Today, I am thinking about limitation and choice. Having no choice is the epitome of limitation. Yet I can also see how we sometimes view making a choice as limitation. If we choose A, then we cannot experience B or C, or so we think. If I choose to eat cake for dinner, I am unlimited. If I choose to eat a balanced diet, then I am limited. Yet if I eat cake for dinner all the time, I gain weight and am not happy with this result. Furthermore, we frequently add the belief that there is only one “right” choice so we had better choose correctly! This leads to a constant state of indecision, an unwillingness to commit to anything and feeling stuck. Binge eating, binge spending, grabbing all the “good” we can get before it is taken away again – patterns born of limitation and a fear of choice and commitment. However, I can choose a different perspective. What if choice is not a limitation but a means of creating action. If I choose to walk out the door, then I must act upon this choice to have it manifest. I have to get up out of the chair and walk out the door. And by going through the door, I open my life up to the Universe that is waiting to greet and support me. So if I want to live my life Bigger, I embrace my god-as-me ability to take action in my life and thereby create all the desires of my heart. And I make all my choices from my open heart. I AM God in Action. And so it is.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Ever since last week when it was brought to my attention, I have been thinking a lot about how I have limited joy in my life. I think the way the belief goes is “If I don’t let myself feel joy and happiness too much, then bad things won’t happen.” Kind of like a Zen-like voodoo spell. This has been my definition of balance, that to guarantee my safety and to feel secure, I must sacrifice joy. So seeing as conscious creation is a natural extension of the joy I feel, is it any wonder that I have ended up with a lackluster life? I like my life, kind of like I like French Toast, but I have not been in LOVE with my life and excited by my life because I have not let myself fully feel the JOY of life. In addition, I have noticed several instances over the past months of hearing about “offers” and “opportunities” that I decided must be scams because they were “too good to be true,” i.e. that their possibility was more than my mind would allow into my life. ENOUGH of this!!! I AM open to All Possibility. I AM Joy and Freedom and Balance and Flow. I love my life and allow the fullness of joy to fill my being!! And so it is.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The GPS of the Mind

GS: There are no guarantees in the mind. The mind likes to leap off from the present moment and project probabilities which may or may not be accurate depending on your choices in the present moment. However, the mind does not make these choices nor does she direct your energy. You can plug a destination into a GPS and the GPS can recommend a route but the GPS does not see the present moment.  The GPS has been programmed by past experience. The GPS cannot see the school bus ahead or the slippery road or the detour. Use your present moment to guide you. Use your open heart to make your choices. You intuitively know your route much better than your programmed-by-the-past GPS mind does. Trust this process. Trust your course. Allow the Universe to come up to meet you halfway and support you in your creation. In the open heart is your gateway to the safety of love. You are god in action. Choose your actions and watch the Universe respond with a multiplied force of love in action back to you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


GS: Allow your energy to flow. This energy is a part of you and your ability to allow it the freedom to flow within your being is directly proportional to your ability to consciously create. Hyper-vigilance is not necessary and comes from fear. Allowing comes from love and trust. It is the mind that worries and plans. It is the heart that allows energy to flow. Your thoughts have no effect on your energy except to limit your ability to recognize it. But thoughts do not destroy energy. They do not have that power.  Limiting thoughts merely serve as blinders. You think you are in a desert and are thirsty. In actuality, you are in an oasis full of lush plants and deep wells. But your limiting thoughts only see the desert and ignore that what you desire is all around you. Take off the blinders and open your heart to the energetic bounty that is a part of your very being. The Universe rejoices with your participation and engagement with all the Universe will offer you. There are many heart opening lessons at work in your life right now not the least of which is trust. You have asked. Trust the Universe to answer you and to give you the support and opportunities that are all around you but that you have not until this moment allowed yourself to see.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


GS: You are on a precipice. You are always on a precipice. Your life can go into a thousand different directions on any given day. You never know what tomorrow may bring. You look for certainty from the events that happen around you. You will never find certainty there. Certainty is not an event, it is a state of being and can only be found inside your open heart. From there, the radiance of your being shines forth as strongly as you will allow and this light is your certainty. Shine your light and you can be certain that the Universe will answer you back with equal radiance. You give to and receive from Universal energy in a continuous flow, a circle of communication, a supply of love and support that is never ending. Relax your battered mind and feel the knowing inside your heart. Blessed be.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I have been thinking a lot about vulnerability and authenticity since watching the Brené Brown interview with Oprah yesterday on Super Soul Sunday. If you are not familiar with Brené, check out her talk on TED from a couple of years ago. She also has several books, the newest of which is just published and is titled “Daring Greatly” and is about vulnerability. According to Brené, vulnerability=authenticity=open heart. What I have been studying recently talks about how an open heart is necessary for the conscious creation process.  From what I understand, being vulnerable is feeling our feelings and being emotionally honest. It seems like there should be a place for this in conscious creation. I believe that our feelings are our barometer for our belief systems. Feelings occur when a belief system is triggered. Where we fall out is identifying with our feelings instead of using the feeling as an indicator to examine and shift our beliefs. So we stomp around saying “I am angry” or mope around saying “I am sad” instead of looking inside to see what we believe about ourselves and the world that causes these feeling to occur. Feelings are not bad – they are our gas gauge, our thermometer, and they give us information that we can use to create our lives more consciously.  By not acknowledging our feelings, we build stories of blame and shame that we continue to identify with so we do not notice the pesky beliefs we have that would bear more fruitful examination and that can be shifted to beliefs of our own conscious choosing that serve us better. The other really interesting point she brought up is that, in addition to not wanting to recognize the “bad” feelings, we also limit our access to the “good” ones such as joy and love. There are many beliefs around “don’t care too much or you’ll be hurt,” “waiting for the other shoe to drop,” and variations thereof. She calls it dress-rehearsing tragedy. Here is a pattern that I can recognize. And the belief system behind it certainly involves trusting and knowing from our open heart. So. I see and feel my feelings and thank them for their service. I am willing to see the beliefs behind these feelings and shift them to beliefs that serve me better. I am the power of creation and I allow All Energy to flow through my open, authentic heart. I am the knowing that comes from the source of my being. I am the freedom of feeling joy and love. And so it is.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Swing Batter!

I am feeling feisty today. Life is throwing me a few curveballs AND I am choosing to stay in conscious creation. Okay Universe, throw me a ball. I have a bat! I can hit it out of the park!! Hey batter batter, swing batter!! I have been thinking about the issue of responsibility, or even better, the joy of responsibility. I really love the idea of linking joy and responsibility!! Takes me back to the old chestnut that responsibility is our ability to respond. When I look up the etymology of the word respond, I find it comes from a Latin word that meant “to answer or promise in return.” Responsibility is our Universe-given right to play with the Universe. The Universe promises to support us in our creation and we promise in return to act on those curve balls and spit balls and fast balls that the Universe is so fond of – otherwise known as Opportunities!! What a wonderful world we live in that we have the privilege and honor to co-create with the Universe.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Open Happy Heart

Much of what has come into my awareness lately has to do with achieving, maintaining and living in a happy open heart. What does this mean? What does it feel like if you tell yourself “Go into your heart”? We know we are in our head when we hear worries, plans, internal conversations, chatter. How do we know we are in our heart? By the absence of these mind things? Try it now. Go into your heart. What do you feel? My heart feels like a deep pool of water inside a silent cave. Cool, peaceful, serene. Now from this place, ask yourself “What makes me happy?” For me, being in the woods, playing with my pets, having a deep conversation with a friend, playing the flute or piano, listening to music all make me happy. So many images fill me. Now, from this happy open heart, all possibilities lie before us. Decisions made from this still place inside us always benefit us. Increasing our joy in life expands our happy heart and increasing our happiness in our heart increases the joy in our life. From our happy heart we make the world a better place. This is my firm choice and commitment, to live my life from my open happy heart. I will let the Universe deal with the details.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Should I have bought that?

GS: Your guilt has to do with your inability to feel deserving of all the desires of your heart. How can you manifest these things in your life if you do not feel deserving? Drop into your heart and feel the magnificence of your being-ness and then ask yourself how this glorious creature  cannot deserve all the wonders that life has to offer. You are glory beyond measure and are capable of having and experiencing anything you choose. Quit defaulting to the passive choice, to the one that requires least effort so that you do not have to actively choose. Release your fear of being wrong. You are never wrong and all your choices exactly reflect your intentions as they are directed by your conscious mind. Your unconscious mind only comes into play if you abdicate your conscious mind to it. You are a most glorious creation of you. Remember this throughout your day.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Making Lemonade

So, this weekend was dark and scary. But on Monday I faced my fears, took action and turned my world around. Life works when we can perceive obstacles as opportunities, when we trust that all things work together for our good and that the Universe is a safe place because we choose to make it so. One of my favorite Course in Miracles quotes is “In my defenselessness, my safety lies.” When I am open and trusting, when I make my choices from my heart instead of my head, the world is a magical place and the energy of life flows smoothly. Another of my favorite CiM quotes is “Giving and receiving are the same.” The energy exchange we have with each other and with the Universe is an ever-continuous circle of flow when we allow ourselves to give and receive freely. May today and all days be blessed with our knowledge that we are the perfect manifestation of god in action.

Monday, March 4, 2013


GS: You are in a panic because you do not trust. You ask but do not receive. You are waiting for the world to respond when all that is preventing the reception is your own unwillingness to receive.  Traumatic events serve to open us so that we can let in more love and light but are not the only way to do this. You can choose the opening without the trauma but oftentimes are not inspired to do so without a Universal nudge. Trust that you are the creator of your life and that you, the Greater you, knows what you are doing and is supporting you. All is always well and it in only the mind with its trivial thoughts that instills panic and worry. Feel the peace and calm of knowing who you are and trust this, trust yourself, trust the process and that you will know what to do in each moment. Trust and open to receive the answers that your asking is creating.