Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Open Happy Heart

Much of what has come into my awareness lately has to do with achieving, maintaining and living in a happy open heart. What does this mean? What does it feel like if you tell yourself “Go into your heart”? We know we are in our head when we hear worries, plans, internal conversations, chatter. How do we know we are in our heart? By the absence of these mind things? Try it now. Go into your heart. What do you feel? My heart feels like a deep pool of water inside a silent cave. Cool, peaceful, serene. Now from this place, ask yourself “What makes me happy?” For me, being in the woods, playing with my pets, having a deep conversation with a friend, playing the flute or piano, listening to music all make me happy. So many images fill me. Now, from this happy open heart, all possibilities lie before us. Decisions made from this still place inside us always benefit us. Increasing our joy in life expands our happy heart and increasing our happiness in our heart increases the joy in our life. From our happy heart we make the world a better place. This is my firm choice and commitment, to live my life from my open happy heart. I will let the Universe deal with the details.

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