Thursday, March 14, 2013

Swing Batter!

I am feeling feisty today. Life is throwing me a few curveballs AND I am choosing to stay in conscious creation. Okay Universe, throw me a ball. I have a bat! I can hit it out of the park!! Hey batter batter, swing batter!! I have been thinking about the issue of responsibility, or even better, the joy of responsibility. I really love the idea of linking joy and responsibility!! Takes me back to the old chestnut that responsibility is our ability to respond. When I look up the etymology of the word respond, I find it comes from a Latin word that meant “to answer or promise in return.” Responsibility is our Universe-given right to play with the Universe. The Universe promises to support us in our creation and we promise in return to act on those curve balls and spit balls and fast balls that the Universe is so fond of – otherwise known as Opportunities!! What a wonderful world we live in that we have the privilege and honor to co-create with the Universe.

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