Monday, March 18, 2013


I have been thinking a lot about vulnerability and authenticity since watching the Brené Brown interview with Oprah yesterday on Super Soul Sunday. If you are not familiar with Brené, check out her talk on TED from a couple of years ago. She also has several books, the newest of which is just published and is titled “Daring Greatly” and is about vulnerability. According to Brené, vulnerability=authenticity=open heart. What I have been studying recently talks about how an open heart is necessary for the conscious creation process.  From what I understand, being vulnerable is feeling our feelings and being emotionally honest. It seems like there should be a place for this in conscious creation. I believe that our feelings are our barometer for our belief systems. Feelings occur when a belief system is triggered. Where we fall out is identifying with our feelings instead of using the feeling as an indicator to examine and shift our beliefs. So we stomp around saying “I am angry” or mope around saying “I am sad” instead of looking inside to see what we believe about ourselves and the world that causes these feeling to occur. Feelings are not bad – they are our gas gauge, our thermometer, and they give us information that we can use to create our lives more consciously.  By not acknowledging our feelings, we build stories of blame and shame that we continue to identify with so we do not notice the pesky beliefs we have that would bear more fruitful examination and that can be shifted to beliefs of our own conscious choosing that serve us better. The other really interesting point she brought up is that, in addition to not wanting to recognize the “bad” feelings, we also limit our access to the “good” ones such as joy and love. There are many beliefs around “don’t care too much or you’ll be hurt,” “waiting for the other shoe to drop,” and variations thereof. She calls it dress-rehearsing tragedy. Here is a pattern that I can recognize. And the belief system behind it certainly involves trusting and knowing from our open heart. So. I see and feel my feelings and thank them for their service. I am willing to see the beliefs behind these feelings and shift them to beliefs that serve me better. I am the power of creation and I allow All Energy to flow through my open, authentic heart. I am the knowing that comes from the source of my being. I am the freedom of feeling joy and love. And so it is.

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