Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I was struck by something I heard in a talk last week. What the speaker said was that we put more passion into our worries than we do to paying our bills. From this, I saw a picture of a pot of water that we want to boil so we can make spaghetti. Our passions, or what we feel intensely about, feed the fire that energizes the water that causes the water to boil which gives us the medium in which to place our intention (pasta) to create what we want (dinner). But what we frequently have done is equate passion with intensity with hard work with struggle so we think that struggle is the same as passion. Think of all the variations we have in this world for the act of creating a child. The act can be brutal and non-consensual  and violent or it can be two clear eyed lovers coming together to express love and joy and ecstasy. We think we need force and effort to create the intensity of emotion needed for creation but love and joy and passion are much more effective. To consciously choose our desires and fuel them with passionate feelings of joy and divine love is the way we make love with ourselves and create our intentions. To feed our worries and fears with struggle is praying for what we don’t want. So, I am choosing to love myself!! I may even buy myself dinner first!!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013


GS: It is time for you to center and remember who and what you are. Forgetting this by falling into the chaos of your surface thoughts is not helpful. Remembering your true nature and dropping into your open heart are most helpful. It is from this center core that you can manifest that which is most pleasing to you. What do you want? You want to be happy and joyful and peaceful and aligned with the Universal flow, yes? You do this from your open heart, not by worrying and fretting. There appears to be a conflict to you between wanting what you want now and your perception of divine timing. In actually, your hold fears about divine timing in that you are afraid what you want will never come. This is the “is it here yet, no” energy that is also not helpful. Relax. Open your heart. Picture yourself as a basin that is creating the water with which to fill itself. The Universe is providing the water, you are providing the readiness to received. This is co-creation. Open and allow are key words to focus on. Open your heart and allow yourself to receive…love, flow, abundance, serenity, joy. Trust that the Universe loves you as much as you are willing to love yourself.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Choice and Creation

1.       We are not in the process of learning to create. We are in the process of learning to CONSCIOUSLY create. Therefore, we are shifting from automatic subconscious responses and reactions to consciously chosen thoughts and actions.
2.       We are guided by what we are attracted to. That which appeals to us, that which brings the most joy, that which inspires passion and love are the obvious choices to explore.
3.       There is no right path or wrong path to follow. There is no plan for the course of our lives. We can choose to explore ANYTHING. If we do not enjoy the results of our choice, we simply choose again.
4.       Many of us spend a lot of time worrying about straying from the path, making a mistake, losing our way, and wondering if there is something better out there that we could have had if we had made another decision. These are all mind games that lead nowhere.
5.       Judgment, condemnation and blame all originate from automatic subconscious belief systems. There are always other perspectives from which to choose.
6.       Nothing we see is real in that what we think is truth and fact and reality is instead projections of our beliefs about what is true and fact and reality. So we literally change reality by changing our beliefs about reality and thereby changing our perspective. We are free to change our beliefs about anything at any time, although any time is always now. The key to this is first noticing that what you see before you is merely your belief.
7.       All our history, all our past, all our dreams of the future do not exist except for the beliefs we hold about them in the present moment. So the memory of the trauma that happened when we were young is only as real and as powerful  as the energy we feed it in the present. The unfed memory does not exist and has no power. To change the past, we change our perspective about the past and thereby create a different memory.
8.       We don’t really want the “things” we think we want. We want things because we think they will make us feel differently. However, we can only feel differently if we choose to feel differently by changing our thoughts, not through the things around us. We are human generators. We generate feelings which have frequencies and vibrations and these frequencies and vibrations go out into the world and then are reflected back to us. So if we want more joy, we become more joy that radiates more joy so that even more joy comes back to us. Winning the lottery does not make us joyful. Being joyful about money gives us all the money we desire. Having a relationship does not complete us. Knowing that we are already whole in our own energy and as the One Energy is our completeness.
9.       You can choose to view your body as a machine and the world as the result of a series of accidents and survival of the fittest. OR. You can choose to be the love that you already are, feel the joy that is in each and every cell of your body, radiate the pure divine light that is your true nature and know that with each golden thought that you project out into the Universe, you make God smile. The choice is yours. The choice is all of ours.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Simple Joy

GS: The joy you feel is in proportion to the amount of flow and energy you allow yourself to be open to. Opening your heart and looking at life through the lens of the heart automatically bring expansion and flow into your life. It is that simple. It is not about doing the perfect ritual or saying the perfect affirmation. It is about feeling joy and allowing that joy to radiate outward with your light. Your particular color and vibration of joy light is unique to you and the world is waiting for you to release this joy into your environment where it is bounced back to you tenfold. Cherish your life. Love yourself. Feel your joy. It is all so simple. You are blessed beyond measure. You have only to be aware enough to see all the blessings.