Thursday, November 29, 2012

Creative Thinking

GS: Planning your life has never been high on your list of interests. You have always been more focused on handling whatever life throws at you, coping with the random ups and downs that you saw as life. Now you are changing your course, your mode of operation. You are asking the universe for experiences. You need not demand or be specific. The universe is used to responding to you. However, the part of you that has always directed your course comes from a part of you that you have been much less conscious of than you are of your thinking mind. So, the question is, are you shifting the part of you that directs your energy OR are you becoming more conscious of the part of you that has been running things all along. Perhaps it is one and the same. But this is not some magic thinking program. This is not about thinking the magic words and the door opens. Think instead about aligning yourself with your creator self, the part of you that already knows how to create, how to manifest. You are one, you are part of the same energetic being. Focusing on your creator self allows you to bring into consciousness all the powers and abilities that a creator has. These are yours and always have been. You just have not until now been aware of them. It truly is about shifting awareness, not becoming someone different. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ask Me

Ask me a question and I will answer the world
Show you the deep and narrow path of love
Whispering voices in your head agree
And you dance in time to the soundless music
No answer no question no doubt no fear
Only the wholeness of who you are
And who you dare to be
The reflection of which
Lives inside of me
And shows me truth

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Windy Day

I feel a bit off center today. I am not sure why. Is it because I doubt myself? I truly do know the power of my heart yet my mind keeps distracting me with sound and fury. So when a strong wind blows, do I bend with the wind or do I stand strong knowing nothing can harm me? Am I not still me regardless of which course I choose? Do I know which choice makes me happier? For today, I am choosing to give my mind a vacation and allowing her to relax and let someone else drive. I can keep my mind occupied with pretty scenery and a game of I Spy. Meanwhile, my Heart knows the route and I can rest assured that the journey is and will always be spectacular. I am letting what is unimportant fall away, leaving me with a steady heartbeat and the sound of laughter in my ears. But I am accepting and giving hugs upon request.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Peace Be With Us

GS: For today, concentrate your mind and heart on peace. Feel peace in each and every cell of your body.  Feel peace radiate from the core of who you are. Picture peace as you look into the eyes of everyone you see today. Your calmness and strength can lend itself to those who have need. Picture a still pool, deep and cool and clear. Hear the quiet of a moonlit night. Feel waves of peace being born in your heart every second and flowing out from you into the troubled world. All is good, all is bright. Blessed are you who live in such a beautiful world. And so it is.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


GS: Energy in its natural state flows. It moves, it transforms into matter and then back again into energy. Stuck energy, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say frozen energy does not stop moving but its freedom to move has been greatly reduced. Judgments and limitations imposed by the mind slow down and freeze your energy. Allow the judgments to melt and allow your energy to flow freely, into you, out of you, to be part of the cosmic dance of energy that creates all life, all of the world that you live in. Feel the joy explode as your energy is at long last able to flow as it was designed to flow in your body, in your life. Relish the freedom that all energy has when it has not been limited by your own way of thinking. Trust that this energy, this life energy, your energy Is the stuff of which your dreams are made manifest. Control, panic, fear are not necessary and are but mind constructs that have no true meaning. You are the energy. Allow yourself the freedom to create, to truly express yourself with no limits, with completeness, with wholeness, with the knowledge that you are One with the Universe. And thus is your purpose actualized.

Friday, November 23, 2012


GS: The creative process in not directed by what you call your conscious mind. Your daily awareness is what you call conscious. But your consciousness is a far greater reality. Your consciousness is what exists independent of the body and merely uses the mind, both your conscious and subconscious awareness, to focus your attention to the here and now of third dimensional reality. Creation occurs when the intention of your consciousness streams through your conscious mind and ignites your passion. Energetically speaking, it is allowing the energy of intention to flow into your mind to be interpreted or filtered through your belief systems and then distilled into your heart where your emotions give the energy fuel to become manifested. Therefore, it is important to choose belief systems that reflect and are in alignment with your deepest nature so as to filter the energy in such a way as to give you more pleasing results. Beliefs of suffering and deserving and punishment simply clog the pipe, limiting the possibilities available for this energy to feed to your heart and you learn to use the emotions of fear and self-loathing to color your creations. Expand what you believe is possible. Open your mind to new considerations. Use beliefs that inspire love and joy to bloom in your heart. Allow the energy of creation to flow unimpeded through you to create the highest good, the most beneficial and desirable outcomes. You create your life every day. If you wish different results, filter you energy through different beliefs.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have been looking up words. The word “thank” comes from a word that meant “thought” and evolved to mean a “thought of gratitude.” “Gratitude” derives from the Latin word that means “grace.” This Latin word meant “pleasing, agreeable.” So from this, Thanksgiving can infer a sense of thinking that which pleases us and giving the feelings that are generated to the world. So I wonder what thoughts please me. I look around my living room and see all the beautiful objects I have collected and they certainly please me. I see my dog looking at me hopefully that maybe breakfast will come again and he certainly pleases me. My cats, my books, even my television all please me and I give to the world a quiet sense of contentment. I think about my family and friends, how fortunate I am to know these beings and have them in my life. Yet is this fortune or universal flow, that the people in my life are a divine reflection of who I am and I in turn reflect their spirits back to them? We all come together to create our lives with grace so that our lives please us. By being happy, we give that happiness to the world to multiply. May you all find ways to please yourself, to find grace and flow and to see the love that you are reflected back in the eyes of those you love. May we all feel our connection to Source and let our beauty shine. This is a most agreeable world. Say yes.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We spend a lot of time worrying about what will happen if things don’t work out how we plan them to. Or at least I do, and I seem to have observed this tendency in others as well. However, what if things work out better than our thinking mind can imagine? What if we are part of a divine process of co-creation that we need not qualify for or ascend to in order for it to work? What if we are participating right now? What if I don’t have to fix myself, improve myself, become something other than that which I already am? What if I am fine and righteous just the way I am today, right now, in this perfect moment of now? What if the entire Universe is inside my heart just bursting to shine forth into my reality? And the only thing that slows down the process, not preventing it mind you but just delaying it, is my own belief in time and lack? All that I am comes to me like air comes to my lungs when I breathe. All that the Universe is flows through me and out of me in a magical cycle of giving and receiving. All we need is love. All we are is love. So, really, what is there to worry about?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Food and Comfort

GS: Sometimes beliefs get compressed together and morph into a new entangled belief system which your mind accepts as truth because it believes the original beliefs and has no reason to suspect that the newly blended belief is not true as well. However, frequently this morphed belief is even less true than the ones that originated it. Case in point: the mind believes that other people are supposed to provide comfort. The mind further believes that people cannot be trusted or depended on for comfort because of needs in the past that were not perceived as met. The mind also believes that the one constant in life that can be depended on to feel good is food. Therefore, the mind compresses these beliefs into a larger belief system that says that the only way to find comfort is through food. And yet, overeating creates an uncomfortable body and a mind that is always seeking more comfort thereby creating a loop of seeking comfort, eating and creating discomfort which creates more seeking. A perfect storm as it were. This is the kind of mind activity that does not serve you. There is no sin in eating. There is no error in seeking comfort. But by continuing to feed the mind loop, you never find or create what you want. Listen to your body in matters of food. The body knows what it requires and when it is full. Enjoy the bounty of food as it nourishes your body. But when you are full and sated, stop eating. When you want comfort, seek elsewhere. Take a bath, call a friend, meditate and activate your awareness of your greater self.   Develop a comfort support system that actually gives you comfort. In this manner you not only disentangle your compressed beliefs but you disempower them as well and create new beliefs that will serve you far better. The Universe can only give you what you ask of it and if you ask for food instead of comfort, you get excess pounds and a feeling of bloat. Comfort comes from within, from the heart and your connection to Source.  Love yourself more truly by allowing the Universe to act in your best interest.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Along for the Ride

GS: You are creating a new and powerful you at this time. Your mind gets impatient and tries to tell you that nothing is changing, that it is not working, in order to lure you back into trusting the mind to lead you. However, reassure your mind that all is well and that someone else is driving the car now who is much better qualified to drive you to where you wish to be, to provide the ride which you desire. Let love, the love you are, the love you give and receive and that flows through you, be your captain, be your driver.  Let your heart lead you.  Open your heart to all possibility. Let the magic that is inside your heart be released to create wonder and joy in your life. This is the most blessed of times. This is the time when you make it happen, when you consciously create your life as was intended. Let the love and joy inside your heart show you the way.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Time Has Come

GS: The time has come, the time is most definitely here. Because of course the time, right now, is your present moment and is the only moment in which you can make a choice, take an action, direct your energy with conscious intention. There is no greater power than that which you access in your present moment. All things change, all things bend from the wave of energy you can manifest in the present moment. Yet you have many comforting habits that take you out of your present moment and keep you from exercising your power to consciously create your life. You are fully capable of operating your life from a state of unconsciousness as most of you do every day. But then you are left with only the possibilities that do not conflict with your limited belief systems and you frequently feel the victim of circumstances. Taking conscious control opens you up to all possibilities, all choices and offers your palate so many experiences to taste that would be more to your liking, that offer you greater opportunity to express your joy and love into the third dimensional universe. Feel the great fortune that your current perspective gives you and go forth boldly into your life this day and choose what brings you joy. As joy comes to you, so do you give joy to all that you see.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Speaking My Truth

Throughout most of my life, I have felt like I have been hiding my light. Sitting through conversations where I did not agree but did not want to confront anyone over beliefs. I am sure there are times when I have chosen to speak up, but these are not the times I remember. I remember the frustration with intolerance, with what appeared to me to be narrow-mindedness and me sitting there listening and not knowing what to say. Or perhaps I knew what to say but was afraid to ruffle feathers, to risk someone disliking me because I didn’t agree with them. These days, I am much more able to speak out although I still pick my battles. There are times when confrontation feels more comfortable and there are gentle ways of disagreeing. Confrontation need not be a battle over who is right. Disagreeing need not be confrontation. But does speaking my truth need to feel comfortable? I am now paying attention to what the loving choice is – to speak up or to let it slide. Do I want to speak because I have a truth to express or because I want to be right and to make someone else wrong? Sometimes speaking up, speaking my truth, is the loving choice for me.  When I speak my truth, the awareness of my connection to Source is strengthened.  I allow others to know me better. I take a risk and trust that connections can be maintained and even deepened when I am more genuinely authentic. So next time you ask me how I am, maybe I will actually tell you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Dance of Life

GS: The dance of life is in each movement and yet the whole dance exists as a pattern. The energy that allows one dance move to flow into the next is the energy of creation. You can be the dancer and step outside the dance floor and observe the dance at the same “time.” But the vibration of the dance, the vibration of life, is within you at all times. You cannot not dance, not participate, not allow the energy of the dance to flow through you. You signed up for the third dimensional dance as you can tell by your presence here. You can choose where to focus your awareness of the dance.  You can analyze every movement as it happens, you can question why a certain move fits into the whole, you can worry about what next step to take. Or you can allow your body memory to take over and let the flow of energy guide you. The dance gets danced regardless but your experience of the dance is enriched by your awareness of the flow and by your allowing the energy of the dance to support you. Your enjoyment of the dance, your delight and laughter bless the dance and all the dancers, including most especially yourself. 

Monday, November 12, 2012


GS: The key to your life right now is opening. Allowing energy to flow instead of freezing it in place through fear and habit born of trauma. Feel the flow, feel the energy move through you and as it flows it absorbs the essence of who you are and gives it back to the universe. The universe is inside you and yet is also reflected back to you and appears to be outside of you at the same “time.” Time and space are unique perspectives offered by third dimensional reality. But from another perspective, that which appears outside of you and that which appears to be inside of you are the same. There is no true difference in their makeup. Differences are a matter of perspective, not of truth. And while each perspective has validity, each one has no greater validity other than that which your own preference would give it. So if all perspectives are the same, choose the ones that give you joy, that most perfectly reflect your joy back to you. Look at your life with the love that you are, the love that your life is, and delight in the possibilities available to you.

Friday, November 9, 2012


GS: Self is the ultimate authority. All that we see is Self reflected back to us. We can create teaching through others or through contemplation. We expand the energy of Self outward and absorb layers of understanding as we move. Our own vibration is then shifted, allowing further exploration, allowing further knowledge and appreciation of the Self in growth. We are One with all we see. We can explore and learn by swimming inside this Oneness or by imagining the outside of Oneness and observing. We taste reality with all our senses, both in the physical with sight and sound and in other realities with other senses. And with all the exploring, we know Ourselves more, we expand into cascading balls of energy and vibrate at speeds beyond thought. We see our magnificence in the vast galaxies of stars and in the tiniest of flowers. Explode into Yourself today, feel the power and glory that is yours, now and forever, and see this power and glory reflected back to you with every blessed treasure that you see, every sweet being that you meet. Blessed be.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Being Me

GS: You try so hard to come up with something to do, to think, to feel that will change you into something you already are. Stop trying so hard. Life can be easy. Being you can be easy because you cannot be anything else. The judgments you have placed upon yourself do not effect who you are. Release them. Let them flow into the river of that which does not define you. Let the spring of who you are flow outward from your heart, encompassing your body, encompassing the room you are in, the whole world you live in, the whole Universe. Expand the boundaries of that which you think of as yourself. You are so much more. Bring the more down into your everyday awareness. Walk as if the whole Universe is inside you. Because it is.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


GS: You claim to believe that you create your own reality. Yet it has only been this year, after years and years of feeling that your life is beyond your control, that you are actually examining how you create your reality. Part of you still needs some convincing. Thus you have created your waiting time between intention and manifestation. This waiting is a gift which allows you to fully experience and become conscious of all the compacted beliefs that make up your belief system at this time. Break them free, break your energy free from dead end beliefs and doomsday thoughts and allow your world to expand and grow. Let your imagination loose to picture all that you would like to experience. There is no limit except that which you choose. And limits, being choices,  are one way to sequence your experiences. But create the limits you choose out of preference, not by default through fear. You can eat your whole meal at once, mixing all the food together, or you can savor each bite and appreciate the nuances of taste and smell. How you experience, how you create is your choice as much as what you experience is. Trust your preferences. There is no hurry. There is no race. There is as much to be gained by taking your time as there is by rushing to the finish. Perhaps, in your opinion, more. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What If

You have a grand and glorious picture in your head of what you should be doing, how your life should be played out. However, at the same time, you have voices in your head that tell you about how hard life is, how unfair, how impossible, how selfish it is to get what you want. Your grand and glorious designs are smothered by these thoughts, covered up and hidden from even you. Now is the time to blow away the smokescreen that hides your true nature. Let your being expose her light and shine forth with abandon. Fear served to protect you once upon a time but that story is over now and you are writing a grand and glorious epic starring you and everyone you know. A story with heroes and adventures and a fanfare of trumpets, a story that will fulfill the deepest part of you and will exactly reflect your true glorious being. Write your new story with flare, with passion, with the divine love that you are. There is no room for fear In your story because joy has filled you up. What if your life can really be all you dream of and more? What if by merely setting your clear intention, your desires are made manifest? What if you are the god that creates your own life? Isn’t it about time to find out?

Monday, November 5, 2012


GS: Much like how what you are attracted to and what excites you are markers that show you your path, so are annoyances markers for where your energy is feeding judgment. It is things you have judged as wrong, as mistakes, as shameful, as unnecessary, as bad, as evil, as untruth that annoy you. So instead of falling into annoyance, notice the judgment and refocus your energy into something you choose to create instead. Much energy is spent on judgment and that in and of itself is not wrong, it is a way to learn. However, you can choose to learn in different ways, choose to use your energy to create, to express love, to live joyfully. You oftentimes feel you have everything already figured out however there are things in plain sight that you are so used to, so familiar with, that you walk right by them and never notice. Annoyance and irritation are ways of getting your attention. So don’t judge the annoyance, thank it. It allows you to reclaim energy that can be better spent. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Conduits of Artistry

We are conduits of energy, pulling in vibrations from higher realms and grounding them into third dimensional reality. We cannot not be conduits. It is our function, that for which we were created. What we can do is color the energy that passes through us through our beliefs about reality. There is no wrong way to be a conduit as there is no wrong way to breath. It is merely and gloriously that which we do to be here on earth. But how we flavor the energy that flows through us in each moment is our choice. Each cherished belief that we hold, which generates our thoughts and emotions, is encoded into the energy that passes through us and travels out into the world to be reflected back to us through what we choose to see. If we do not like what we see, we have the power and divine right to change our beliefs so to better color the energy to our liking. Thus we are third dimensional artists, taking the paints we have been given and by mixing and blending the colors of our beliefs, we paint our world with all the multidimensional possibilities that we allow ourselves to perceive. Be the glory that you want to see and your painting will unfold before you with magnificence.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Sometimes my life becomes a parable. Earlier this week, northeast Ohio experienced the edge of Hurricane Sandy. My house was without power for nineteen hours, my place of employment closed for the day, many people lost trees and had damage to their homes. There are still people in the area without electricity. On Tuesday, I sat in my chair under blankets and my cats, reading a book by the light coming from my window. I had no power. There are many times where I have felt I had no power over the events and circumstances in my life. This year, I am now participating in the process of choosing conscious creation. However, I seem to have created a lag between what I intend and what is delivered unto me. This lesson has repeated over the course of this year. I ask the Universe for something and I wait. And after a time, I receive what I have asked for. But during the wait, I worry, I fuss, and I fall out of my power. So on Tuesday, once again, I ask the Universe for electricity, for “power” and then I wait for the Universe to deliver. I knew that there were brave men and women outside working on my behalf. I knew that yes, I would get my power, sooner or later. I knew that there was nothing physical to be done. But I also knew that nothing would be served by falling into worry and fear. So I read my book, made a salad, and trusted. And low and behold, power was restored. This pattern has appeared numerous times this year, not just with electricity. So I am coming to understand that the waiting period has value for me, that there is a gift in the waiting, an opportunity to trust, to release fear and worry, to stay in the present moment. I trust and allow Universal Energy to support me, to honor and bless me, this day and all the days of my life. And even the waiting supports my evolutionary path. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Need and Want

GS: You have many belief systems wrapped around Need, Want and Desire as well as Enough, Not Enough and Too Much/Greedy. Untangling and decompressing these belief systems and exposing them to Divine Light will be most beneficial. You feel that just wanting is not enough to allow you to have something. But if you need it, meaning you can’t help yourself from wanting it, that somehow your existence is dependent upon having this, takes away your power of conscious creation and places it in the hands of Divine Whim. As the Rolling Stones gods once stated, you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you get what you need. But Divine Whim is a paltry god. Such a pervasive belief system was originally designed to keep you safe yet has been warped from years and years of overuse to become a caricature of what was intended. Let fresh air blow inside your mind, dispersing ragged overthinking. Feel the light inside your heart grow and expand to fill your whole body and know that the Universe supports you in all your endeavors. Choose today, right now in this moment, to believe in your own sacred power to create your life through Divine and Self Love. Know that this is the most holy of missions, your purpose, why you are here on this rock in space and time. Allow yourself to receive the blessings that the Universe showers upon you as your due and rejoice in the magnificence of your existence. Blessed be.