Monday, November 5, 2012


GS: Much like how what you are attracted to and what excites you are markers that show you your path, so are annoyances markers for where your energy is feeding judgment. It is things you have judged as wrong, as mistakes, as shameful, as unnecessary, as bad, as evil, as untruth that annoy you. So instead of falling into annoyance, notice the judgment and refocus your energy into something you choose to create instead. Much energy is spent on judgment and that in and of itself is not wrong, it is a way to learn. However, you can choose to learn in different ways, choose to use your energy to create, to express love, to live joyfully. You oftentimes feel you have everything already figured out however there are things in plain sight that you are so used to, so familiar with, that you walk right by them and never notice. Annoyance and irritation are ways of getting your attention. So don’t judge the annoyance, thank it. It allows you to reclaim energy that can be better spent. 

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