Sunday, November 4, 2012

Conduits of Artistry

We are conduits of energy, pulling in vibrations from higher realms and grounding them into third dimensional reality. We cannot not be conduits. It is our function, that for which we were created. What we can do is color the energy that passes through us through our beliefs about reality. There is no wrong way to be a conduit as there is no wrong way to breath. It is merely and gloriously that which we do to be here on earth. But how we flavor the energy that flows through us in each moment is our choice. Each cherished belief that we hold, which generates our thoughts and emotions, is encoded into the energy that passes through us and travels out into the world to be reflected back to us through what we choose to see. If we do not like what we see, we have the power and divine right to change our beliefs so to better color the energy to our liking. Thus we are third dimensional artists, taking the paints we have been given and by mixing and blending the colors of our beliefs, we paint our world with all the multidimensional possibilities that we allow ourselves to perceive. Be the glory that you want to see and your painting will unfold before you with magnificence.

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