Friday, November 2, 2012


Sometimes my life becomes a parable. Earlier this week, northeast Ohio experienced the edge of Hurricane Sandy. My house was without power for nineteen hours, my place of employment closed for the day, many people lost trees and had damage to their homes. There are still people in the area without electricity. On Tuesday, I sat in my chair under blankets and my cats, reading a book by the light coming from my window. I had no power. There are many times where I have felt I had no power over the events and circumstances in my life. This year, I am now participating in the process of choosing conscious creation. However, I seem to have created a lag between what I intend and what is delivered unto me. This lesson has repeated over the course of this year. I ask the Universe for something and I wait. And after a time, I receive what I have asked for. But during the wait, I worry, I fuss, and I fall out of my power. So on Tuesday, once again, I ask the Universe for electricity, for “power” and then I wait for the Universe to deliver. I knew that there were brave men and women outside working on my behalf. I knew that yes, I would get my power, sooner or later. I knew that there was nothing physical to be done. But I also knew that nothing would be served by falling into worry and fear. So I read my book, made a salad, and trusted. And low and behold, power was restored. This pattern has appeared numerous times this year, not just with electricity. So I am coming to understand that the waiting period has value for me, that there is a gift in the waiting, an opportunity to trust, to release fear and worry, to stay in the present moment. I trust and allow Universal Energy to support me, to honor and bless me, this day and all the days of my life. And even the waiting supports my evolutionary path. 

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