Thursday, September 5, 2013

When I Believe it, I See it

We hear a lot about “Ask and it shall be delivered” and “If you believe it, you get it.” But I would also like to point out the truth of the reverse – look at what is being delivered and know that you have asked for it. Notice how you are seeing your life and your world and your reality and know that within that lens through which you perceive your world are all the beliefs that make your world-view possible. If you don’t think you know what you believe, look at your life! It is not possible to perceive something as such without the beliefs that enable that seeing. And the biggest gift we have as sons and daughters of God, as the gods of us, is the ability to change our reality simply by changing our beliefs. There is no limit of perception that we cannot shift to freedom and joy. The evidence of our beliefs lies all around us, surrounds us in the illusion of fact and reality but in truth here are the clues that we can unravel to create a more happy and joyful life. Many of us choose every day to create our lives unconsciously using the hand-me-down beliefs from generations of our ancestors and co-habitants on this planet Earth. But now we have a new thought – a new choice – to live a consciously creating life by shifting the old beliefs to ones of our own choosing that align more closely to who we want to be – to who we already are and are just awakening to the knowledge of that magnificence. And my highest conscious choice through which to view my life and thereby my world is love. Let love color all that I see and feel and travel out into the Universe of Me to strike chords of joy in the heart of the collective. Now.