Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What If

You have a grand and glorious picture in your head of what you should be doing, how your life should be played out. However, at the same time, you have voices in your head that tell you about how hard life is, how unfair, how impossible, how selfish it is to get what you want. Your grand and glorious designs are smothered by these thoughts, covered up and hidden from even you. Now is the time to blow away the smokescreen that hides your true nature. Let your being expose her light and shine forth with abandon. Fear served to protect you once upon a time but that story is over now and you are writing a grand and glorious epic starring you and everyone you know. A story with heroes and adventures and a fanfare of trumpets, a story that will fulfill the deepest part of you and will exactly reflect your true glorious being. Write your new story with flare, with passion, with the divine love that you are. There is no room for fear In your story because joy has filled you up. What if your life can really be all you dream of and more? What if by merely setting your clear intention, your desires are made manifest? What if you are the god that creates your own life? Isn’t it about time to find out?

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