Wednesday, November 7, 2012


GS: You claim to believe that you create your own reality. Yet it has only been this year, after years and years of feeling that your life is beyond your control, that you are actually examining how you create your reality. Part of you still needs some convincing. Thus you have created your waiting time between intention and manifestation. This waiting is a gift which allows you to fully experience and become conscious of all the compacted beliefs that make up your belief system at this time. Break them free, break your energy free from dead end beliefs and doomsday thoughts and allow your world to expand and grow. Let your imagination loose to picture all that you would like to experience. There is no limit except that which you choose. And limits, being choices,  are one way to sequence your experiences. But create the limits you choose out of preference, not by default through fear. You can eat your whole meal at once, mixing all the food together, or you can savor each bite and appreciate the nuances of taste and smell. How you experience, how you create is your choice as much as what you experience is. Trust your preferences. There is no hurry. There is no race. There is as much to be gained by taking your time as there is by rushing to the finish. Perhaps, in your opinion, more. 

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