Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Dance of Life

GS: The dance of life is in each movement and yet the whole dance exists as a pattern. The energy that allows one dance move to flow into the next is the energy of creation. You can be the dancer and step outside the dance floor and observe the dance at the same “time.” But the vibration of the dance, the vibration of life, is within you at all times. You cannot not dance, not participate, not allow the energy of the dance to flow through you. You signed up for the third dimensional dance as you can tell by your presence here. You can choose where to focus your awareness of the dance.  You can analyze every movement as it happens, you can question why a certain move fits into the whole, you can worry about what next step to take. Or you can allow your body memory to take over and let the flow of energy guide you. The dance gets danced regardless but your experience of the dance is enriched by your awareness of the flow and by your allowing the energy of the dance to support you. Your enjoyment of the dance, your delight and laughter bless the dance and all the dancers, including most especially yourself. 

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