Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Speaking My Truth

Throughout most of my life, I have felt like I have been hiding my light. Sitting through conversations where I did not agree but did not want to confront anyone over beliefs. I am sure there are times when I have chosen to speak up, but these are not the times I remember. I remember the frustration with intolerance, with what appeared to me to be narrow-mindedness and me sitting there listening and not knowing what to say. Or perhaps I knew what to say but was afraid to ruffle feathers, to risk someone disliking me because I didn’t agree with them. These days, I am much more able to speak out although I still pick my battles. There are times when confrontation feels more comfortable and there are gentle ways of disagreeing. Confrontation need not be a battle over who is right. Disagreeing need not be confrontation. But does speaking my truth need to feel comfortable? I am now paying attention to what the loving choice is – to speak up or to let it slide. Do I want to speak because I have a truth to express or because I want to be right and to make someone else wrong? Sometimes speaking up, speaking my truth, is the loving choice for me.  When I speak my truth, the awareness of my connection to Source is strengthened.  I allow others to know me better. I take a risk and trust that connections can be maintained and even deepened when I am more genuinely authentic. So next time you ask me how I am, maybe I will actually tell you!

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