Monday, November 12, 2012


GS: The key to your life right now is opening. Allowing energy to flow instead of freezing it in place through fear and habit born of trauma. Feel the flow, feel the energy move through you and as it flows it absorbs the essence of who you are and gives it back to the universe. The universe is inside you and yet is also reflected back to you and appears to be outside of you at the same “time.” Time and space are unique perspectives offered by third dimensional reality. But from another perspective, that which appears outside of you and that which appears to be inside of you are the same. There is no true difference in their makeup. Differences are a matter of perspective, not of truth. And while each perspective has validity, each one has no greater validity other than that which your own preference would give it. So if all perspectives are the same, choose the ones that give you joy, that most perfectly reflect your joy back to you. Look at your life with the love that you are, the love that your life is, and delight in the possibilities available to you.

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