Friday, November 9, 2012


GS: Self is the ultimate authority. All that we see is Self reflected back to us. We can create teaching through others or through contemplation. We expand the energy of Self outward and absorb layers of understanding as we move. Our own vibration is then shifted, allowing further exploration, allowing further knowledge and appreciation of the Self in growth. We are One with all we see. We can explore and learn by swimming inside this Oneness or by imagining the outside of Oneness and observing. We taste reality with all our senses, both in the physical with sight and sound and in other realities with other senses. And with all the exploring, we know Ourselves more, we expand into cascading balls of energy and vibrate at speeds beyond thought. We see our magnificence in the vast galaxies of stars and in the tiniest of flowers. Explode into Yourself today, feel the power and glory that is yours, now and forever, and see this power and glory reflected back to you with every blessed treasure that you see, every sweet being that you meet. Blessed be.

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