Friday, November 23, 2012


GS: The creative process in not directed by what you call your conscious mind. Your daily awareness is what you call conscious. But your consciousness is a far greater reality. Your consciousness is what exists independent of the body and merely uses the mind, both your conscious and subconscious awareness, to focus your attention to the here and now of third dimensional reality. Creation occurs when the intention of your consciousness streams through your conscious mind and ignites your passion. Energetically speaking, it is allowing the energy of intention to flow into your mind to be interpreted or filtered through your belief systems and then distilled into your heart where your emotions give the energy fuel to become manifested. Therefore, it is important to choose belief systems that reflect and are in alignment with your deepest nature so as to filter the energy in such a way as to give you more pleasing results. Beliefs of suffering and deserving and punishment simply clog the pipe, limiting the possibilities available for this energy to feed to your heart and you learn to use the emotions of fear and self-loathing to color your creations. Expand what you believe is possible. Open your mind to new considerations. Use beliefs that inspire love and joy to bloom in your heart. Allow the energy of creation to flow unimpeded through you to create the highest good, the most beneficial and desirable outcomes. You create your life every day. If you wish different results, filter you energy through different beliefs.

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