Sunday, November 25, 2012


GS: Energy in its natural state flows. It moves, it transforms into matter and then back again into energy. Stuck energy, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say frozen energy does not stop moving but its freedom to move has been greatly reduced. Judgments and limitations imposed by the mind slow down and freeze your energy. Allow the judgments to melt and allow your energy to flow freely, into you, out of you, to be part of the cosmic dance of energy that creates all life, all of the world that you live in. Feel the joy explode as your energy is at long last able to flow as it was designed to flow in your body, in your life. Relish the freedom that all energy has when it has not been limited by your own way of thinking. Trust that this energy, this life energy, your energy Is the stuff of which your dreams are made manifest. Control, panic, fear are not necessary and are but mind constructs that have no true meaning. You are the energy. Allow yourself the freedom to create, to truly express yourself with no limits, with completeness, with wholeness, with the knowledge that you are One with the Universe. And thus is your purpose actualized.

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