Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have been looking up words. The word “thank” comes from a word that meant “thought” and evolved to mean a “thought of gratitude.” “Gratitude” derives from the Latin word that means “grace.” This Latin word meant “pleasing, agreeable.” So from this, Thanksgiving can infer a sense of thinking that which pleases us and giving the feelings that are generated to the world. So I wonder what thoughts please me. I look around my living room and see all the beautiful objects I have collected and they certainly please me. I see my dog looking at me hopefully that maybe breakfast will come again and he certainly pleases me. My cats, my books, even my television all please me and I give to the world a quiet sense of contentment. I think about my family and friends, how fortunate I am to know these beings and have them in my life. Yet is this fortune or universal flow, that the people in my life are a divine reflection of who I am and I in turn reflect their spirits back to them? We all come together to create our lives with grace so that our lives please us. By being happy, we give that happiness to the world to multiply. May you all find ways to please yourself, to find grace and flow and to see the love that you are reflected back in the eyes of those you love. May we all feel our connection to Source and let our beauty shine. This is a most agreeable world. Say yes.

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