Sunday, November 18, 2012

Along for the Ride

GS: You are creating a new and powerful you at this time. Your mind gets impatient and tries to tell you that nothing is changing, that it is not working, in order to lure you back into trusting the mind to lead you. However, reassure your mind that all is well and that someone else is driving the car now who is much better qualified to drive you to where you wish to be, to provide the ride which you desire. Let love, the love you are, the love you give and receive and that flows through you, be your captain, be your driver.  Let your heart lead you.  Open your heart to all possibility. Let the magic that is inside your heart be released to create wonder and joy in your life. This is the most blessed of times. This is the time when you make it happen, when you consciously create your life as was intended. Let the love and joy inside your heart show you the way.

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