Monday, November 19, 2012

Food and Comfort

GS: Sometimes beliefs get compressed together and morph into a new entangled belief system which your mind accepts as truth because it believes the original beliefs and has no reason to suspect that the newly blended belief is not true as well. However, frequently this morphed belief is even less true than the ones that originated it. Case in point: the mind believes that other people are supposed to provide comfort. The mind further believes that people cannot be trusted or depended on for comfort because of needs in the past that were not perceived as met. The mind also believes that the one constant in life that can be depended on to feel good is food. Therefore, the mind compresses these beliefs into a larger belief system that says that the only way to find comfort is through food. And yet, overeating creates an uncomfortable body and a mind that is always seeking more comfort thereby creating a loop of seeking comfort, eating and creating discomfort which creates more seeking. A perfect storm as it were. This is the kind of mind activity that does not serve you. There is no sin in eating. There is no error in seeking comfort. But by continuing to feed the mind loop, you never find or create what you want. Listen to your body in matters of food. The body knows what it requires and when it is full. Enjoy the bounty of food as it nourishes your body. But when you are full and sated, stop eating. When you want comfort, seek elsewhere. Take a bath, call a friend, meditate and activate your awareness of your greater self.   Develop a comfort support system that actually gives you comfort. In this manner you not only disentangle your compressed beliefs but you disempower them as well and create new beliefs that will serve you far better. The Universe can only give you what you ask of it and if you ask for food instead of comfort, you get excess pounds and a feeling of bloat. Comfort comes from within, from the heart and your connection to Source.  Love yourself more truly by allowing the Universe to act in your best interest.

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