Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I was struck by something I heard in a talk last week. What the speaker said was that we put more passion into our worries than we do to paying our bills. From this, I saw a picture of a pot of water that we want to boil so we can make spaghetti. Our passions, or what we feel intensely about, feed the fire that energizes the water that causes the water to boil which gives us the medium in which to place our intention (pasta) to create what we want (dinner). But what we frequently have done is equate passion with intensity with hard work with struggle so we think that struggle is the same as passion. Think of all the variations we have in this world for the act of creating a child. The act can be brutal and non-consensual  and violent or it can be two clear eyed lovers coming together to express love and joy and ecstasy. We think we need force and effort to create the intensity of emotion needed for creation but love and joy and passion are much more effective. To consciously choose our desires and fuel them with passionate feelings of joy and divine love is the way we make love with ourselves and create our intentions. To feed our worries and fears with struggle is praying for what we don’t want. So, I am choosing to love myself!! I may even buy myself dinner first!!!!

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