Monday, May 13, 2013


GS: It is time for you to center and remember who and what you are. Forgetting this by falling into the chaos of your surface thoughts is not helpful. Remembering your true nature and dropping into your open heart are most helpful. It is from this center core that you can manifest that which is most pleasing to you. What do you want? You want to be happy and joyful and peaceful and aligned with the Universal flow, yes? You do this from your open heart, not by worrying and fretting. There appears to be a conflict to you between wanting what you want now and your perception of divine timing. In actually, your hold fears about divine timing in that you are afraid what you want will never come. This is the “is it here yet, no” energy that is also not helpful. Relax. Open your heart. Picture yourself as a basin that is creating the water with which to fill itself. The Universe is providing the water, you are providing the readiness to received. This is co-creation. Open and allow are key words to focus on. Open your heart and allow yourself to receive…love, flow, abundance, serenity, joy. Trust that the Universe loves you as much as you are willing to love yourself.

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