Friday, March 22, 2013


Ever since last week when it was brought to my attention, I have been thinking a lot about how I have limited joy in my life. I think the way the belief goes is “If I don’t let myself feel joy and happiness too much, then bad things won’t happen.” Kind of like a Zen-like voodoo spell. This has been my definition of balance, that to guarantee my safety and to feel secure, I must sacrifice joy. So seeing as conscious creation is a natural extension of the joy I feel, is it any wonder that I have ended up with a lackluster life? I like my life, kind of like I like French Toast, but I have not been in LOVE with my life and excited by my life because I have not let myself fully feel the JOY of life. In addition, I have noticed several instances over the past months of hearing about “offers” and “opportunities” that I decided must be scams because they were “too good to be true,” i.e. that their possibility was more than my mind would allow into my life. ENOUGH of this!!! I AM open to All Possibility. I AM Joy and Freedom and Balance and Flow. I love my life and allow the fullness of joy to fill my being!! And so it is.

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