Thursday, March 21, 2013

The GPS of the Mind

GS: There are no guarantees in the mind. The mind likes to leap off from the present moment and project probabilities which may or may not be accurate depending on your choices in the present moment. However, the mind does not make these choices nor does she direct your energy. You can plug a destination into a GPS and the GPS can recommend a route but the GPS does not see the present moment.  The GPS has been programmed by past experience. The GPS cannot see the school bus ahead or the slippery road or the detour. Use your present moment to guide you. Use your open heart to make your choices. You intuitively know your route much better than your programmed-by-the-past GPS mind does. Trust this process. Trust your course. Allow the Universe to come up to meet you halfway and support you in your creation. In the open heart is your gateway to the safety of love. You are god in action. Choose your actions and watch the Universe respond with a multiplied force of love in action back to you.

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