Wednesday, March 20, 2013


GS: Allow your energy to flow. This energy is a part of you and your ability to allow it the freedom to flow within your being is directly proportional to your ability to consciously create. Hyper-vigilance is not necessary and comes from fear. Allowing comes from love and trust. It is the mind that worries and plans. It is the heart that allows energy to flow. Your thoughts have no effect on your energy except to limit your ability to recognize it. But thoughts do not destroy energy. They do not have that power.  Limiting thoughts merely serve as blinders. You think you are in a desert and are thirsty. In actuality, you are in an oasis full of lush plants and deep wells. But your limiting thoughts only see the desert and ignore that what you desire is all around you. Take off the blinders and open your heart to the energetic bounty that is a part of your very being. The Universe rejoices with your participation and engagement with all the Universe will offer you. There are many heart opening lessons at work in your life right now not the least of which is trust. You have asked. Trust the Universe to answer you and to give you the support and opportunities that are all around you but that you have not until this moment allowed yourself to see.

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