Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Today, I am thinking about limitation and choice. Having no choice is the epitome of limitation. Yet I can also see how we sometimes view making a choice as limitation. If we choose A, then we cannot experience B or C, or so we think. If I choose to eat cake for dinner, I am unlimited. If I choose to eat a balanced diet, then I am limited. Yet if I eat cake for dinner all the time, I gain weight and am not happy with this result. Furthermore, we frequently add the belief that there is only one “right” choice so we had better choose correctly! This leads to a constant state of indecision, an unwillingness to commit to anything and feeling stuck. Binge eating, binge spending, grabbing all the “good” we can get before it is taken away again – patterns born of limitation and a fear of choice and commitment. However, I can choose a different perspective. What if choice is not a limitation but a means of creating action. If I choose to walk out the door, then I must act upon this choice to have it manifest. I have to get up out of the chair and walk out the door. And by going through the door, I open my life up to the Universe that is waiting to greet and support me. So if I want to live my life Bigger, I embrace my god-as-me ability to take action in my life and thereby create all the desires of my heart. And I make all my choices from my open heart. I AM God in Action. And so it is.

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