Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Here are some of the things rolling around in my brain this morning. I am writing this all out to help myself focus and offering this to you to open my heart.

1.       We are all creating ourselves and our lives in each and every moment either through conscious choice, through reactions stemming from subconscious belief systems, or a combination of both.  We do not need to “learn” to create. What we are learning is how to hold conscious focus and intent while creating what we choose.

2.       At least for me, I subconsciously think that “conscious” means thinking. Conscious is not a thought. Conscious is a state of being. Thoughts are the byproducts of beliefs that live in our minds. Creating from the mind is creating from these subconscious belief systems and these beliefs systems reign over our lives like an autopilot when we are not in a state of being conscious. The perspective we want to create from is an open heart where we can allow conscious intent and focus to give ourselves access to the One Energy. Learning to consciously create is learning what it feels like to be in our open hearts and perceiving our life and our choices from this perspective.

3.       All things work together for good to them that love God, and as we are the god of us, if we love ourselves, all things work together for good. All of life serves us. All the events, all the people, all our choices serve and support us. Everything either reflects back to us the glory that we are or shows us where we are not allowing our glory to shine through.

4.       Dividing ourselves, dividing our energy, leads to a feeling of being stuck. I want it but I don’t want it. Do I want A or B? Getting unstuck is simple. Make a choice, commit to this choice and take an action. Any choice, any action, as all choices and actions serve us. Believing that there is one right choice over all the possibilities keeps us in the place of feeling stuck. However, “being stuck” can serve us and allow us time to integrate new concepts and perspectives before taking action. Timing and speed of creation is a matter of preference and perception. Ultimately, all creation occurs in the now.

5.       Perceiving ourselves as a mind and a heart is still separation. From an open heart, we can embrace and integrate our heart with our mind and feel the one happy whole that we are. To be fully conscious and fully in our open hearts, we must accept with love the totality of who we are.

6.       Cherish and nurture those activities and feelings that foster an open heart. Gratitude, dance, music, loved ones, pets, expressing yourself, chocolate!! So many happy choices!!

7.       There are no bad choices. There are no good choices either. There is simply a Universe of experience to explore and create in. Some choices make us happy, some do not. Learn from this. When we fly in the fullness of our magnificent being-ness, we create from bursts of joy and love and this is reflected back to us with all possibilities.  Our lives are like a chorus of angels singing and each voice is a choice and we can sing any part and love the part we sing and participate in the beauty that all voices joined together create.

8.       Giving and receiving are the same. You give to receive and receive to give. The Universe operates from the equal exchange of energy.

I ask all of me to come forward together to claim and know myself as one happy healthy prosperous whole, easily and simply, through the divine love that I AM. And so it is.

Thanks for listening.

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