Thursday, April 4, 2013


When we commit to a choice and take action, the state of conscious being in our open heart asks for our trust so that we allow the One Energy to respond to our requests. Taking action in fear stems the flow of the One Energy and slows down the speed of creation. This time can be used to become comfortable with the changes in our energetic makeup and as our comfort increases, we allow the One Energy to flow more smoothly. So in one respect, fear serves us by regulating our creation into what we believe to be more manageable bites. Too much fear and allowing fear to stop our actions however, also stops our conscious creation and the One Energy is not engaged. Letting go, or the final step in the creation process, is a commitment to trust that the Universe and the One Energy will respond to our chosen course of action. Without releasing fear, either immediately or gradually, we cannot remain in the state of conscious creation. Furthermore, our beliefs about the ease or hardness of creation either facilitate or hamper the flow of One Energy available to us. Embracing trust in Self, in Source that is the One Energy, in Easy and Simple, and in our own Knowing are key components to the state of conscious being. We are always our own highest answer and trusting this knowledge is an integral part of conscious creation.

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