Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Making Lemonade

So, this weekend was dark and scary. But on Monday I faced my fears, took action and turned my world around. Life works when we can perceive obstacles as opportunities, when we trust that all things work together for our good and that the Universe is a safe place because we choose to make it so. One of my favorite Course in Miracles quotes is “In my defenselessness, my safety lies.” When I am open and trusting, when I make my choices from my heart instead of my head, the world is a magical place and the energy of life flows smoothly. Another of my favorite CiM quotes is “Giving and receiving are the same.” The energy exchange we have with each other and with the Universe is an ever-continuous circle of flow when we allow ourselves to give and receive freely. May today and all days be blessed with our knowledge that we are the perfect manifestation of god in action.

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